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The Ground Zero show has focused on the first day of May and its links to the death rituals of Walpurgis and Beltane. We addressed the coincidences of Hitler’s death anniversary on may 1st 66 years before and the coincidence of George W. Bush’s mission accomplished speech on the U.S,S. Abraham Lincoln. May 1, 1776 is widely recognized as the birthday of Adam Weishaupt’s often demonized Bavarian Illuminati as well as the festival of Beltane. Since this date is a high holiday of witches, Satanists and various agents of the Illuminati. There are rituals conducted where a human sacrifice must be made on that day.

There is an actual time frame between April 19th, and May 1st where bloodshed is
required as an offering to Baal. This is known anciently to a sacrifice to the good king,
and homage to Saturn.

The Illuminati considers war to be a most advantageous way to sacrifice, for it kills both
children and adults. It is also a way to have plausible deniability where they brainwash
and commit the acts of murder. Keep in mind there is no blood on the hands of the
Illuminati only on the hands of the armies they command. It is the destructive group
dynamic and manipulation that is used by most destructive cults and is very effective
in cementing the commitment to create more war, ensure more pain and suffering and
convincing the apt pupils to dance in the blood of the dead in celebration.

There are magical workings being performed in high places of power and behind the
closed doors of the churches and synagogues.

The ancient writings of such workings can be found in the Talmud, the Koran, The Book
of the Dead, The Bible, The Kabala and the ancient books of Enoch. All powers are
to be considered and all magic has relevance and power. The Luciferian illuminists
use it to their advantage by mingling the substance until slowly the congregations are
becoming desensitized to this philosophy of death and murder. We begin to see the
ritual of death as a reason to celebrate. We use death as a reason to create national
holidays where our major accomplishments of murdering people becomes a reason to
fire up the grill and dive into the seven layer dip.

Death celebrations are akin to the black masses and celebrations of theistic satanic

human sacrifice.

It is evident from the Royal Wedding to veneration of the Pope John Paul II and the
death of the phantom menace Osama Bin laden that we celebrate the darkness and
finality of death. We ritualize it for a necromantic purpose and exhume the spirit of
death with the readings of the victims of mass murder in order to generate a Tulpa for
the purpose of battle with a yet undefined enemy. This is the future now, sanctified in
the blood commitment a ritual that is ancient and satanic.

Rituals and traumatic events have either been conjured or orchestrated by Intelligence
cabals in order to create a crisis as an object lesson to test the faith of the people. The
people are left with no choice but to bow before the holder of the keys of power, This
holder is the entity which possesses the tools to combat that which is persecuting them.

In Biblical times, when leaving Gentile cities, pious Jews often shook the dust from their
feet to show their separation from Gentile practices. If the disciples shook the dust of a
Jewish town from their feet, it would show their separation from Jews who rejected their
Messiah. The gesture was to show the people that they were making a wrong choice. It
often resulted in horrific consequences.

In most cases the cities were left to plague, draught and in some cases cataclysmic
destruction. It is the occult version of tough love, unleashing the power of darkness and
the whirlwind of death to convert the nonbeliever. It was a shocking way to bring about

These rituals opened up portals and literally bent space and time for the purpose of
illumination. They were known as “workings” of the epoch. These workings were
passed down through the ages. The secrets of these rituals and spell were held by the
wizened ones or wizards. The wizards and shaman were the men of intelligence and they

were summoned by the king in times of war or in times of rebellion to bind the enemies of the

John Dee was a well known magician who performed spells as a form of espionage.
His spells were used to bring down the enemies of the British Crown. He was known
as a great mathematician and astrologer. He was well versed in ancient magic and
Babylonian mystery school ritual. He was in essence a special agent.

John Dee was the original 007. Dee signed his letters with two circles symbolizing his
own two eyes and indicating that he was the secret eyes of the Queen. The two circles
are guarded by what may be considered a square root sign or an elongated seven. For
Dee, seven was a sacred cabbalistic and lucky number.

So traditionally the magicians, the intelligence czars were the Illuminati “agents” that

were aware of all of the rituals, spells, and psychology of the people. Many groups
have existed in governments that have practiced the dark arts,in order to unite a people
and bind their enemies.

There are many rituals to bring about different results. Each one has a different affect
on people. There are theories that the United Sates has been lured into many trauma
based rituals that have been “organized” and staged to bring about the new world order.

There are a great number of secret organizations which all practice death rituals or
make death oaths and many of these groups are part of an octopus whose tentacles
reach into organizations, religions, and governments.

Leaders from all over the world are members of these organizations that are considered
Luciferian, meaning that those members carry out our affairs without regard for moral
imperatives or boundaries. They act on behalf of what is revealed to them in secret
meetings. They are told that they will not be judged by any higher authority or God.

In the darkest of Secret societal Illuminati ritual there is a ritual where the initiate is
subjected to witnessing several carefully staged death rites and being told that he or
she may be killed too. The initiate, after witnessing several moments of death is then
given a ritualistic rebirth. The initiate is told that since he escaped death he deserves
to make the change into the new life. It is known as a “hard baptism” or the forging
of “blood cement.”

After the trauma rituals and witnessing or being threatened with ritualistic death the
initiate learns that no matter what you you will always have to face the Dark father
Saturn. The Dark father of the unseen prison is your master and you must learn to
respect the entity of chaos in order to restore things to a new order. It is in these series
of rituals there is a binding or the commitment or “worship” of the initiate to its mentor or
savior. If you defy the mentor you can face death or material ruin.

Think of all of the trauma based ritualistic murders that have happened on our soil
here in America. The Killing of the King Ritual In Dallas during the JFK assassination,
The siege at Waco, the Oklahoma City Bombing, The first attacks on the World trade
Center, The Columbine Shootings , The attacks of September 11th and The disaster of
Hurricane Katrina. Theorists believe that these “traumas” were magical rites of death
with numeric signatures, code words, and synchromystic events. They appear to be
magical ritualistic murders that American people have witnessed and have had them
repetitively played over and over again through television reports and retrospectives.

With the ritualized death of the Phantom Osama Bin laden we not only are encouraged
to rejoice in his death, but we are to remember the thousands he killed, and we repone
the events of 9/11 to prepare our consciousness for yet another war, and a another

ritualized mass murder in the future, a mass murder that will be conducted by agents of
the darker Saturnalian Illuminati.

The patterns of the death rituals are part of history and we marvel at them and fear their
power even after decades the power of the open execution of death rituals still affect us.

Many remember the Kennedy assassination. The Kennedy assassination was part of a
ritual known as the sacred killing of the king. J. Shelby Downard advanced the theory
that the murder of JFK was an “open air” freemasonic dramatic re-enactment of the
Killing of the King ritual. This carefully choreographed drama was designed to “process”
us alchemically in an ages old freemasonic death trauma mind-control ritual.

The Columbine shootings happened on Hitler’s Birthday. Columbine is derived from
the French word Colombe. Colombe were known as the sacrificial doves or virgins.
They are the symbols of the illuminati bloodlines. In the circle of the ancient Babylonian
mysteries the dove is a representation of the feminine nature of God. It is also symbolic
of the fallen ones.

Israel had planned a Blitzkrieg on southern Iraq called “Operation Shekhinah”, in early
October of 2001. Less than one month before the planned Blitzkrieg, Planes slam into
the World trade center. Invoking the name Shekhinah is part of very powerful Talmudic
spell. September 11th, 2001 planes slammed into the world trade center. The attacks
were blamed on Osama Bin laden.

Osama is a powerful name that is also spoken of in the texts of the Talmud and
the Koran. Invoking Osama is literally calling down the spirit of the warrior son of
Mohammed. It is the calling out to the Djinn and allowing them to make war. His
name is powerful even in death and the ritualized killing of the phantom becomes a
frightening revelation of what will be mirrored against the world. The mirroring principle
is manifesting now and it is becoming eerie. It is almost as if the consciousness is
reversing a curse.

In the aftermath of the death of Osama Bin laden many newspapers and commentators
suffered from some reverse causality as they reported that Obama had been shot
and killed. The interchangeable name got so out of hand that journalists reverted to
calling Osama the name Usama which eerily uses the first three letters USA – the same
acronym cheered In celebration of the death of Osama Bin laden.

Can anyone see what is happening here? The reports of Obama being killed, the
invoking of USA in the name of a dead phantom is marking a glitch in the ether and the
accidental manifest could very well be a reality as Obama and the USA are said to have

It seems that this is a grim accident and the more it is said the closer we come to a
ritualistic power reversal.

Circumstances point to the theory that many of the traumas that we have shared in the
world have been the result of dark magic. That the groups within the CIA, NSA, Mossad
and other secret societies carry out rituals using phrases, names and memes in order to
set forth a crisis that can be remedied with control.

The peculiar reality is that that the word OBAMA is actually a name taken from the
original OSAMA.

Baraq [Barack] was the name of the winged horse-like creature that took Mohammed to
Paradise in the Night Journey. Baraq can also mean God’s blessing. Obama is Swahili
for Osama, who was one of Mohammed’s chief warriors. Osama also means lion.
Hussein reminds some Americans of Saddam Hussein, and Obama’s supporters get
upset if it is used. Hussein was the name of Mohammed’s grandson. So Obama’s entire
name is based upon Islamic mythology and African conquest. Barack Hussein Obama
means [Allah’s blessing] [Mohammed’s grandson] [One of Mohammed’s finest warriors].

Obama has also been compared to Abraham Lincoln and also used Abraham Lincoln’s
Bible for his swearing in ceremony, allegedly invoking the name of Abraham and the
sacrificial rite to the Ram or Aries. The meme of Lincoln and Abraham assassination
and conspiracy have been raised with the release of the film “The Conspirator.” It is
also coincidental that the ritual of the Osama death was on the anniversary of Bush’s
Mission Accomplished speech on May 1st. Beltane, the day of sacrifice on the U.S.S.
Abraham Lincoln.

Has America been ritualized in accepting Obama as an eternalized savior that will be
given the option to give up his life for history? With the turmoil that is bubbling are we
taunting the idea of catastrophe with the invocation of spirit ritual? Not knowing of the
names we utter or chant, unaware that these are powerful words that are meant to put
minds under a spell?

We are falling into the hands of the Illuminati dark magic.

Observe the frenzy surrounding the death of Osama, listen to the lapses’ lingua of the
death of Obama, watch the rewriting of the name with the USA in Usama.

Does anyone feel the eeriness of this? Can anyone see what is happening? It is an
Illuminati sneeze aimed at the house of cards that is the United States of America.

Overt criminality by leaders and passive, unclear thinking by the proletariat has become
the norm in The United States. The two go together, creating a symbiotic ecosystem
of tyranny. Fraud, theft, and murder have become widespread, just as the scale of lies

told and believed have reached new heights. Irresponsibility has become socialized
while people in the honest pursuit of good get thwarted.

The Illuminati has declared that no one is in a position to defeat its invisible hold on
the world. Their force may be invisible, but if you look hard enough you can see their
actions manifest.

Beware of the actions of the Illuminati it is important that you do not fall under their spell
and celebrate death otherwise you will be seeing a return of darkness.

It is undeniable.



Clyde Lewis is da MAN!!!


Let’s assume that all you have said above is true. (It certainly seems plausible to me.) My question is what can we do to counter this? We are not powerless. I would rather do something than sit in wonder or fear waiting on what comes next. There must be something we can do. Do you have any suggestions? You spoke about quantum entanglement and radio and other media outlets changing and affecting things on and earlier show and in an article here. Couldn’t we use this to make a positive difference?


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[…] The Illuminati has declared that no one is in a position to defeat its invisible hold on the world. …. […]

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