10/17: Zodiac Connections – Live from the Bay Area!

10/17: Zodiac Connections - Live from the Bay Area! The signs align, the numbers synch and the ghosts are coming back to haunt us. The possibility that the spirit of the Zodiac Killer is still haunting the Mt. Diablo area is not as strange as you may believe. Tonight, on the first of two very special episodes of Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis broadcasts live from the Bay Area to investigate ‘Mazzaroth: The Zodiac Connections‘!

  • inforider03

    God Bless You Clyde!

  • Din

    A Skin-walker tried to jump into Clyde, but he fought it off valiantly.

  • Dale Lawson

    did have the show on but xm raido droped the chanel

  • Don’t mess with demons

    “They don’t want you here”.


    And yes you tried effing with it. Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.

  • Dale Lawson


  • Dale Lawson

    it pissed me off that thy droped 246 on xm

  • Stephan Anthony White

    is there a live video stream?

  • Dale Lawson

    it was

  • Stephan Anthony White

    whats the link to the video stream?

  • buster

    Repeat the live video connection

  • Davis Atkins

    yea!! i want the video stream too!!

  • Davis Atkins
  • anotherhuman

    Clyde, I was planning on going to sleep @11p EST. It is now 2am EST and I cannot turn you off tonight. This is a fantastic show; of course, you scared the poop out of me earlier tonight when you had a physical reaction to “the ghost”. Gave me major chills and goosebumps. Freaky.

  • manicmom

    Still do not have video stream….

  • linda barnett

    This reminded me of zak bagans in ghost adventures, taunting the ghosts, but it was not fair that clyde got hit just for being there. I am totally opposed to taunting spirits
    in these investigations, it is not worth it, too much to lose.