In the twenty plus years that I have been doing my radio show, I have learned a valuable lesson on how you should at all costs, avoid being a part of a story. What I mean is that when you report or comment on any event. It is wise to be just an observer, give some critical commentary as to what is happening, interview witnesses and other sources. Furthermore, when you are satisfied with giving the public what they need to know, you move on.

I am proud of, and that is I believe in being an old school journalist. Many people are unaware that news reporting has changed significantly after the 24-hour news cycle was invented. True objectivity in the newsroom became a casualty after the intelligence agencies in the country realized the power of using the fourth estate as a propaganda machine.

In my younger days when I was learning the ropes of reporting solid news, I was motivated by the phrase “public’s right to know.” This phrase has been synonymous with freedom of the press and there was a time when the press was granted special privilege because of this freedom and the obligation that every reporter has to be a surrogate in vindicating the public’s rights.

It must be emphasized that there is a deep responsibility for those in the press to keep the actions of government honest, and that includes reporting uncomfortable information to the public.

Things like “fair comment” and the “public’s right to know” were not always well-defined, but they were most certainly used as a defense mechanism to allow reporters and talk show hosts the ability to express their opinions, editorials, and facts in order for the public to make well-informed decisions.

For years I have lamented that being independent and defiant at times can be harmful.

Many investigative journalists have paid the price when they accidentally become part of their own story.

Some say that when all this happens it is a “jump the shark moment” – some recover, others wind up broke and some die.

As you have probably already guessed, there are many obstacles that get in the way of doing an honest independent investigation. In the last few days, I can honestly report that my radio show has been on the radar and that as much as I hate saying that I am a target – I am beginning to wonder.

Shut downs, sabotage, censorship, hacking – I could list all the things that we have been dealing with to try and get these broadcasts out to you.

I complained about cloak and dagger conspiracy drama and how I don’t like being in the middle of it. However, I am now and the reality is that much of what we reported, meaning much of what my sources have given me are indicating an even deeper conspiracy that goes beyond the deep state gun confiscation diatribes.

Senior law enforcement officials briefed on the investigation into the Las Vegas shooting told NBC News today that they are puzzled by two discoveries.

Investigators are now trying to determine if other people were in Stephen Paddock’s hotel room while he was checked in there, which once again is demonstrating that a meeting of some kind happened before the shooting and whether or not Paddock acted alone.

The first puzzling discovery? A cell phone charger that doesn’t match any of the phones owned by the Las Vegas gunman was found in his hotel room, and the second, garage records reveal that during a period while Paddock’s car had left the hotel garage, one of his key cards was used to enter his suite.

The question is why the narrative keeps stating that there was just one man acting alone and that he had with him 23 weapons, bomb materials and bump stocks?

He most assuredly would have not been able to use all of these advanced weapons by himself to conduct a mass shooting that is now being called the worst in modern history.

Now we are seeing that there was a meeting with unknown others, before this attack.

This means that Stephen Paddock did not act alone as we have been reporting since the incident took place.

Senior law enforcement officials told NBC that there are still many potential explanations for these puzzling discoveries, but they want to get to the bottom of it.

Well, I really don’t think they have to go too far to get down to the bottom of what is happening and as I have said — I am now thinking that the blame game is actually a distraction.

The arguments about Antifa, ISIS, gun confiscation, bump stock bans, Second Amendment can all be part of crowd engineering fueled by what I am seeing as pathological politics.

America is screaming out for justice and cold hard facts about the mass shooting in Las Vegas. In the meantime the mainstream narrative has avoided asking solid questions and has decided to air on the side of sympathy. While we most certainly mourn the loss of American citizens, especially those that were expressing themselves in a venue they thought was safe, but that is just what needs to be brought forward with all of the so- called safety nets that have been thrown on us in the surveillance apparatus how is it that something like this slips through the crack?

These questions are not asked by the media. The only thing that they can muster is the lazy gun control arguments. The conservative speakers are only capable of shaping the argument to say that these are mere false flags in order to set us up for gin confiscation.

While all the while we do not even talk about the fact that when events like this happen, guns are not taken away, laws and restrictions are seldom acted upon, and a matter of fact, gun sales skyrocket.

After the latest massacre the argument is merely about a gun accessory being banned and again sales of these bump stocks are on the increase.

In the wake of any tragedy we begin to see an ugly pattern emerging and that is the actual fact bending or reshaping of what actually happened during the course of this ghastly tragedy so that it supports a preferred political narrative.

Citizens across the nation went so far as to confirm that as soon as news of the violence broke, they immediately began secretly hoping that the shooter was the type of person who would fit perfectly as one of the antagonists of their worldview, whether that be a Muslim, Christian, atheist, American, foreigner, Antifa loyalist, racist, liberal, conservative, or anarchist, as they frequently refreshed the home page of their favorite news source which is unabashedly biased and exists to support their own specific opinions.

This is why I kept getting e-mails and questions about whether or not there is any truth to the report that there was Antifa material in the room of the shooter. There is also the report of ISIS propaganda in the room or that he converted to Islam all sorts of political bending to fit the needs of people who can’t see beyond their identity politics.

This certainly becomes a pathological obstacle and unbelievably there are people that push these pathological politics because it covers up the real reasons for what is happening.

This country is so polarized that a war of ideologies is now creating a crowd narrative that goes viral on twitter and Facebook.

Granted, we all have our differences in this country, but when a national tragedy of this magnitude takes place, people feel as though they have no choice but to do whatever it takes to frame it in such a way that it pins the blame on their perceived enemies.

This of course scores points in internet debates with people who wish to take sides and believe whatever makes them feel comfortable.

It is sad to see that immediately after an unspeakably horrific act such as the Las Vegas massacre, People will fight and intentionally distort the facts about what happened, if need be, and then come together as Americans and argue as though our lives depended on it.

It is important to identify the pattern over the politics. We first need to identify the classic crisis template. The crisis template has been created as the base or foundation for the matrix that law enforcement, The FBI, CIA and other alphabet agency need to create in order to have full control of the narrative. The incident takes place in a place of open infrastructure to create a fishbowl terror scenario; this includes malls, theaters, and schools and now, concert events. Then there is always eye witness accounts of maybe one of two suspects. Those suspects disappear and then a name is given as the suspect. Sometimes names are changed, suspects are eliminated and then there in one suspect that usually either is shot by police or commits suicide.

This is by the book and it is the pattern of all of these modern shootings so we have to see it as a way to groom the public.

There is information that the political world wants you to believe. The media then takes that information and through hyper reality reinforces the opinions of the political world. There used to be a time where the media questioned and challenged the political view and the agendas hey push. The media should be in the business of creating public trust and living up to the standard of a public’s right to know.

Today, the media world has become soft and partisan. It has become malleable and, unfortunately, it is highly controlled. It only responds to disaster and then hires two political pundits to analyze what it means. The middle ground will always wind up being the spokesman from the military or the police department that reinforces a guarded story that immediately discredits what was reported previously.

Once again this is evidence of a tailor made psychological operation that is not being conducted by local police it is being conducted by alphabet agencies that have to look out for their best interests. The template is then parroted by the mainstream media who also have to look after their best interests.

They have to adhere to rules set up by their investors and owners.

In the wake of these organized crimes we’re left with more questions than answers. This is by design. The more confusing it becomes the less interest people have – and so they are already weary and just want to leave it up to the media to feed them the narrative.

Has anyone ever stopped to think about how reports from the mainstream media paint an unflattering reflection of the nation’s values, or political priorities?

That is because the media knows exactly what push button issues they can use to distract the country in times of gun violence.

I am learning now that the gun control arguments, the Antifa, Muslim, and anarchist arguments distract from the real reason these tragedies happen and that is the military-industrial complex continues to dominate, dictate and shape almost every aspect of our lives and since many television networks have been taken over by defense contractors, the Pentagon and the CIA – the very idea that what happened in Las Vegas was a gun entrapment scheme gone wrong will not even be entertained in the mainstream narrative, even though it appears that this is exactly what happened.

The United States is the number one consumer, exporter and perpetrator of violence and violent weapons in the world? Seriously, America spends more money on war than the combined military budgets of China, Russia, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, Italy and Brazil. America polices the globe, with 800 military bases and troops stationed in 160 countries.

The war hawks have turned the American homeland into a quasi-battlefield with military gear, weapons and tactics. In turn, domestic police forces have become roving extensions of the military and the FBI appears to be in the gun entrapment business, by setting up gun deals with drug cartels and perhaps other groups like Antifa and ISIS.

Have you ever noticed that when these tragedies happen, the argument isn’t about whether or not Americans can have guns—it is an argument over whether or not American citizens can have military standard guns? Or whether or not we can make our weapons automatic with bump stocks or some other argument against having weapons that are similar to what the military uses?

Do we understand what is happening yet?

The media and liberals want you to believe that there would be fewer mass shootings if tighter gun control laws were enacted. Maybe there would be fewer mass shootings if we were to stop the FBI and the CIA from conducting their shakedowns that end up having sleepers and groomed agents turning into blowbacks?
Taking away the guns does not stop the homemade bombs, cars driven into crowds, and machetes that have been used in other attacks.

Go ahead and believe that the violence in Vegas was the result of some nondescript American multimillionaire with a head trip, his connections to the Department of Defense are just like all of the other Lone Wolf patsies that are propped up as an example of intelligence failures.

We are all eager to support the shoot first ask questions later narrative but it is a convenient way to hide what is really happening.

This is how you acclimate a nation to war on their own soil.

This is how we become accustomed to a lifestyle that is similar to Israel or Egypt or any other Middle Eastern country.

When you talk about the Las Vegas mass shooting, you’re not dealing with a single shooter scenario. Rather, you’re dealing with a sophisticated, far-reaching war machine that has woven itself into the very fabric of this nation.