It didn’t take long for the mainstream media to completely abandon the Las Vegas massacre. I woke up this morning to see if there were any groundbreaking revelations on the matter and all I was seeing was more talk about Russian meddling in the last election, football teams still kneeling during the National Anthem, Mike Pence walking out of a football game and a number of tweets from the day care center in Washington D.C.

I thought as I angrily switched channels that this was an outrage.

The Las Vegas massacre death toll of 59 along with the 500 plus wounded can be compared to military operations like what happened in Fallujah, where during the battle it was estimated that over 80 were killed and 500 wounded.

Yet, nothing new – no new ideas only that he property of those involved was finally retrieved and returned to their respective owners.

So officially it’s not clear why Stephen Paddock took a whole arsenal of weapons to a Las Vegas hotel and used them to kill at least 59 people and injured hundreds more.

After an event such as this, we always hear conflicting accounts of events, which reflect a wide range of witness perspectives.

It is however, imperative that all of those accounts are considered, before a true picture can be ascertained.

It doesn’t help that some people are more likely to believe what fits their preconceived beliefs, but then nor does it help, that other people immediately want to dismiss anything that conflicts with official reports.

Since the initial investigation, there have been reports of a food receipt that has surfaced that shows that Paddock had guests in his room before the shooting. It was also discovered that he did leave the garage and that while he was gone, someone entered his room using a room key.

None of this information has been reported by the mainstream media.

Going back to my initial report, Billy Hayes an official on the record source came forward and said that he knew of Stephen Paddock and that he worked for Raytheon and Lockheed Martin as an accountant.

According to Hayes, Paddock owned two aircraft, was involved with Steve Fosset and the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer and was involved with the CAP search for missing Steve Fosset and missing aircraft, He later bought Fosset’s Cessna Citation X from Fosset’s wife.

Public FAA records show that Paddock became a certified private pilot on November 17, 2003. He was certified to fly “Airplane Single Engine Land,” which means he could have flown a fixed-wing aircraft with a single-engine that lands on land, as well as an “instrument plane.” He was not classified to fly a seaplane.

Under medical information, Paddock had his last examination for his license in February 2008. He had a “third class” medical classification, which expire in five years. Therefore, his expired in 2013 and the FAA wouldn’t let him fly without renewed medical information. The FAA notes that he “MUST HAVE AVAILABLE GLASSES FOR NEAR VISION.”

The address on his FAA license was in Mesquite, Texas, a suburb east of Dallas. At the time of the shooting though, Paddock lived in Mesquite, Nevada, a town in Clark County and north of Las Vegas.

Paddock also owned a Cirrus SR-20. After we first reported the plane ownership and his connections – the media reported that Paddock did work for the Defense Department on various projects. His Cirrus SR-20 plane’s tail number is N5343M. Looking up the registration of ownership on a website called Flightware.com we found out that Paddock no longer owned the plane.

It was grounded three years ago, and it’s now owned by a company called, Volant LLC.

The company may be a front limited partnership of Volant Associates, which is a Department of Defense contractor.

In other words, Paddock’s plane has been in the hands of the United States government for the past three years and grounded since Volant LLC is being used as a way to hide information.

The plane had been parked in Roanoke, Virginia since April of 2014. However it has been reported that Paddock’s plane is owned by Dr. John W. Rogers, who is allegedly the owner of Volant LLC.

On its website, the Volant Associates group describes its mission as providing “the industry’s preeminent professionals to discriminating U.S. government and intelligence and defense industry customers.”

So, they provide private pilots who do special work for defense industry customers.

This is very interesting especially since there is a film currently in theaters that tells the story of a pilot who flew for a CIA front company doing special missions, his name was Barry Seal.

The new film is called “American Made” and it stars Tom Cruise. The interesting thing about the film is that it was originally supposed to be called Mena, and was to be released in January of 2017. It was moved ahead to a September release and was renamed.

The movie also received a blow when two of the crew American film pilot Alan Purwin and camera man Carlos Berl of Colombia died in a plane crash as they traveled in Colombia from Santa Fe de Antioquia to Medellín.

The movie gives a Hollywood shine to the story of Barry Seal and how he got caught up in gun running and drug smuggling.

Seal is a TWA pilot that has been smuggling Cuban cigars into the United States from Canada.

This harmless bit of smuggling has caught the attention of the C.I.A. So Seal is given a fake company to run, an airport consultation outfit called I.A.C., a spy plane, and a mission to fly around Central America taking photos of Communist guerrilla compounds.

The rest is a Hollywood version of a very real drug and weapons smuggling that took place right under the noses of President Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush.

Seal became involved in drug smuggling in 1975. During the early 1980s, he developed a close relationship with the Medellin Drug Cartel, whose leadership included Pablo Escobar. It was then that he moved his operations from his home state of Louisiana to an airstrip in Mena, Arkansas.

In 1983, however, Seal was caught in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as he tried to smuggle a shipment of Quaaludes into the country. By his own admission, he had by then flown more than 100 flights of 600 to 1200 pounds of cocaine each, equating to between $3bn and $5bn worth of drugs into the US.

Seal was sentenced 10 years in jail, but in order to avoid jail time, he decided that he wanted to become an informant for the DEA.

Seal was soon enlisted into a sting operation. The aim? The Reagan administration was keen to see the Contras militia overthrow the revolutionary Sandinista government which had installed itself in Nicaragua; Seal claimed the Sandinistas had made a deal with the Medellin Cartel, and proof of such could lend justification to the US’s support of the Contras, despite accusations of human rights violations amongst the counter-revolutionaries.

And so, Seal flew into an airstrip in Nicaragua with CIA cameras installed on his plane, snapping pictures which showed Escobar and several other members of the Medellin Cartel loading kilos of cocaine onto a plane with the aid of Sandinista soldiers.

Seal claimed that one of the men present, Federico Vaughan, was an associate of Tomas Borge of the interior ministry of Nicaragua. However, a Wall Street Journal reporter threw doubt over Seal’s accusations, claiming there was no evidence tying any Nicaraguan officials to the drug shipment.

Others, however, jumped on Seal’s testimony. And that would be his undoing. A front page story in The Washington Times by Edmond Jacoby about links between Sandinista officials and the Medellin Cartel discussed Seal’s mission and appeared to out him as a government agent.

The DEA cut him loose, but that also left him vulnerable. He was later arrested by the FBI in Louisiana, though only received six months supervised probation; a condition of his sentence was that he spend every night, from 6pm to 6am, at the Salvation Army halfway house in Baton Rouge.

It was outside of this building that he was shot and killed on February 19th, 1986.

Colombian assassins sent by the Medellin Cartel were apprehended trying to leave Louisiana soon after Seal’s murder. Three of the men were convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole. However, some believe the CIA was behind the killing.

After Seals death, Louisiana Attorney General William Guste, hand-delivered a letter to US Attorney General Edwin Meese in protest at the government’s failure to protect Seal.

I guess the comparison of Barry Seal to Stephen Paddock would only be in the fact that Paddock had access to planes that are now in the hands of a company that provides services to defense department clients.

Paddock had two planes, owned multiple homes, and regularly dropped tens of thousands of dollars in Vegas casinos. In the film, American Made it indicates that Barry Seal had so much money he didn’t know what to do with it. He just packed it in suitcases and kept in closets.

The bizarre thing is that if Paddock really committed the crime alone, his profile is one that is rare, especially since he was much older than most shooters and very wealthy.

It is a puzzle but when you realize that over his lifespan, he had 27 home addresses and homes in several states – you have to wonder how he made all of his money. It certainly wasn’t in just real estate.

Paddock often gambled at least $10,000 a day in Las Vegas casinos, and sometimes upwards of $30,000 per day. He reportedly gambled a total of at least $160,000 at Vegas casinos in the weeks before the mass shooting.

His brother Eric once said Stephen gambled a million dollars and still had money to live on. He also said that Stephen gave his mother a comfortable life and even helped him after he retired. I am sure with two planes he could have been living a double life running drugs, weapons or even doing a little human trafficking to make his money similar to what Barry Seal did.

Barry Seal, of course, found himself in over his head.

A U.S. intelligence community whistle blower as well as several investigative journalists concede that Seal used his airport in Mena at the behest of the CIA to import cocaine to the U.S. and export untraceable heavy weapons to Honduran-based Contras engaged in a guerilla war against communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua. The CIA denies those allegations.

This controversial history was revealed by former FBI counterintelligence and CIA asset-turned-whistleblower, Terry Reed, who served in U.S. Air Force Intelligence in Vietnam and later wrote a book called, Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA.

Reed is also a skilled pilot and claims to have flown with Seal aboard clandestine flights. Reed described Seal as his CIA handler. Reed also came into contact with a fellow Vietnam veteran who would become a central figure in the Iran-Contra Affair: U.S. Marine Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North.

The wider Iran-Contra affair encompassed an array of covert operations in Central America and the Middle East which were directed by the National Security Council during the Reagan Administration and not authorized by Congress.

Gene “Chip” Tatum another whistleblower claims the US flew over four tons of cocaine out of Honduras in the middle 1980s.

He states that Major Rodriguez, who was Felix Rodriguez, was one of his bosses or handlers in Honduras. In 1985, Tatum was assigned (sheep-dipped ) into a unit at Fort Steward, GA, as an undercover Army officer flying a medical evacuation helicopter.

One of the medics assigned to his helicopter was a Specialist MacDonald (sp?). There was a company called Corporate Air Services flying into Honduras was well.

Tatum also says he could call to “Washington Switch” from Pomerola Air Base, and he talked directly with another of his handlers, Oliver North. Tatum’s missions were to fly into Contra camps and he learned that the Contras were indeed manufacturing the cocaine themselves, under the direction of a Colombia Ramon. Ramon was later assassinated just prior to the Manuel Noriega trial.

Tatum said, Ollie North set these five camps up with cocaine kitchens producing 500 kilos per week. The 159th Aviation Battalion out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky, super-Chinooks were flying in the fuel-pods and equipment, dropping them in, dropping bladders of acetone to manufacture the coca leaves into cocaine Tatum says drugs went to either Ilapongo Air Base in El Salvador, or they went up to Panama and El Ocatal (sp?) for a meeting of this cartel.

Several of the people that Tatum flew to this meeting in El Ocatal were General Noriega, Mike Harari, who was a retired Mossad agent and was a member of a rich Jewish Panama family, Felix Rodriguez, Joe Fernandez, who was the CIA station-chief in Costa Rica, Gen. Gustavo Alvarez, who was the Honduran Army ex-chief of staff, and a guy named William Barr, who represented the assets of this enterprise. Barr became the Attorney General under President George Bush Sr., and replacing AG Thornburgh.

Tatum claims he had dinner with Vice President Bush Senior’s National Security Director, Don Gregg and Gregg discussed drugs with Tatum. He said Gregg gave him large briefcase of money to be taken to a meeting that was going to be held in Octal Costa Rica.

At this meeting there was in attendance, William Barr, General Noriega, Amiram Nir and Mike Harari Mossad, Joe Fernandez, Felix Rodriguez, and Gen. Alvarez (sp?), ex-chief of staff of the Honduran army.

On April 12, 1985, VP George Bush was in Honduras and he met with the president of Colombia and the president of Honduras. This was at the heights of everything going on in the Iran-Contra situation.

Tatum would soon get to meet CIA Barry Seal and they became close friends. Seal openly boasted he had information that implicated high-level government officials, including then-Vice President George H.W.Bush in drugs and weapons running.

Seal claimed that he had surveillance video proving that George W. Bush and his brother Jeb flew from Texas aboard the Bush family‘s King Air turboprop and landed at a small airport near Miami where they subsequently accepted delivery of two kilos of cocaine. The young Bush brothers apparently didn’t realize that they were flying directly into a DEA sting operation while the DEA seemingly lacked advance intelligence in alerting the agency that these wealthy ‘customers’ were actually members of one of America’s most powerful political families.

By the time the DEA and FBI realized that the cocaine buyers just snared in this sting operation were Vice President H.W. Bush’s sons, surveillance video had already been recorded. The investigation was subsequently buried: the whereabouts of the video evidence and any paper DEA and FBI records remain unknown.

Seal is alleged to have later blackmailed Vice President Bush, threatening to go public about the catch-and-release DEA sting that snared George W. and Jeb as well as details of the wider Iran-Contra operations if the Vice President didn’t get the IRS off of Seal’s back.

It has been reported that Vice President Bush’s private phone number was found with Seal’s body after Seal was gunned down while sitting in his Cadillac outside a Baton Rouge.

The timing of the release of the film “American Made” formerly called “Mena” is certainly worthy of some speculation.

The film was to publicly connect the Clinton and Bush families to 1980s cocaine trafficking and weapon smuggling. It would have been damaging to both the Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton campaigns.