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I have been trying to wrap my mind around what is being planned by intelligence operations within the alphabet agencies that have now become more obvious with their high tech mind control and slavery apparatus. The MK Ultra program seems to have now been brought into the electronic era and is a well organized program that can easily manipulate the populace into believing in horrifying weather systems, unknown phantom enemies and alien intrusions.

It needs to be reinforced that the United States adopted the superior mind control programs of the Nazis; The Government’s project paper clip sponsored the resettlement of 2000 Nazis on American soil.

Apologists will say that the Nazis we recruited were reformed Nazis and that this is their hall pass for continuing experimentation on the human mind and hiring a psychological groups like the Tavistock organization and The American Psychology Association to monitor and survey their handy work.

The CIA and other darker alphabet agencies have been used to approximate and guide public opinion to make decisions and judgments in order to obfuscate any matter that the critical mass is concerned with.

There is a conscious intent from controlling factions within the confines of the United States to use destructive group dynamics and present them on television, place them in magazines and news papers and in feature films.

Salon magazine recently released an article citing the complicity of Hollywood to the manipulation by the Pentagon in film projects. The politics of war within films are being excised for a more homogenous look at war and the conflicts that the united States are in. Coming to theaters and on TV’s near you are yarns that feature Navy Seals, soldiers and other military themed shows that paint the military with a positive brush.

The Pentagon is also involved in a reversed engineering process of hiring their own script writers and directors to set out and make films and distribute them for sales. The Goal for many of these films is recruitment. The new military entertainment complex is eager to begin their product placement in films because they believe that the average American audience does not see movies and TV shows as ideological at all They know that the average American psychological filter that guards against propaganda has been shut off—their handiwork with mass mind control has been successful therefore political, Militarist and nationalist propaganda in films and TV is much more persuasive.

This is not speculative but a reality. The pentagon admits that Americans do not have the necessary discernment to understand propaganda or to identify romanticized speech or a plain sales pitch from people who are in authority.

This is exactly how the Pentagon sees militarism – it’s a “product” to be sold via pop culture products that sanitize war and, in the process, boost recruitment numbers. This also indicates that they see the American people, mainly the young and impressionable as resources to further their vision of a militarized United States.

The electronic mind controlled apparatus is the television and movie screen. While not every film is promoting the military industrial complex, there are trigger phrases and images inserted in some films that through repetitious looping place an imprint on the conscious mind. It is like consciousness “branding” where if you are exposed enough to certain images, words and actions you will become used to these things and the brain will shut off its ability to discern reality from fantasy.

Films and television shows used to be a reflection of who we are, now they guide us and lead us to what the intelligence organizations want us to be. It has changed from a historic record to an oracle for what is to come. Films now are creating pretext for the structuring of human affairs, policies and events.

The film, The Matrix was released just weeks before the Columbine massacre. Like suspects Dylan Kliebold and Eric Harris The character of Neo had no friends and was trained to be a killing machine for a group of outcasts that believed the world was a computer construct.

The Matrix was so effective that it created a mental disorder in people called “Matrix delusion” where people actually thought they are living in a computer program. The movie “The Truman Show” also was effective in creating a disorder where people believed that they are living in a reality TV show.

In 2002, the International Journal of Psycho-Analysis featured an essay about predictive programming in the 1999 Movie Fight Club. The shocking revelation of the method in the film prompted author Jeanne Wolff Bernstein to point out that a terrorist organization led by Tyler Durden blew up buildings along the New York Skyline. The last to fall were the Twin Towers. She said in her essay that when reality imitates cinematic fiction, cinema no longer function as the ‘prosthesis for memory’ but as an intact body for what is to come in the future. Rather than just preserving history, film instead furnishes a syntax and lens through which reality is being fore-structured.

A prime example of pretext structuring through predictive programming can be seen prominently in the pilot episode of the Lone Gunmen television show a spin off from Chris Carter’s X-files. The episode dealt with a conspiratorial plot to crash a commercial jet into the world trade center by means of remote control. The episode aired months before the real attacks that ook place on September 11th, 2001.

An unidentified source once stated that the series creator Chris Carter would be fed story ideas from unidentified NASA workers and FBI agents. It is rumored That Carter was inspired to do the “Pilot “episode based on a movie called the “Medusa touch” a cult film Starring Richard Burton in which he steers a jet into an office tower to prove his magical telekinetic powers to his psychiatrist, Given the fact that an X-Files episode named “Medusa” aired shortly before the Lone Gunmen pilot, it’s likely that the producers were indeed inspired by this film.”Medusa” takes place in Boston, Coincidentally two of the 9/11 planes took off from Boston.

There is a bit of psychological magic that is being fed to the masses. Much of it is trauma and the culture is also being drugged into passive animals. The affects of the new drugs introduced into the populace to suppress real fear, and to maintain emotional stability may also be part of the mass MK Ultra agenda. If prescription drugs are not enough there are recreational drugs that also are being consumed. Many recreational drugs like marijuana and ecstasy are being used in tandem with entertainment. How many times have we associated smoking pot with watching a movie or listening to music? It seldom is ever associated with reading a good book or going to a cultural event.

Now as the experienced is enhanced the brain also experiences it on several levels. In violent films we may not realize that the trauma creates a dissociative sympathy for that violence.

An example can be demonstrated with the film “The Passion” by Mel Gibson. The film was a nearly two hour snuff film, depicting acts of violence to one man. The violence was so bad that there were members of the audience that would die in the auditorium. Heart attacks and seizures were common place. Many film goers were interviewed after the film and had stated that the film renewed their belief in Jesus. There were others that said that the film was “reality” even the pope stated “it is as it was” about the film.

Where was the differentiation was between what is was being depicted and what may have been the reality? The truth is, there was none. The Pope made it out to be the reality and the people all endorsed a film that would have received and X-rating and even with an R rating Christian children under the age of 17 were encouraged to attend and watch.
It was also a convenient pretext to accept the idea of torture films in cinema. Movies that followed were “Final Destination” where young people were murdered on screen by an unseen phantom, namely death itself and SAW where a maniac would torture his victims in a series of games.

In the news the reality and acceptance of torture was made all too real with the Psy-op that was carried out at Abu Graib where soldiers took pictures of prisoners of war being tortured and Guantanamo another facility where terror suspects were detained and tortured.

Your brain is open for programming. It is taken up and squeezed for all of your judgments, hidden hatred, and fear. It is then prepared gradually and served up on a butchers block wholesale.

They have bragged about how Americans are asleep and are easily manipulated. Now you know what they think, do you want to wake up and try to discern what they are trying to tell you?


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