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11/19: Finding ‘Founding Fathers’ w/ Dr. Robert R. Hieronimus

11/19: Finding As we begin the holiday week here at Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis explores the ideas and myths about the true Thanksgiving. Who were these Pilgrims and what’s really behind this ‘Great Thanksgiving Hoax’? We hope you’re hungry for ‘Pilgrim’s Fairy Tales‘ featuring Dr. Robert R. Hieronimus, the author and researcher behind ‘Founding Fathers, Secret Societies‘!



Clyde, I listened to the show last night and I have to say I totally disagree with your guest speakers comments about the all seeing eye not being Satanic! B.S. Tell him to read Zach 11:17 The Anit-Christ is suppose to have one eye and a withered arm. More Lies and deception!

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