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For about a week and a half, the out of control story of Trayvon Martin‘s killing at the hands of self-styled neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman has bombarded us beckoning an emotional response This has somehow galvanized much of the nation demanding justice for the slain teenager and his killer.

President Obama made the horribly bad choice of offering words of comfort to Trayvon’s family and millions of supporters. Suddenly, this becomes a political football with a goal of race and social war. This is exactly part of the plan for a city wide and eventually countrywide social unrest, and war of words that divide a nation and put them in a position to demand action that may not be to their benefit.

This is an ugly case that is forcing you to be involved and yet if you can keep a cool head and not take any side you can see it as a play that is being performed on national television as a commercial for a militarized police force.

People feel genuinely insulted by being accused of racism. However this type of behavior and talk regardless of the racial overtones is indicative of what can be called a social war. A clash over status, race, religion, political affiliation, and even financial worth. The climate in this country for mistrust is at a fevered pitch and unfortunately those with real issues against the government are going to be drowned out by those who are indeed racist and are exploited as proof of an extremist conspiracy.

The tea pot has boiled for so long and something wants to explode. Forced class and race war is now being forced on us in the media. They have control over whether or not you are supposed to be concerned about shootings and crime. To exploit the race card, and use it as a cudgel to incite riotous behavior in the United States is part of the plan to once again create a division worth of calling out a Military assist with the police in paramilitary procedures.

Both sides left wing and right wing are encouraging extremist behavior. This behavior has been the focus of Homeland Security as new provisions indicate that the new terrorists will be homegrown and will very well be Veterans groups, racial hate groups and right wing or Christian extremists.

I had an email sent to me with regards to the latest clash that is happening in Florida. The e-mail claimed that Nostradamus had predicted this clash. The alleged quatrain read:
The great empire will be torn from limb,

The all-powerful one for more than four hundred years: Great power given to the dark one from slaves come, The Aryana will not be satisfied thereby.

I wrote back saying that this was a fake quatrain and that it most certainly is being spread in ordewr to fuel the fires of race war in this country.

The word Aryana smacks of the “Aryan” brotherhood or the Aryan race. It also mentions slaves and refers to the dark one. I am sure that the dark one is reference to Barack Obama.
Obama also seems to be pushed to show his opinions of race and the division in this country. The division is becoming more than clear and the question should be asked if we have seen the first and last time that a candidate of color will be nominated as President.

Having the Barack Obama as president created a cold social schism which lead to commentary by talk show hosts and others about the possible social war leading to race and class warfare. When we are unable to calm the social wars , there is always the risk of class and social war leading to civil unrest or civil war. The division of political lines is one part of the puzzle. The division of the sexes add more uneasiness, the ever present poverty, due to debt and neglect also creates class envy and anger now the park is being fuled by racial tensions anf fighting.

What could be more obvious?

Are we headed for riots and protests over a isolated problem in an Amercian city.

Are the rallies necessary? Who is fueling the hate and victimization?

This is a plot that is being created in order to guarantee a two fisted militarized assault on the people and the demand for wealth extractions to equal the financial status of Americans.

This is all for the sake of the New World order and the policing of a dangerous populace.

The cold and silent war between, races, religions and political groups is now heating up and is being encouraged by the mainstream narrative as pretext for Posse Comitatus.

It is a bad sign when the people of a country stop identifying themselves with the country and start identifying with a group. A racial group, a religion, a language or political affiliation.
We are all being forced into collectivism and we will have a greater opportunity to be part of a collective as State socialist maneuvers will be recommended to suppress all social ills.

Many people will argue that they do not see any indication of a social war or a war that puts normal people at odds. Many expect some great social uprising. But what we see in the beginning is an increase of racial, religious, and politically motivated extremist lying and then acts of violence. This leads to organized Terrorism by extremists. Then we begin to see the Riots of course but it is the little incidents of extremist rumors and gossip that lead to the violence that picks away at the culture the creates the chaos and leads us ever nearer to the controlled police state.

Robert A. Heinlein wrote:

“Sick cultures show a complex of symptoms, but a dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners, lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, which is more significant than an all out riot.”

The first targets of social war are the media, artists and performers, talk show hosts and newspaper columnists. Then in some cases the next targets are bank officials and business owners. Civil wars often break out when the people lose faith in the Military and the police to protect them from the Executive branch of government that appears to be running amuck. If this sounds like some blueprint for some destructive social engineering dynamic you are right.

Ask yourself if any of these factors are being utilized.

Rush Limbaugh along with other talk show hosts have been ridiculed for the use of free speech. Resolutions in California have been made to put pressure on radio networks to monitor the speech used by their talent. New reporters have been killed while reporting the war, some have died mysteriously like Andrew Breitbart . Others have been excoriated in public by the likes of Rick Santorum and no one is actually demanding fairness in reports about Syria, Africa, and Iran.

We are being exposed to horror stories of a Military that is out of control. We hare that they are killing civilians, fellow soldiers, families and loved ones in murder suicides. The occupy movement is there to demonstrate police brutality and so faith in any form of government is being lost and in turn the President signs executive orders to keep him in charge in the event of a civil revolt.

Is the picture plain enough? Are we now starting to see what is happening?

Argentina fell victim to a social war that eventually became a civil war. The “Dirty War” was a political term given to cover up the Military philosophy that Argentina had lost its civility and that the Junta had to step in to annihilate subversion and maintain the social order. The military used force, torture and rape in order to eradicate political extremism. The military employed death squads which were responsible for the illegal arrest, torture, killing or forced disappearance of thousands of people, primarily trade-unionists, students and activists. This mass arrest and torture program was called “The national Reorganization Process.”

Documents that were classified during the long Argentine civil war show that many dissidents and “political subversives” were all rounded up and sent to detention centers. Many were later killed or were drugged and dumped by helicopter into the ocean.

Many Argentines were told of an internal extremist homegrown enemy that would commit acts of terror. This left Argentines paranoid and fearful of their neighbors. Many feared the military and police would take them to detention centers . The Military death squads and other groups would create false flag bombings and blame it on terror groups that didn’t exist. They would prop up several left wing subversives and claim that they were members of these groups. These events created a crisis where the people demanded protection. It gave the juntas more power to move in and take away civil rights.

The economy plummeted and many bank presidents and managers were murdered. However the government of Argentina was wise to Mobilize economic resources to benefit the elite. It kept the war machine expanding and it eventually gave Military leaders the funds to finance a war in the Falkland Islands, a war that they knew could not be won. It was organized as a distraction and to garner patriotism in a country broken by social and civil war.

Up to 30,000 people “disappeared” during this civil war. Argentine security forces and death squads worked hand in hand with other South American dictatorships in the frame of Operation Condor. Operation Condor was the organized Coup in Chile that happened on September 11th, 1973. Henry Kissinger, who was Richard Nixon’s national security advisor and then secretary of state, was the principal US architect of the Chilean coup. Many of those who were part of the process were CIA based operatives trained at the School of the Americas. Their techniques of government overthrow included social war, clash of civilization, civil war, death squad training, military take over and resettlement for dissidents and detainees.

The Argentine military dictatorship stirred up a culture of fear so that people were not only frightened and intimidated by the government, but also by one another. They feared race, religious beliefs that were not “catholic.” they hated the Jews and despised the Muslims. They feared communism and all subversive groups that were out to undermine the pseudo religious elite and their economic and political hold on the people. Anything that even appeared subversive began to diminish trust. Extremism was the norm and the paranoia was encouraged in order to provide probable cause for control.

The culture of fear managed to suppress dissent effectively in Argentina during the Dirty War. Additionally, through censorship of the media . Voices that questioned and critiqued the government were effectively muted. They were called extremists and were effectively killed, suicided, or disappeared. Many people who voiced their dissent were literally beaten in public some were raped, others were rudely called out and many were tortured. Everything was vague, no one knew who would fall under the microscope. Some people were defacing property and the entire culture was eating itself. Everyone was not above suspicion of being subversive.

The USA PATRIOT act has suppressed dissent by broadening the definition of a terrorist act and restricting entry into the US. For example, engaging in conduct that “involves acts dangerous to human life” to “influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion” is considered a terrorist act. Moreover, under PATRIOT II, it is unlawful for US citizens to be members of a designated terrorist organization. Both “terrorist organization” and “acts dangerous to human life” may be interpreted broadly. Obama has now extended the policies of the PATRIOT , he has signed the NDAA into law and has signed executive orders to create a preeminent dictatorship.. Policies that mimic those of the Argentine dirty war.

Once a national security state has created a culture of fear and suppressed dissent, it may safely consolidate power, with minimal questioning by the media or challenges from dissident voices. When a government consolidates its power it is able to change without much rebellion. Policies , laws, and even constitutions are rewritten and soon the very thing you feared about your government becomes evident.

You become trapped by the extremist thought and they eventually erode all argument. Extremists will be taken and you may or may not be taken with them. Through the use of manipulation, intimidation, scapegoating, surveillance, social war, civil war, and murder we eventually realize that our government is no better than a criminal family or mob. In the mob mentality murder works. Murder is the way to advance your agenda. Murder is what “serious” players on the world stage do. There is no law but the law of power; there is no way but the way of violence. There is no morality, there is no liberty, we share no common humanity. We all will be made to hate each other. The Mob believes using brut force is a sign of strength. They believe murder brings peace and body bags mean change.

When all are dead all are equal.


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