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I have been looking over data in the various locales around the world with regard to earthquake activity. The reason is because there have been several scientists and a team of investigators who have now said that there seems to be a 188 day cycle for the quakes, bases on Moon movements, planet alignments, and sun activity. As I was skeptical of these predictions the team investigating the pattern had stated that a major earthquake would happen the 22nd of March 2012 .

There was speculation that before the quakes there would a swarm of activity that would indicate that the earth is preparing for the release of energy and that it would happen in the Ring of Fire that travels up the Pacific. I wanted to know if their findings were yielding any results and if there have been a series of anomalies with regard to the earth and their findings.

There was speculation that before the quakes there would a swarm of activity that would indicate that the earth is preparing for the release of energy and that it would happen in the Ring of Fire that travels up the Pacific. I wanted to know if their findings were yielding any results and if there have been a series of anomalies with regard to the earth and their findings.

What I found was what I thought seemed normal and yet still intriguing – swarms of earthquakes have been reported all over the globe and some of them are more pertinent than others here is a list of recent swarms of quakes in the past few days.

• Philippines. A series of major tremors in the 3.0 to 4.0 range for several days.
• England. A large section of the chalk cliffs of Dover have dropped into the sea.
• Several seams along other sections seem to be widening.
• Russia. The Kamchatka Karymsky volcano has been spewing ash, some as high as 10,000 feet. The entire area is on high alert.
• Newfoundland. A swarm of small tremors (1.4 to 2.4) have been rattling the New Brunswick area. This is not a seismic zone.
• New Guinea. A 6.2 earthquake near Papua.
• Alaska. The Cleveland volcano in the Aleutian Islands has erupted three times in one week.
• Indonesia. The Lamogean volcano has been rumbling and venting steam.
• Mexico. The Popocatepetl volcano has been sending out low-level emissions in recent days.
• India. A 3.5 earthquake in New Delhi.
• Greece. The Santorini caldera is deforming rapidly. The entire area is on high alert.
• Colombia. The Nevado del Ruiz volcano is rumbling.
• Costa Rica. The Poas vocano is rumbling.
• Spain. The Montserrat Sonfriere volcano is emitting a small flow of lava.

During the recent spate of sun storms there was a report the Mount Hood in Oregon had a swarm of mild tremors.

On March 20th, 2012 Fox news had an immediate report about an Earthquake warning that had been issued and that the Pacific coast would be experiencing moderate earthquakes until the 26th.

The report cited Chile’s major quake and then New Zealand and Japan. The next day a 7.4 Earthquake occurred in Mexico. The quake occurred on Mexico’s pacific coast!
The Mexico earthquake was actually two 7.9 events, which for some reason have been lumped into one and downgraded to 7.4, which is still a very strong earthquake. The day after a strong quake was felt in Papua New Guinea. The quakes were swarming and those who predicted them and their 188 cycle theory was beginning to be confirmed.

The astronomy that spawned the 188 cycle has to do with electromagnetic influences from planetary alignments and an alleged incoming heavy-mass object. There is still the pattern and the due date for a major quake on March 22nd.

Geologist Jim Berkland has now said that he believes that the swarms will continue on at least four more days with another whopping quake on the 26th.

Those who are watching this expect a seismic event somewhere along the Pacific ring of fire. There may be another event in Japan, and others are looking at Eureka California because there have been birdwatchers who have said the Ducks have left the area and no one knows where they have flown to. Other possible places for a major quake in the window are Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest.

Berkland has said that with Thursday’s new moon, extra pressure will be brought to bear on coastlands and islands because of the tonnage of high tides. Geologist Berkland was one of the first scientists to identify a pattern of seismicity during new moon tides and predicted the World Series quake in San Francisco.

It is time to shut down the mainstream banter about the insipid election cycle and its lack of influence on anything of value. A cataclysmic cycle is forming now and there is no one running for office or in office that really cares about helping people understand that the time to prepare is now. It is a time not to fear and it most certainly is a time to wait for your appointed shepherds to get the flocks out of harm’s way.

Someone needs to drop the Obama care questions and rhetoric, they ned to quit with the abortion football and start asking our leaders what are they proposing with regard to preparedness from a cataclysmic cycle that is plaguing the world and the anomalous thumps, shakes and booms that are happening all over the United States.

Recently there have been reports in Clintonville Wisconsin about thundering underground booms that are loud and that shake homes. There have been reports fo bird deaths all over the country as well the most recent bird deaths In Utah, Arkansas, Samoa, New Zealand and elsewhere. Many of these deaths have been given logical or at least expedient explanations however it is becoming more apparent that we are seeing magnetic shifts on the earth that are causing birds to lose their way and die. The earth is a remarkable place and is constantly reminding us of how weird it can be in any season.

The earth is beginning to show that it is very much alive. The Sun and all that is above is constantly demonstrating that it is also going through a bit of a cataclysmic cycle with coronal holes, and huge solar flares pounding on the earth. There have been many reports of close calls with near earth objects and we always breathe a sigh of relief every time one passes by without hitting the earth.

Each time the earth passes through the path of any near earth influence it reacts. You may not understand that you also react much like animals do. You sense that there may be something a little off kilter in your day. You may feel a little stomach ache, a little dizzy, maybe even a slight craving for something and you just don’t know what it might be.
Many people pay no mind to what their bodies say to them, or really what the earth and the sky is telling them and there really isn’t any real way to understand how the earth is always quaking, shaking, swallowing up civilizations and reminding us how powerful of a planet we truly have.

This seems to be the repeating cycle we have not yet broken and it will continue to facilitate itself in 2012. It gets to the point where you have to understand that the nebulous future is not so nebulous and there is a trick to seeing patterns within the chaos.

There is no math or scientific method that can take the place of nagging intuition or good inspiration. I urge people to listen to their heart as I do. I ask people to search their soul and tune into the still small voice within them and learn to trust their inner most harmony. If your inner harmony is troubled then you must listen to what your heart is telling you.


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