12/10: Tales of the UnGnome

12/10: Tales of the UngnomeChristmas has cleaned up its act after 200 years and the darker stories aren’t shared that much in America anymore – but they remain traditions in other parts of the world. Sometimes we’re reminded of the demon-haunted world by things in our very own backyard. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis reads from the book of ‘Krampus: Tales of the UnGnome‘!

  • Ya-Sha-Wa

    Clyde,You say that Krampus was a Demon known as Sandy Hooks.

    And was a Winter Solstice Demon Story to Terrorize Children into Conforming to the Dictates of Their Community.

    Sounds like Sandy Hook Shootings has a similar Theme.

    Especially to those who believe the Shootings were done as a False Flag Act of Terrorism.