As I look back on the year of 2017, I have realized this year was a year that felt best like waking up from a very wild party and realizing that you drank so much that you don’t want to believe half crazy things your sober friends recall you did at the party.

It is like if you could go back and do it all over again, you probably would have chosen to not drink, or do that crazy drug or do that stupid dare.

However, when all is said and done, you have to own up to the fact that you made these wild decisions and you really don’t know what possessed you to say what you said, or do what you have done, see what you have seen and heard what you have heard.

It was a year so surreal, so full of strange and alarming events, that you have to seriously consider the possibility that somebody slipped you a roofy – or some other serious concoction to get you to do the things you normally wouldn’t.

1984 by George Orwell was the best seller at Amazon – Mein Kampf was a big seller in Germany and every politician, including our own president was compared to Hitler. Even though that happens every year, we have always stopped ourselves and realized that we knew the difference.

In 2017 it was the left wing that truly believed that Donald Trump really was Hitler.

What made it even more bizarre is when the Kennedy Papers were declassified, there was more in the papers about President Lyndon Johnson being a Klan member and Adolf Hitler being alive and well in Argentina in the 1950’s.

While the Old Kennedy Conspiracy was just being revealed and felt all brand new again, the new Russian collusion conspiracy was getting old and it continues to get old, worn out and tired and so, so fake.

UFOs, something that a lot of skeptics said were fake, were real according to the Pentagon and CNN continues tell you that an apple is an apple – even when it is horse apples. CNN of course was responsible for the term “FAKE NEWS.”

Is there a word for the peculiar feeling that makes a written phrase sound like nails on a chalkboard? “Fake News” was that phrase in 2017.

People who use the term “Fake News” should have a cup of shut the “fake” up.

The mainstream media failed in getting us the information we needed about the Las Vegas massacre – and later several witnesses either disappeared or died – like something out of dreadful sequel of the movie, Final Destination.

Speaking of movies a major scandal engulfs the entertainment world when The New York Times reveals that powerful movie producer Harvey Weinstein, had a problem with keeping his robe on when he was in the hotel rooms with aspiring young actresses –who barely spoke English.

Then the plague of sexual predator behavior spread like wildfire – actor Kevin Spacey was accused of groping a young boy, and thought that this would be an opportune moment to tell the world he was gay. Louis C.K. a funny stand up comedian, was not so funny when he decided it was okay to display little C.K. to women after his shows.

Dustin Hoffman was accused of being sexually inappropriate, and believe it or not, so was Ron Jeremy – and to think we all thought he had a hall pass – being a porn star.

Hugh Hefner of Playboy Magazine died in 2017 before anyone could accuse him of being a sexual pervert. Adam West, the one and only batman died – Tom Petty broke our hearts when he passed away. Malcolm Young of AC/DC unplugged and George Romero died – and he is still dead.

Charles Manson died and believe it or not, people are still fighting over who owns his dead body, and some people experienced a Mandela Effect mini stroke when Jim Nabors died.

In 2017, it seemed that timeline had gone off of the continuum and that things didn’t seem like they belonged. People were protesting Donald Trump’s policies before he became President – others were bringing downs statues of confederate soldiers and generals and the flag of the confederacy was thrown into the trash and not into a museum.

It wasn’t that history was repeating itself in 2017 – it was trying to erase itself – like someone wanted to reverse engineer the year.

If you don’t panic I can tell you that scientists recently decided to drop a bombshell on everyone claiming that they have created a set of conditions in which time seems to run in reverse.

Before everyone decides they want to do 2017 over again, researchers have used a mixture of chloroform and acetone to create conditions where for some purposes, time actually appears to move backwards.

The recent experiment conducted by an international team of physicists focused on a principal feature we often use to define time – the movement of energy.

Intuitively, time is pretty simple. We can remember the past and not the future, for example.

But when breaking things down into simple rules, we discover there’s no clear reason why a cause has to come before its effect.

On the smallest levels, we can flip the formula describing the movements and interactions of particles and still get a useful picture.

The team looked at chloroform, a molecule made up of a carbon atom connected to one hydrogen and three chlorine atoms.

The researchers used a strong magnetic field to line up the nuclei of the carbon and hydrogen atoms when the molecules were suspended in acetone, and manipulated a property of their particles called spin.

Playing by the rulebook of time, as one nucleus warms up it should transfer its random movements to colder particles until they’re both the same temperature, a change that would be recognizable in their respective energy states.

In normal conditions, that’s exactly what happened. But the researchers found a rather intriguing exception when the particles were correlated. This means certain probabilities became locked together over a distance thanks to previous interactions, a little like a softer version of quantum entanglement.

The particle correlation made a significant difference to how energy was shared between the bodies – the heated hydrogen particles got even hotter, while their colder entangled carbon partner got colder.

In other words, the study revealed the thermodynamic equivalent of reversing time in a very tiny pocket of the Universe.

And to be clear, the work is limited to a very small scale – it won’t give us a flux capacitor we can use to swing back to the 1950’s but it does show the arrow of time isn’t absolute.

The demonstration also provides promising details on where quantum mechanics and thermodynamics overlap and all this time these new theories of the overlapping universe were just silly quantum pipe dreams.

2017 wasn’t such a bad year – it was just a year of extremes, and a year of all kinds of weird things from quantum entanglements to confessions of UFO chasing and alien microbial life forms.

It was the best of times or it was the worst of times — and there wasn’t any middle ground to speak of.

The biggest sucking sound came from the he resistance movement: it should be our imperative to try and find common ground in our country – and the media needs to start reporting the real news and abandon their stupid Russian conspiracy theories and Presidential twitter reports. The news media acts like an anti-Trump mob. Americans deserve a fair, honest and unbiased media.

Another sucking sound is coming from the various colleges that seek to suppress free speech and opposing viewpoints, it should be noted that most colleges should teach the students more about what fascism really is and not encourage complaints of microagression.

If it could be done all over again, reverse engineering of the year, I would hope that we would look back on all of the things that we once thought were science fiction and marvel at how we may even get that flying car after all.