Something is not right. I have heard this all day on various talk shows about the Las Vegas shooting. The consensus is now beginning to sound like conspiracy theorists and the media won’t have it; in fact, there are others who are reacting in a vile manner over the whole tragedy – from news reporters praising the shooter for killing country music loving gun toting Trump supporters to the grilling of witnesses about their political stance on gun control.

As I have said a few days ago, we find ourselves in the middle of what can be called a catastrophic trauma paradigm, and I am beginning to believe it isn’t enough just to say it. I have to demonstrate it and sometimes it is difficult to flush out in a radio show a lesson or some sort of illustration which proves a point in something that most people would like to reject outright.

Private trauma can potentially disrupt individual memory and identity. It can also disrupt perception of what is happening at the moment of that trauma.

Public catastrophes are more complex.

It is now becoming evident that witness recall of the shooting event in Las Vegas is somehow being ignored by the mainstream media and the police.

Many witnesses mentioned many shooters in the incident – the official story says that a man in his sixties who had no experience with the use of automatic weapons killed 59 people and wounded more than 500 people at a country music festival last Sunday night.

To what extent do large scale events such as terrorist attacks, genocides, or natural disasters, events that entire populations experience at one level or another and disrupt the public memory? The media is banking on you to lose your recall and believe their narrative that makes no sense to the public at large.

The narrative is there in order to convince you that you should be afraid and that the solution comes from political pundits that wish to exploit tragedy for political gain.

When the book, 1984 was released in the first half of the 20th century, it was chilling fiction that was designed to bring about awareness regarding the encroachment of the state upon the freedoms of the individual.

The act of whittling away such rights was accelerated with the use of propaganda that convinced the people that there was a threat to internal security, and that, in order to eliminate the threat, there would have to be a feared police state to enforce a mission creep.

When it comes to politics in the United States, there are a group of citizens who believe there has to be one man, one hero, one savior who will rescue them from their past mistakes.

For more than a decade, it has become apparent that the current condition of our lives, the destruction of our constitutional rights and administrative government, are a product of something far darker than just an idiot chief executive and his cowboy attitude.

This has been a gradual process. We are told that our votes will change the way things are going. We have not seen any evidence of this statement being true.

With all of the Lone Wolf shootings happening in this country, it becomes a worn out fact that the American people never get justice — the culprit never gets a trial and everything is lost in various intelligence failures and with the advent of a dead suspect power of an anonymity.

The country seems to be spiraling closer and closer to its own death. The United States has developed an attitude of “suicidal adolescence”, and continues to feel invincible to a takeover from any nefarious force hell-bent on rendering its people into slaves.

The force is here and they are pushing the buttons and putting everyone closer to a day to day nightmare on a psychological and deep spiritual level.

Federal regulators successfully carried out the national testing of the Emergency Alert System on September 27th at 2:20 PM ET.

We reported it would happen but of course before it happened, we reported that there was something particularly creepy happening with the EAS tests on an Orange County cable system.

The nationwide test scheduled came at a time where the nation was concerned with natural disasters and North Korea and their capability to launch nuclear weapons or detonate and EMP over an American city.

The day of the test Origami butterflies were found scattered on the ground in downtown Seattle parks. When people would unfold them there was a message in all caps saying YOU ARE NOT SAFE printed on them with a date of 9/28/2017.

Some say it was clever marketing campaign for a rock group, others wondered if it indicated that something horrific was coming.

Stephen Paddock the accused gunman in the Las Vegas massacre checked into room 135 on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on Thursday, September 28th 2017.

While the dates are merely a coincidence, prior to the shooting there was a report of a woman going through the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, saying the people there were not safe and that they were going to die.

It was reported that the woman warning the people was eventually apprehended and taken away by security.

It was an equally ineffective security warning for people to avoid the concert. Forty-five minutes later, 59 people were reported dead and more than five hundred were injured in the bloodiest mass shooting in reported history.

It is obvious no one is safe.

Not even from terrifying manipulative psychological warfare.

Last night, I received several e-mails about a glitch the Emergency Alert System on several stations in Louisiana. The official EAS tone was heard and then it was accompanied by a slowed down voice reciting states that were affected by the test in what was actually documented. Louisiana was not mentioned.

Jay Watley, a DJ at K945 said the creepy sound was a glitch in the system and that it was not supposed to go over the air.

This is similar to a so-called glitch at a radio station that was apparently broadcasting some strange alien-like sounds. People were alarmed at what they were hearing.

Keeping the people on edge is most certainly a tactic for wielding control and there are just too many “events” that are happening that make us wonder if we are losing our minds.

It’s all about “Problem, Action, Solution”, and many people are falling for it because they are so easily duped into thinking that they have no control of their lives.

The current power structure is using this method to seduce the ignorant into participating in the furthering of their Open Conspiracy.

That is why they are prone to over-warning the populace: they know that a fearful populace will demand action against, or a solution for, the perceived threat.

These Open Conspirators have a great way of making Americans feel good about surrendering their freedoms, which encompass all individual rights, for an empty promise of security from the state.

A state that is openly conspiring against the very rights they claim they are trying to protect.

In both war and peace, success in the battle for hearts and minds hinges primarily on one side’s ability to operate comfortably in the other side’s human terrain. In such an emotionally charged, competitive communication environment, the ability to affect the psychological and informational battle space of the adversary and the local population depends on the credibility of both the message and the messenger.

It appears that there is an event happening that no one can actually put their finger on but it is obvious to me that we are in the middle of a battlefield. We may not see the smoke, or smell the gunpowder but we can see, hear, smell and feel the pain that is a result of various traumas to the mind and body.

Thanks to the Internet and various independent thinkers, the plans of the globalists have been laid bare. The tricks they employ are numerous and come at us from every angle.

It can be argued that if enough traumas are levied or pushed on to the public, the easier it is to control their opinions. Trauma can be delivered in such a way that it can be seen as part of a psychological operation where history becomes inaccessible. The narrative becomes impossible to believe, and language loses all of its representative power.

After the 9/11 attacks, late night comedians found it difficult to do stand up routines and critique the government. After last Sunday’s mass shooting, late night TV talk show hosts were compelled to push teary eyed political banter about the control of guns.

Beyond the political footballing of gun control, no matter how sincere a well-tuned psychological operation is now being engaged and even though the Las Vegas lone wolf shooter story is in play. The confusion and trauma has created a contingent of people in social media that are angry that anyone has even considered questioning the official story that at the moment is fragmented and one sided without clue or recourse.

The power of an anonymity gives no justice to the victims due process is lost with the intelligence failures of the investigators, which creates of sense of mistrust that keep the public on edge and quite frankly spark the imaginations of would be copycats waiting to top the body count.

This is how a mass psychological operation is used to stall the public and keep them from even thinking of questioning the current narrative. Everything that is questioned will be deemed irrelevant, irresponsible and impossible.

When it is most important to speak freely, you can’t. This is by design. The fine line is that if anyone wishes to question the media complex and their nebulous reporting they can be accused of not having sincere compassion and empathy for victims of tragedy.

We know that it is advantageous for those in power to exploit or even create a tragedy, and it becomes impossible to question the official narrative. Otherwise, you are disrespectful and uncaring.

I contend that questioning does not disrespect the dead and mourning—it is important to reveal how we all can be manipulated in a tragedy.

We should be wondering if the mass shooting in Las Vegas was a conspiracy with more than one shooter and more than one motive. I don’t think it is disrespectful to the victims to do so. I think it would be more disrespectful to unquestioningly believe the official story. The official story comes from the people who have the most to gain.

Those who are proficient in carrying out a psy-op have an unwritten rule of operation where mere words alone are not the only motivator to change perception attitude, or behavior. Moreover, psychological operations are coordinated to synchronize public opinion with regard to a determined adversary or ideology.

The government certainly benefits from a hysterical public begging them to help. It certainly gives the government an important role in the daily life of an average citizen.