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12/3: Sean Paul of ‘2012: The End?’

12/3: Sean Paul of '2012: The End?'And so the countdown begins… As we rapidly approach the infamous date of December 21, 2012, Clyde Lewis is joined by researcher and documentary filmmaker Sean Paul – the man behind ‘2012: The End?‘. Don’t miss tonight’s Ground Zero and mark you calendars for ‘A.D. 2012: The Spreading Of Viral Philosophy‘!



Me thinks that the time is right. The angels are watching. Low that i see that the end is approaching. Look not for it at any predetermined time for it comes on the wings of a ghost. And ghosts are not what they seem. The rider in white has already past. The land of the king of kings has fallen. Go now and kiss your children. They are the secret keepers, not you. We will not see the end, they will.

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