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[youtube UqhfJEPfMpw]

Buckle up earthlings whatever power that is in space right now is not finished yet.  This video contains footage taken from SOHO demonstrating that The Sun was hit by two Asteroids and a Comet.  Some are saying that these space rocks were estimated to be about the size of the planet Mercury.  Last Sunday’s show while completely off the charts spoke of space activity and the hermetic “As Above So Below” indicating that numerical math, sacred geometry and Pythagorean theory indicates that what may have happened to the earth during the Chilean, Taiwan quakes showed possible intelligent design.

As we speculated about an alien source to the strange anomalies happening near the sun a listener e-mailed two pictures that were taken by SOHO in January.  The pictures Cataloged as Stereo Behind EUVI 195 show quite clearly two planet sized spheres circling the Sun.

These are considered UFO’s above the sun.  The part most interesting is that they are less than a Million miles out and are not burning up in the sun’s atmosphere!

This is quite remarkable and no one—not even NASA has an explanation.

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