12/10: Leap Of Faith w/ Peter Gersten

12/10: Leap Of Faith w/ Peter GerstenLast week on Ground Zero, a caller told us that there was a man who was going to jump off of Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona and into a portal that would open at 11:11 A.M. on December 21, 2012. Tonight, Clyde Lewis welcomes that man to the show: Famed lawyer Peter Gersten. Even if you’re ‘Doubting That Leap Of Faith‘ – don’t miss this show!

  • Brian L. Wayne

    I’ve been waiting for a couple of years when i first heard of this nut. WELL ITS ALMOST TIME! I hope this peter gersten has enough sense to put on a parachute.

  • Rusty Schackleford

    okay, so I just was on 122112.com store, and they’re selling stuff, right. But they say it will take a couple of days to ship it and 5-7 business days to get it. If the world is going day after tomorrow, don’t you think they could at least overnight it to you?

    • Laura Garrett

      He’ll be on an island by tomorrow with all the $$ people sent in.