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As the cold blows its bitterness and the snows cling to the ground this Christmas,
we find ourselves in a very precarious position this year. Many people are happy
at Christmas; however there is a silent group who see the holidays as a dark and
foreboding time.

This goes beyond the “humbug” of Scrooge or the burglary of the Grinch. It may be the
depression of some inflexible middle age, staring into the glass of scotch wherein the
murky amber elixir, the future is cloudy and the sadness is heavy.

This type of year is appropriately called the dark times. Where the soul is eclipsed and
the body grows tired, weary of the cold and yearning for love. Childhood memories
of boxes, bows, puppies, and tinsel are pounded away by the realities of debt and the
pressures of family and work.

It is easy to be overwhelmed at the end of the year, some dreams have gone unfulfilled
and potentiality is always something to lean on when things don’t turn out the way
you’ve planned.

As we scramble to the various places to buy that last minute gift, or to visit family we
forget that Christmas is indeed a time of magic. Forces exist at this time of the year that
goes beyond the story of the humble birth of a messiah. It is a given, that Christianity
wants to keep a chokehold on the season because many fear that they are clutching on
to their faith like a covetous old skeptic.

We forget the real reason for the season and that is to ward off such dark thoughts
and possible dark futures. It is the season to light the lights and cut through the
darkness and share the old folk tales to those who want to hear them. Not just the
ones about ghosts that visit old misers or bearded jolly fat man that delivers gifts. There
are cautionary tales that were created to remind us that the darkness of the season is
invited in, and the responsibility to drive it out it is ours.

Nearly 400 years ago it was customary to open the windows and the doors of the
household to banish the shadow entities into the howling winds of winter. A candle was
lit in every household to protect it from the winter demons. Prayers were offered and
families would kneel on the cold floors praying that demons of the North would pass
over their homes and give them yet another year of life.

It was 456 years ago that the moon had turned to blood in the night sky. It was the lunar
eclipse falling at the time of the Yule. It signified the birth of the unconquered sun, and

the power of the Triple Goddess in all of her forms. It opened the metaphysical door
way for all of the creatures of twilight, known and unknown to go about their reverent
and profane activities.

There were no celebrations of the Christ child’s birthday at this time. This time was a
dark time and people were cleansing their homes of anything foul that might enter in.
Many knew that as the nights grew longer and colder the nocturnal creatures would visit
and do damage to homes and farms. There were many stories about hobgoblins and
gnomes that would crawl down the chimneys at night to smell the shoes and socks of
the children. If the socks were clean they would leave a nugget of gold or silver in the
toe of the stocking. If they were not thoroughly clean and there was an odor in the shoe
or the stocking the Gnomes would report to the Belsnickel or Krampus to pay the house
a visit.

These entities were the chief demons of the woodland. Krampus and Belsnickel were
the demons of the North. Children were warned that they needed to watch out and
beware of the furry woodland demon that carried the basket of fruit and a huge sack.

During the time of the solstice eclipse, the moon cast a blood red shadow on the crest
of the fallen snow. From Iceland to Europe these demons were seen. Children would
disappear and some were found drowned in nearby rivers and streams.

Children would tell their parents that dreadful little goblins smelling of sulfur looked half
human and half animal. These gnomes appeared under beds, near chimneys and
would hide in woodpiles. The goblins reportedly walked pigeon toed and some children
claimed that these little demons had a cloven hoof with long tails and goat’s legs.

These tales were not limited to children. A demonic entity known as “Spring Heel Jack”
had been seen in England hundreds of years ago and there were many accounts that
are now legendary. The creature was described as walking upright with pointed ears
or horns. The demonic creature could spit blue flame from its mouth and had claws for
hands. . One woman who was attacked by the creature also claimed that the monster
attempted to sexually assault her. It ripped her clothes off and forced her to kiss its face.
She said its hands were extremely cold like that of a corpse. Spring heel Jack got his
name because he was known to jump 30 feet into the air and some reported that he had

There were also reports of “devil’s” footprints in Devon England attributed to the Demon
of Devon. Prints that appeared to be left in the snow looked like “cloven hoof prints”
and were left for hundreds of miles. The prints would then stop as if the creature
disappeared however; it was found that some were seen on rooftops and on haystacks.

It is hard to imagine that there was a time where Christmas was not celebrated in the
way we do so now. The idea of celebrating Christmas the way we do now is less than
200 years old. There was a time where on Christmas day angry mobs would bomb

churches break windows and kill clerics because they refused to recognize Christmas
as a Festive holiday.

It is important to understand that the celebration of Christmas is not biblical at all. Jesus
was not originally the reason for the season. It is a time of year that was originally set
aside to combat the winter darkness through blood sacrifice. It was a pagan holiday and
was subjected to all of the pagan ritual, grandeur and legend. In Germany it was known
as Midvinterblot or Mid-winter Blood.

In Boston, the Puritans outlawed Christmas in 1659. Although the ban was lifted in 1681
it once again fell out of favor in 1689. It wouldn’t even be considered a religious holiday
until 1750’s and even then there would be no parties and no mention of the European
traditions of the woodland demons and gnomes, especially Krampus and Belsnickel.

It was still illegal to observe Christmas, as a holiday in the United States and in parts of

By the early 1800’s legends brought from Europe of Santa Claus and his protective
nature of children and families were emphasized along with the celebration of Christ’s
good deeds and events in his life. Alabama was the first state to legalize Christmas
in 1836. Boston Massachusetts legalized Christmas in 1856. It was illegal to recognize
Christmas in the state of Oklahoma until a law was passed lifting the ban in 1907, which
was 103 years ago.

Christmas in its present state has managed to keep the evil gnomes and woodland
demons at bay. However, there seems to be a hole in the veil that is allowing these
creatures to make a return to the present.

Creatures like Krampus and the sinister gnomes have somehow become evil egregores
that are taking shape again because of war and poverty. The term egregore is an
occult term where a group of people have developed a thought form. The thought form
becomes material in the real world and as an entity becomes an autonomous threat that
eventually manifests by means of quantum entanglement.

It is simplified by saying that by some flip of reality we are about to experience exactly
what was experienced over 400 years ago.

In 2008 a national Argentine newspaper called El Tribuno reported that in Salta a
group of teenagers were playing soccer and were recording the moment on video. Jose
Alvarez, a local teenager was sitting around talking to his friends about 1:00 AM when
they captured a “duende” moving around in a field nearby.

A “duende” is a gnome or goblin that lives under the stairs. The “duende” according to

myth appears because of an evocation given by someone nearby. It is physical entity
that allegedly manifests because of emotional stress. The duende is a demonic earth
spirit much like the earth spirits of the dark nights like Krampus and Belsnickel. Those
who see a “duende” are soon to have a death in the family.

It is also believed the “duende” can hide in your shoes and enter your body through the
soles of your feet. It is interesting that the gnomes of European Christmas lore would
have some fascination with shoes and stockings. For years the gnomes were believed
to be sniffing around chimneys where children would dry their stockings.

There have been countless times in everybody’s day to day experience where they
would lose a sock or even underwear in the dryer. People joking say that it is the work
of the “sock gnomes.” Everyone may joke about it, however it seems as though the
mystery dates back some 400 years ago on those dark nights by the fire at Christmas

It is poetic synchronicity that on Monday December 20th, 2010 there will be a lunar
eclipse. This will be the Christmas eclipse where the moon will turn to blood and a
magical for the furry demons of the woodland to resurrect.

In some ancient cultures there was a popular myth that during an eclipse evil spirits
could enter into our world through a mirror. The prevailing myth is that throughout
Europe the demonic entities that followed Santa or accompanied him were called the
mirror opposite.

However the twinning aspect somehow melded the two personalities of both Santa and
Krampus creating a character called Ruebezahl who instead of moving back and forth
through the open hearth of a fireplace, entered and exited the world through a mirror.

The twinning or mirroring of another well known entity gives us pause and makes our
blood course like ice water through our veins because we realize that Krampus is the
core reason for the season and not Jesus.

Krampus is the mirroring entity of an ancient Phoenician god known as Molech. The
traditions of Christmas believe it or not can be found in the Old Testament, thousands of
years before Christ.

If you open the bible to Isaiah chapter 57:5 you read about the ancients placing idols
of worship under a tree. They inflame themselves under near the evergreen trees and
sacrifice their children onin the sanctuaries in front on idols. They did so in valley of Ben
Hinnom. In the 1920’s an explorer had found 6000 funerary Urns in Carthage. They
were sacrificed in the sanctuary of Tanit. It was believed that the children were killed in
order to provide safety from evil entities and to insure that the Sun would return. This

would bring peace and good will to all men according to the ancients.

In the sanctuaries was a large stone idol. It had the head of a horned bull. The horned
god had arms where the child would be placed. Ropes and pulleys would raise the arms
to heaven. The child would then fall out of the arms into a pile of burning oak. This was
the gift under the trees. The gift to Molech would be an exchange for the birth of the
Sun, or “Sol Invictus’ the unconquered sun. Most people do not know of Molech unless
they are familiar with the “cremation of dull care” ceremonies at the Bohemian Grove.

Many of our leaders today go to this area of Northern California as a retreat. The event
includes a mock child sacrifice to a stone owl that is believed to represent Molech. The
sacrifice is done under evergreen trees.

Molech represents Saturn, and Christmas happens to be during Saturnalia. Krampus
traditionally would murder the bad children by throwing them in his sack or hiding them
in a basket to drown or beat to death later. Some people believe that the idiom “going to
hell in a hand basket” is from the legends of Krampus.

Krampus is making a comeback of sorts and many people in the United States are now
recognizing the history. This has the churches worried. Many churches in Germany
have already expressed an interest in banning the festival of Krampusnacht and in
some places wants to do away with Santa Claus as well.

Keep in mind that the so called Christmas celebrations had nothing to do with Christ
and everything to do with blood sacrifice. The Saturnalia festivities are deeply rooted
in the festival of the New Year or the new sun. It is the way to take a negative influence
and change it into a positive. Saturn was always considered a negative influence and is
intrinsically associated with man’s limitations, death, blight and decay.

Saturn was known as “Kronos”, to the Greeks, the dark father of time. Father Time has
always been depicted as a white haired bearded entity that carries an hour glass and
scythe. The bearded father time looks like a mirrored version of Santa or Ruebezahl
the entity that would gather the children for the Yule sacrifice. Traditional depictions
of the Grim reaper come from the image of father time and are a reminder of man’s

The celebration of Christmas has always been centered on children. It is unfortunate
that the frills of Christmas were like bait and trappings for something sinister in the
past. It can be argued that Christmas is a training ground for great disappointment and

The anagram for Santa is unfortunately Satan, the devil, Old Nick and the deceiver. It
is ironic that one tradition that never gets lost on children is finding out the truth about

Santa. It is always someone you don’t trust, a deceiver who tells you there is no Santa
and someone you love and trust that tells you there is.

The more you dig the darker it gets. The more you think about it the more it all makes
sense. Christmas is a time to sacrifice for the less fortunate and in Christendom it is all
about the young child Jesus who is born and eventually sacrificed.

It was the sacrifice that saved the world from having to sacrifice more and more
children. For such is the kingdom of God. Each child is a gift and a light for the world.

Keep them safe warm and loved.

Merry Christmas.



I being a wiccan appreciate the fact that you bring forth the truth. Thank you! Blessed be!

Laminite Warrior

Indigenous cultures (the pagans of pre-Roman Catholic oppression) donned the wild masks with (ibex horns) as a ritual of reverence and respect for the wildlife on Earth. They saw the survival habits of the wildlife around them as sacred a lot like the American Indians revere the Buffalo. Krampus wasn’t always ome kind of child abusing, blood sacraficing monster. It takes a real closed minded bible thumper to insist that Krampus is necessarily evil or Santa’s bad cop.

Laminite Warrior

Here’s some more information about the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon and Winter Solstice all happening at the same time. nn cultures (the pagans of pre-Roman Catholic oppression) donned the wild masks with (ibex horns) as a ritual of reverence and respect for the wildlife on Earth. They saw the survival habits of the wildlife around them as sacred a lot like the American Indians revere the Buffalo. Krampus wasn’t always some kind of child abusing weird monster. It takes a real closed minded bigoted bible thumper to insist that Krampus is necessarily evil or Santa’s “bad cop”.


And it takes a prejudiced eye to not see that Molech and KRAMPUS have all of the same attributes. The Buffalo is not at all connected to Krampus by all accounts KRAMPUS was Saturn or the Saturnalian furry demon of the North. You call me a closed Minded Bible thumper? This has a lot more to do about myths and sun gods. please explain the child sacrifices in the ancient books?? MOLECH was an alen GOD- The indians have nothing to do with the pagans. Thats like saying that all of the horned depictions of Moses are somehow related to KRAMPUS… and they aren’t… and as I am writing this I am arguing over whether or not SANTA and KRAMPUS are real entities and not part of the Christmas mythos surrounding Child sacrifices…When does KRAMPUS usually appear? During CHILDERMASS — accidental? I think Not. All of the names that are associated with the massacre of the holy innocents are Herrod -Belsnickel u00b7( SPOKEN ABOVE ) Ded Moroz or papa frost ( RUSSIA) Gnomesu00b7 Elves Yule men Knecht Ruprecht u00b7 Santa Claus u00b7 Zwarte Pete — sorry — I believe that once again your prejudice has blinded you and somehow gives you precedent to attack with ad hominem. n

Laminite Warrior

I’m not denying the child sacrifice and the Krampus’s role as a punisher. You’re right on the money that Krampus has a bad legacy, but it doesn’t discredit the theory that at one time the Krampus rituals were simply a costume party where a bunch of primitive indiginous men and women decided to celebrate the Winter Solstice season by wearing the horns and hides of wildlife. Correct me if I’m wrong, but You seem to really think Krampus ritual was always evil and that there’s no good out of it? It’s all about the bible stories and the connections with all sorts of other mythologies? Who really knows how rituals and evolved. Maybe there’s something to be said about Austrian culture’s Krampus and the way they violently punish children? And with sick fucks like Josef Fritzl and Hitler who knows? I think there’s nothing wrong with people who wear Krampus costumes around the Winter Solstice and have their celebrations. Most of the Youtube videos show people having fun and having a good time releasing energy outdoors. Winter is an ugly barrent time of year. The goofy monster costumes kind of parodizes the desolate landscape of winter in a comical way. I wish I had a Krampus costume myself and could wear it every night the entire month of December and at everyone of your live shows just to show you how harmless a Krampus can be. I really hope you get guest from Austria whose been doing Krampus festivals for years wearing the costume. It’s just a costume to have fun in. Big Fn’ Deal.


Yes Krampus is fun.. just like Bela Lugosi is fun..or Boris Karloff… There is no harm is scary Christmas stories… in fact you called me a Bible thumper even when i said that Jesus is not the reason for season. KRAMPUS Is. It is the time of Saturn.. Jesus was only meant to be honored in the spring — becasue he represents LIFE. His brith was nothing more than a reason to get Christians to snip about some made up war on Christmas. If it ever goes it will be by their own choice. I want to organize a KRAMPUS party next year.


Thank you for the dialogue Clyde. I really need to get a good camera to produce youtube videos and rant or better landline phone to call in more often. Well again it seems we agree, but the game of asserting attention kind of always involves challenging statements. No I really don’t think you are a “bible thumper” but you definitely have good background on how the real bible thumping people think and know damn well how retarded they are. I think you’ve also alluded to the fact that Jesus was really a Virgo and not a Capricorn which means JESUS WAS CONCEIVED around the Winter Solstice not born then. . Virgin Mary AND GOD were busy F-ING AROUND THE SOLSTICE. I suppose if Christians REALLY want to celebrate Jesus’s life they should be busy having lots AND lots of hetrosexual sex around this Solstice. They should eat lots of horny goatweed and go into an endless rutting mode the entire month of December, which kind of makes the case that Jesus and Krampus can get along just fine around the same time of year, but who knows? I don’t claim to know, but at least I’m rational enough not to buy into the meme of a bunch of the average pseudo American pseuod-patriotic pseudo-Christian dumb asses who worship a portrait of a mythological white robe white skinned blond blue eyed bearded hippie Jesus, all the while hating everything about hippies, who are all racist to the core. HOW many TIMES have you heard that sound bite of Glenn dooddoo Fleck “those same damn hippies” ? Everything about Glenn dooDoofleck is predictive programming. His entire image and fad and meme. You of all people should how the methods of M-F’rs like that won’t STFU until something bad happens like your buddy Rex Church to get cracking summoning a hoarde of Krampuses from the underworld and annihilating everyone of their perverted distortions about Christianity. The same chickenhawk asshole fake Christians like Glenn Beck that are all about “RA RA patriotism” enlist in the miltary are the same ones responsible for people like the 27 year – old Veteran that shot-up the Valley River Shopping Mall recently in Eugene. I’m digressing, but this is how I vent sometimes. nn

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I WAS seeing a lot of flying things in the corner of my eye that night when the moon eclipsed. Fay maybe?

Crisis? What crisis?

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