11/28: Galen Cook And The Story Of D. B. Cooper

  • Bruce Jackson

    Clyde, Clyde, Clyde,

    As a Skydiver, and speaking for my self, D.B. is somewhat of a hero in our circle.

    Not so much for ripping off the airline or all involved, but because he got to jump

    out of a Boeing 727. What a frickin’ kick that gotta a be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A while back at a United States Parachute Association Freefall Convention, (maybe

    in the early to mid 1990’s, in St. Louis maybe, (you can check with the USPA for particulars) the organizers bring in as many different kinds of aircraft to jump outa,

    hot air balloons, biplanes, Cessnas, deHavilands, etc., and yes that year they brought in a Boeing 727! Hot damn.

    I wanna say it was Amerijet (spelling), a cargo configured 727 with not many windows.

    I wanted to go real bad, but stuff happens. The event also attracted certain folks from the FAA too. Maybe even Himmelsbach himself. Anyway, they got off about 3 loads, (about 150 Skydivers per load) single file out the rear stairs. The plane was doing around 150mph (stall speed) across the ground and the jumpers said they could fly on the jet wash for a long time. After the third or so load the FAA shut them down for some bogus reason like “…not enough seat belts for everyone…”) They was sitting on the floor, obviously, so why didn’t they restrict the number of people based on available seat beats?
    Also, when people got down and logged the dive in their books, the organizers where giving the jumpers a “…D.B. Cooper Number…”, to signify they got to “….Jump the Jet….”
    My opinion is it miffed the FAA so much they hadta do sumpin’ to repair their damaged egos.

    Hey Clyde, I got an idea, why don’t you and your buddy there, Lars, (he might not be
    to overweight) come on out to my drop zone and experience the thrill of being really alive when you get back on the ground from you sky dive?

    Regards, and Blue Skies,