I asked my friend Lucian the other day if he was watching the new American Horror story series called “Cult.” He told me that a few episodes into it, he felt as if he was losing his soul. I have been watching it, and I think that he is right. Not only does the series play as a twisted form of social satire, it also paints a grim picture of how we are now living in times of a horrific predator oligarchy.

Some of the best and brightest journalists, writers and philosophers have tried to explain how the United States has arrived in the state of mind that it is in and have failed miserably. However, it has always been the comic book writers, science fiction authors and horror producers that have captured the world view in a way that is brutal in its honesty.

Being honest and truthful are revolutionary acts and when it is told in bit social satire we can laugh at the gallows humor and at the same time wonder if our souls are being beaten with the cudgel of justice because of the sins we ignore or passively allow.

The horror genre continues to draw large audiences in literature, film, and interactive entertainment. It might seem strange that vicarious fear and anxiety are sought out by many people; the reality is that this type of fear is safe because it is in an environment where no one gets hurt.

At least it used to be.

The phenomenon of the American Horror Story series message is that even in a rabid political climate vampires dressed as clowns know how to hammer or twist their victims into a spiral of crazed violence for a programmed predatory agenda.

Every generation faces what can be called an “environment of evolutionary adaptedness,” meaning that throughout time selective pressures when exploited can trigger thoughts of anxiety.

However, one of the biggest fears that have shaped Homo sapiens over time is the predator. The predator has been illustrated from simple feral animals, to werewolves, vampires, zombies and now clowns.

There is a striking disconnect between the plots of most horror stories and the lives of ordinary people. We rarely get possessed by demons or get chopped up by chainsaw-wielding maniacs or are preyed upon by animated corpses.

Even if modern, civilized existence offers little in the way of true peril, we still perceive that we are living in a dangerous world filled with overwrought danger. We have literally evolved psychologically and have programmed ourselves for danger detecting and handling.

But we need to determine that even when faced with the horrors of human abuse; both mental, sexual and physical – we tend to let things like this slide.

The terrifying part is that this cognitive selectivity is whole based on political hatred and bias. Politics right now is probably the closest we’ve come to a full-blown horror story as anything supernatural or paranormal in a long time.

When the pain of human beings becomes a political tool, we face a double standard when it comes to morality and the horror can be found in some of the responses human beings give when predators begin to close in on their neighbors.

If we want to grasp the true meaning of our modern moment, we should maybe send in the clowns to expose one. We now equate clowns with predators wearing corpse paint, hiding their true identity behind a sharpened smile and convincing mask of frivolity.

We are witnessing a mental war with a curious childhood icon – a clown that seems to a virus that has been turned loose in the zeitgeist.

It’s the same old boogieman; only in white greasepaint or a hideous rubber mask. The predator, whether he is a clown or a vampire has a potent and a dangerous strategy.

The warning should go out that every political party is using the strategy of fear and many sides are secretly planning a revolution in a fugue state.

Everyone seems so confused about the identity of our country or we are puzzled and conflicted about the past and so we are seeing statues of historic figures being torn down, histories being erased and soon we could be seeing book burnings and violent attacks against people who have philosophies that can be interpreted as fascist or racist or worse.

Once again, we are sending in the clowns to expose on, but for a confused and hypocritical double-standard.

If you have paid attention, the tragedy of the massacre in Las Vegas has been replaced with a new narrative and that is the nauseating revelations about Hollywood film giant, Harvey Weinstein.

What this new narrative replaces is one horrifying abuse of human lives for another and again the media when confronted with a fragmented narrative of the Las Vegas massacre moves on to exploring the true nature of our rotten-to-the-core, predatory, exploitive oligarchy.

As in the times of the John Podesta spirit cooking revelations we are now being shown that dirty secrets and dirty lies can be protected by a clique of self serving sycophants.

President Trump may not have immediately distanced himself from horrific racists clowns like David Duke, and of course this was the impetus for his racist or white supremacist label, but the plot sickens when people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama take money from a well known sexual predator. Hillary stated that she will now distance herself from Weinstein but she still will keep his money.

So far, Barack Obama has said nothing about the money he received from Weinstein.

Are we to now level the guilt-by-association ploy that has been the modus operandi by army servile toadies in the media that have used this strategy to divide us?

That would mean that if Trump is a white supremacist because of the David Duke association – does this make people like John Podesta, Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton supporters of predatory sexual abuse?

It appears that the agenda is losing its credibility as the clowns invade. It is becoming quite obvious that the elitist agenda protects abusive, exploitive predatory-oligarchs or at least the ones they like.

President Trump was said to be a misogynist for merely joking about grabbing the private areas of a woman – now we have a major player in politics and film doing some real groping, raping and masturbating and it has been going on openly for years.

We know that since the Clinton Whitehouse, Washington DC has been run by the blackmailing dossiers that are held in classified vaults ready to be released if someone does not play ball with deep state agendas.

Things like Pee Pee Gate, Pizza Gate and Pedo Gate have all been rendered as damaging and hateful conspiracy yarns with political intentions. Is it all just conspiracy theory or should we look into the morality of who is leading us and who we spend our hard earned money to support?

The sick part is that we are now learning hat Weinstein’s behavior has been an open secret for 27 years. Isn’t this whole revelation and cover up similar to all of the so called crazy “fake news” allegations that have been forced into the realms of marginal conspiracy theory?

There are hundreds of insiders with top secret clearance that know about the contents of the Kennedy assassination documents, we know that there are other cover ups and conspiracies – and we can also have determined that there is a cover up and fragmented narrative on the Las Vegas Massacre, but of course, there are those that make it a point to troll anyone who questions motives and actions of elites who in the past have participated in gun, drug and human trafficking.

People have risked their lives and their careers revealing this stuff and many of them are often forgotten – it is a thankless and often non lucrative to be a truth teller in this world of lawyers clowns and big money cover-ups.

Why we are not surprised that Hollywood, the corporate media and Washington D.C. lack courageous reporters who are willing to report what the public has a right to know?

It would be unwise to reveal where the Vampires live and this is why the media appear are highly paid protectors of the abusers in our midst.

Metaphorically, “vampirism” continues to be applied in the assessment of certain strategic political agendas, especially by the conspiracy theorists and those who feel marginalized.

Make no mistake; the vampires are out there, looking for a new consensus, looking for new followers and they most certainly want to convince you to participate in their psychopathic way of thinking.

Political vampires are well-equipped to provide a warped sense of vampire nationalism when their false flag and psychological operations are successful.

These political vampires subconsciously provoke scandals to refresh themselves with the power of obfuscation.

There are always people who claim to be human that find ways to reduce the value of life for those they wish to erase from the planet and if they can get the critical mass to agree, they seal in blood a covenant of murder that they will say binds us together and the trying times are the only times we see just how fit we are as a people.

We can’t be content with peace and tranquility, or pull together when things go right. We have to be told we are only at our best when blood is shed or when tragedy strikes which, once again, seals the deal of a consensus persecution complex and soon a country that does not wish to wage war demands it and washes away their collective guilt in a sea of blood and fire.

It is a sick thought, but so easily entertained in a world that can’t stand the thought of life being sacred for all things. The real vampires will tell you that life is a right for some things and some people but not all things and not all people.

It is a hard task to inform people this is the way a vampire sees the world. It is a hard process to unmask vampires in powerful positions when the media distracts us with various satanic stories of the week.

The conspiracy of bringing down the United States is not a secret conspiracy but an open conspiracy. Tyranny succeeds because the victims become “willing executioners” in the absence of better choices and better information.