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12/6: Black Holes and Revelations

12/6: Black Holes and RevelationsIt was announced earlier this year that the test schedule for CERN would coincide with the end date on the Mayan calendar. How ironic is it that the machine that some people fear will bring an end to the world is being fired up to full-power on the very day that some people fear the world will end? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis opens up the portals of ‘CERN: The Mayan Doppelgänger‘!



Umm, excuse me, this article was posted on April first, and at the bottom it even say “APRIL FOOLS!” Does anybody around here actually do fact checking?

Angela Stockdale…/BE/LHC_Schedule_2012.pdf

They conduct several experiments there…ATLAS is also one of them..
There running experiments right now. You can see the schedule at the first link and the atlas link is related to the Higgs particle research. It states on their website that they will be conducting tests during the last weeks of 2012….hmmmm

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