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The Rise Of The Black Pope


Most western Christians today do not realize that they are programmed into the belief of a messianic leadership. This is something that is a threat to democracy. Most Christians believe that the future holds for them a messiah that will direct the affairs of the government.

This type of thinking throughout history has given us the colorful reigns of Napoleon and Hitler, who convinced Western Christendom that God had ordained their causes. These monsters of our history books knew that people would kill for a chance to blindly follow or serve “one” who believes himself to be a savior or a God Hero.

This “blind faith” phenomenon appears in times of great peril or perceived danger. It is preceded by a time of cultural dissonance, demoralization, and disappointment.

We are in that time now. The cycle will spin in the direction of a “World Leader” who will gain his throne through divisive means. There are tools and procedures that need to be carried out in order for this to take place.

As Manley P. Hall stated in “Secret Teachings of All Ages” the dark monarch that encompasses the yin and the yang, the dark and the light, the balance of all forces, is known as the Great Servitor. He is both the Dark Lord and the bearer of all illumination.

This Lord or Messianic figure is as much the product of the people over which he takes hold as it is of the internal charisma of him who ultimately comes to hold messianic power. There has to be that symbiosis between leader and follower; the “one” cannot exist without the idolatry associated with the adoration of the critical mass.

With this in mind you may want to look over the leaders of this world and perhaps ask yourself: who has the potential to be the World Messianic figure? What leader has the Charisma to hold that position?

Chances are this leader is someone you are already fond of. Someone who you already think would be a charismatic leader, whom you will stand by even though his policies and plans are not what are best for the world.

In history, it is necessary to admit the awful truth that people are far more responsible for bringing a Hitler into the world than is the leader himself. They permit the actions of the messianic leader because of the deep relationship that has been cultivated through social engineering.

There have been and always will be charismatic leaders that will be in the public eye. They will get the same attention only reserved for a God and it is the idea for an external savior that answers to a corrupt church or philosophy that is a pinnacle part of dispensationalist, end times prophecy.

The most influential Church in all of History is the Holy Roman Church.

The Catholic Church is the trunk of a tree that has many branches. Much of what we follow now was all organized and reformed by men who were members of secret societies that believed in Sun worship and practiced the Luciferian ways of control, using the human fears of abandonment and death.

After the Roman Catholic Church was established, the Emperors had to submit to the Pope.

From that time forward, the Pope was acknowledged by the Emperor to be Pontifex Maximus over all religions. The Pope now had supreme authority in religious matters, and the Emperors had control of the political power of the state.

The Pope remained as the leader who knew all of the mysteries of the Babylonian secret societies. He was also a representative of the serpent and the Sun God. The pagan influences never really left the church and their influence is seen today in the architecture and on the holy garments and vestments of the Bishop of Rome.

As the manipulated history progressed, the men with the knowledge in the secret orders became the builders of our society. Their imagery and their symbols began to show up in various places of power all over the world, secret societies all with the tenets of Sun worship and brotherhoods of the serpent.

Masons, Rosicrucians, The Knights Templar, The Illuminati, Luciferians, Skull and Bones and occultists are all being pulled by the same strings, being told that they are the custodians or men of destiny. Every single group has been represented in some way and been a part of creating religions, empires and governments.

It has always been my experience that if you go back in history you can reveal the truth about a number of things. History can give you the ability to predict the future. There are many histories to look at and, honestly, you find yourself “cherry picking” through different accounts in order to find duplicate or similar accounts to prove your point.

History is like religious belief.

There are several versions of history and you choose the one that best describes your version of the timeline.

In the ancient histories we can look and see where all the tenets of the Babylonian mysteries began and how they evolved. We see how the secret societies would place into the scriptures Luciferian doctrines that include suffering and dying for redemption.

It is the ever–constant threat that if you do not make covenants with those in religious power, you might have to suffer your life to be taken from you in a manner that would satisfy a ritual crazed hierarchy.

This would be enough to brainwash the masses into a vague haze of delirium. The delirium would be so thick that they wouldn’t even notice that those who are in power over them are still using images of ancient sorcery, while telling you that the same power can only be found with the suffering Christ.

In the 21st century, the idea of death and suffering is a very effective tool in bringing flocks of “sleepwalking” followers to their knees. The fear of death once again hovers above the imagery and pageantry, smoothing over the Luciferian overtones.

We feel helpless and we don’t know how to push back. We are so wracked with the pains of damned souls that we are unwilling to shake off the yoke that holds us down.

The resulting upheaval of emotion is becoming a whip to our backs as the media and our governments tie us to whipping post. Each blow will bring us to the point of cracking. Soon, if not already, we will become numb to it all.

We will become the well–groomed serfs that they want us to be, fearful, angry, divided and later dissociative.

It was some time ago I was discussing the possibility that the Catholic Church was preparing for war. The war that they were preparing for was not a war against a nation or a group of people; the war was against a supernatural enemy. It was a demonic enemy where the very real war between the archangels and the devil was about to take place and that there would be a very real crisis in the church that would go far beyond the pedophilia scandals.

I know that it all sounds a bit crazy, but the eschaton is now part of the consciousness of the planet and as we are reading the news stories that sound like passages from scripture, or some end times religious tract it is time that we seriously pay attention to how the Catholic Church is about to go through a major change.

The word of a possible change came about last spring when the Tempo newspaper in Italy issued a warning that there was a definite plot to assassinate Pope Benedict XVI. This sent a chill in the religious community, however it has been well known that the Jesuits were preparing for war against Satan.

Several Catholic priests have been surprisingly outspoken about what they have seen as this inevitable danger rising from within the ranks of Catholicism as a result of secret satanic “Illuminati-Masonic” influences.

The worry has also been focused on the Pontiff, who had said that he was getting old and wanting to retire, an now it seems that there is more to the story and a fulfillment of prophecy may bring the church ever closer to its end as a new Pope that has been predicted to be the “Black Pope” or “Petrus Romanus” will take the reigns of power and bring the church to ruin.

Malachy O’Morgair was born in 1094 at Armagh, Ireland. He died November 2, 1148 at Clairvaux, He was later made a saint in 1190 by Pope Clement III; it was the first papal canonization of an Irish saint.

It was told that St. Malachy was able to perform miracles.

One of Malachy’s great claims to popular fame was his gift of prophecy. While in Rome in 1139, he received a vision showing him all the Popes from his day to the end of time. He wrote poetic descriptions of each of the pontiffs, and presented the manuscript to Pope Innocent II. The manuscript was long forgotten until 1590.

It is now in print and highly controversial. Both its authenticity and correctness have been debated. According to his prophecies, there are to be only two more Popes after John Paul II.

The Popes, in what are called the Prophesies of St. Malachy, are given titles, such as “De Medietate Lunae” or the half moon (John Paul I), “De Labore Solis” or the Solar eclipse (John Paul II) “Gloria Olivae” or the glory of the Olive (a Benedictine Pope who serves during a seven year tribulation period), and Petrus Romanus or Peter the Roman who betrays his flock and becomes a false prophet.

Many priests claim secret knowledge of a multinational power elite and occult hierarchy operating behind supernatural and global political machinations. Within this secret society are sinister false Catholic infiltrators who understand that as the Roman Catholic Church represents one-sixth of the world’s population and over half of all Christians, it is indispensable for controlling future global elements in matters of church and state. The dark forces seek to fulfill a diabolical plan they call “Alta Vendetta,” which is set to assume control of the papacy and to help the False Prophet deceive the world’s faithful (including Catholics) into worshipping Antichrist. As stated by Michael Lake on the front cover, Catholic and evangelical scholars have dreaded this moment for centuries.

In the summer of 1999, there was a spike in movies that by a lot of standards were deemed anti-Catholic. Movies like Stigmata and Dogma were trying to send a message that, quite possibly, there is a rift in the ranks of traditional Catholics. Perhaps it is time to take notice that there is an apostasy from within that could bring down the church and take it a step backward.

As far back as 1996 there were people who openly declared that Pope John Paul II was indeed an antichrist. The first of which was Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo. His allegations of Satanism in the Vatican rocked headlines and resulted in his suspension after it was discovered that he was using unorthodox healing methods and doing exorcisms in Africa.

Milingo was candidly telling the press that there were priests and bishops who were involved with satanic activity. However his position as an archbishop kept him from accusing anyone else who may have had a higher authority such as cardinals and even the Pope himself. Milingo said that he did not rule out the possibility that even in the higher ranks there were members that could very well be agents of Satan.

The deafening silence had been broken. The idea of a demonic cabal within the Catholic faith had already solidified the opinions of those who felt that the new relations given during Vatican II were an attempt to bring down the original doctrines of the Catholic faith.

A movement sprang from these allegations of a diabolical threat to the papacy. It is known as Sedevacantism. The Sedevacantists are of the belief that the Pope is not leading the church, but destroying the church. The word Sedevacant is a word derived from Latin for vacant throne or seat. That the chair of St. Peter is empty and no one worthy is able to occupy that position.

This among other things has become the church’s biggest crisis. Sedevacantists are always called schismatic Catholics since they refuse to follow the Pope’s teachings because of their belief that the Pope today is indeed a heretic. This would make the spiritual leader of nearly one fifth of the world’s Christian population the antichrist.

Sedevacantists usually say that Pope Pius XII was the last true Pope, because after his papacy the church’s Vatican Council II council met. They believe that Vatican II was a blasphemy Therefore, they conclude that the Popes who started and finished the Vatican II Council, John XXIII and Paul VI respectively, were also false Popes. It was soon after the Vatican II council met and the Popes that subsequently reigned after had died that another Pope, Pope John Paul I died mysteriously after only 33 days in office.

It was about that time that a great Masonic conspiracy theory was taking hold in the Vatican. This was giving Sedevacantism more proof to show that the church was dovetailing into the abyss. After Vatican II, a ban was lifted that allowed Catholics to become Freemasons. There was rumored to be over 100 clerics who were Freemasons that belonged to the Italian P2 Lodge, which lent more circumstantial evidence that a diabolical intelligence cabal was infiltrating the church.

Albino Luciani (Pope John Paul I) condemned the P2 Lodge and it was theorized that the Masonic lodge and it’s ties to the hierarchy would have been threatened if his Papacy were to continue. . John Paul I ordered an investigation into the scandalous rumors of a conspiracy in the ranks. He then asked his secretary of state, Cardinal Jean Villot to head the investigation.

John Paul I presented Cardinal Villot with a list of people who needed to resign from their posts or be reassigned to other posts. All the people on the list were suspected to be members of the Freemason’s group “P2.”

The result of correction would show a weakness or perhaps a threat to the Vatican power structure perhaps adding more fuel to the theory that something evil had infiltrated the church.

After all of the scandal John Paul I was found dead in his bed on September 29, 1978. His death had all of the tenants of a true mystery found in a New York Times best seller. In the press inquiry about the untimely death of the Pope, Cardinal Villot issued false statements to the press about the circumstances surrounding the death. There was a rumor that the new Pope had been murdered in order to silence him. Any evidence pointing to murder had been removed by Villot and the Pope’s body was immediately embalmed without an autopsy to show the cause of death.

John Paul II replaced John Paul I. None of John Paul I’s instructions to Cardinal Villot before his death were carried out.

It was later that there were many mysterious deaths surrounding the scandal. From Journalist to Judges blood was running in the gutters.

These actions seem to draw parallel to other prophecy not written in the Bible. Once again it is theorized that Nostradamus also saw the beginning of the modern apostasy as well.

In Century 3 Quatrain 35 it is written:

“When the sepulcher of the great Roman is found,
The day after a Pope shall be elected:
The Senate (Conclave) will not approve of him.
His blood is poisoned in the sacred chalice.”

Furthermore in Century 10 Quatrain 12 it reads:

“The one elected Pope will be mocked by his electors,
This enterprising and prudent person will suddenly be reduced in silence,
They cause him to die because of his too great goodness and mildness,
Stricken by fear, they will lead him to his death in the night.”

The other point that adds to all of the hysteria surrounding the council of Vatican II apart from the allegations of the alleged Papal murder is the replacement of the old Latin mass for the Novus Ordo mass. Of course for the uninitiated the words Novus Ordo are buzzwords in the conspiratorial mindset as words that are Latin for “New Order.”

The Roman-Vatican-Masonic oppression culture has its origins in the much older secret societies . “Mystery Religions”, “Mystery Schools”, “Priesthood cults”, or “Schools for the divine science of governing are just part of the processes that the Church uses to gain control and wage war.

Many people have been of the opinion that the Pope and the Jesuits have had their hand in war strategies for some time.

The Church was allegedly involved with secretly shipping Nazis to south America, and an even more outrageous coincidence places Peter Hans Kolvenbach the chief Jesuit Black Pope was in consultation with Archbishop Edward Egan and CIA director George Tenet during the September 11th, attacks, Tenet was trained by the Jesuits of Georgetown University and provided safety to the Bin Laden family. They have a longtime connection to the Bush Family and that is through the Carlyle Group, which was headed by Frank Carlucci III, a Knight of Malta. The mayor of New York on 9/11, Rudy Giuliani, is a Roman Catholic Knight of Malta as well.

If you recall, President Obama was given a blessing by the Pope this is the first time a Pope has blessed a Presidency so openly. Church and State now combined in order to raise the divine bar of Apotheosis.

Now The Pope is taking a risky move and people again are wondering if the final Pope is waiting to take his position and fulfill prophecy. The brutal civil war in Syria and the killing of the U.S. ambassador to Libya have given a sense of urgency to Pope Benedict XVI’s trip to Lebanon, a mission he describes as a pilgrimage of peace for the entire region.

The Pope is now on his way to the nation with the largest percentage of Christians in the Middle East – nearly 40 percent of Lebanon’s 4 million people, with Maronite Catholics the largest sect.

The Vatican initially stressed Benedict’s push for inter-faith dialogue in the wake of Ambassador Chris Stevens’ death in a mob attack on the consulate in Benghazi. But now the Holy See toughened its response, firmly condemning the attack and saying nothing can justify such acts of terrorism or violence.

It looks like it is all moving according to plan. If the Pope is somehow harmed or dies in the service of God a Prophecy will be fulfilled and the template will remain in tact.

No matter if it is a military regime, a theocracy or a democracy, there are blueprints that have been forged and the masters who govern you all know the outcome. The product of their machinations is always the same.

The few control the fate of the many.


The Rise Of The Black Pope | Armageddon preparedness store

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Edwin Duke

Luke 21:36 is appropriate.


You do know that the masons/illuminati/zionist’s/new world order/ are Zionist’s: fake and some real Jews, right? And they are the true evils of this world infaltrating EVERYTHING and taking over and destroying this world, right??? And if yo disagree withot doing the reserach, then you are either one of them or bought by them! They orchestrated 9/11 with the US govn’t, look it up, seek the truth, if not ,you are part of the lie!

Carol Garza

One world government is political run by Illuminati, federal reserve, secret societies, with the Jesuits at the helm. The one world religion has the Jesuits at the helm Who control the RCC. The protest organized denominations are the offspring of the RCC. And the RCC has a kinship with Islam. The global economic collapse is necessary to bring about the one world currency.

Those of us who have a genuine relationship and intimately know
the TRUTH walk wearing the FULL ARMOUR of Almighy GOD
watching and praying for our loved ones and for our enemies and enemies of the TRUTH, Christ Jesus. Come Lord Jesus.

Kerry Lanaux

Amen! Someone is putting out half truths about the Bible. There is a false messiah and then there is the true Messiah. My sheep hear my voice and they know me as I know them. JESUS CHRIST my Lord and Saviour is coming!


I heard last night on Ground Zero that the Govt would try to control the people, through the Churches, thinking we blindly follow them, without any ponderence on their teachings. We wont follow anything, even scriptures in romans, if it is thought to be manipulated and used by the governement as a ploy to give up our liberty, freedom or persuit of happiness. Im sure Hitler said it was Gods will that the people follow him as well. Sorry, the govt is going to have to be alot more creative than that because this wont work with anyone but the cracked acorn who never think or read anything. Last night was the first time I really listened to this show and found it fascinating. I am trying to find a way to listen to it live on my smart phone but have only been able to listen to older shows. Itunes doesnt seem to work on my phone either but I do have an ipod I may try to use. Great show last night. I always thought zoombies was just a goolish Halloween story. However I do know that our govt has been putting toxins in vaccinations and my, my, obama was pushing vaccines, because he had 50k invested in some pharmaceutical company. I dont think many people took it.

Randy Lorenz

St. Malachy’s final entry reads: In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock among many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city (Rome, the seat of the Vatican) will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people.
The prophecy says “feeds” not “betrays”. It says nothing of him being a false prophet. This is a subject I have studied thoroughly, and this article is a collection of half-truths and outright lies. It is a creative use of populist bigotry for the itching ears of fellow bigots – in order to further your sales of freeze dried food! You’re full of s**t Clyde.

Barbara Neville

Good job, Sir Clyde!!

Who Will Be Pope After Benedict XVI? The Black Pope, Peter the Roman and the Prophesies of Saint Malachy

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Jack Rohde

I’ve been studying rock and roll and now I can barely listen to it now that I know how evil it became after the fifties, starting in 1966 the age of Aquarius begun, ending the age of Christ ,acording to the illuminati’s own book ” externalization of the hierarcy” think about it, that’s when hard acid rock started, and they all got weirder, the drugs begun and the morals dropped, to get everyone brainwashed for a new satanic one world order, that’s why the british rockers introduced drugs to the kids and easy sex because it introduced demonic forces and opened their minds to the occult, so the kids would think and act different then their parent’s and be blind to the anti Christ and welcome new paradigm type thinking, the British rockers

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