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GROUND ZERO GUEST 11/17/11 – Fr. Gary Thomas | Catholic Exorcist

GROUND ZERO GUEST 11/17/11 – Fr. Gary Thomas | Catholic Exorcist

Fr. Gary Thomas will be joining Ground Zero Nov. 17th, 2011 to discuss his work as a Vatican trained exorcist. Father Gary Thomas was working as a parish priest in California when he was asked by his bishop to travel to Rome for training in the rite of exorcism. Though initially surprised, and slightly reluctant, he accepted this call, and enrolled in a new exorcism course at a Vatican-affiliated university, which taught him, among other things, how to distinguish between a genuine possession and mental illness. Eventually he would go on to participate in more than eighty exorcisms as an apprentice to a veteran Italian exorcist. His experiences profoundly changed the way he viewed the spiritual world, and as he moved from rational skeptic to practicing exorcist he came to understand the battle between good and evil in a whole new light.


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[…] Father Gary Thomas, the priest that inspired the book and the movie ‘The Rite‘ appeared on Ground Zero confirming that demon possession is not limited to just demons, but also the spirit of predatory animals can possess humans. He confirmed on Ground Zero that once during an exorcism a woman was possessed with the spirit of a snake and literally shape shifted into a cobra. […]

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