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Seems Like Old Times: The Synching Of Saturnalia


Before we reach the winter solstice there is a day that was the original New year’s and Christmas celebration many people are unaware of and that is Saturnalia. Saturnalia was an ancient Roman festival in honor of the deity Saturn held on December 17th and later expanded with festivities through December 23. The holiday was celebrated with a blood, preferably a child sacrifice at the Temple of Saturn in the Roman Forum and a public banquet, followed by private gift-giving, continual partying, and a carnival atmosphere that overturned Roman social norms: gambling was permitted, and masters provided table service for their slaves.

On December 17th, 2012, the first of 27 victim’s funerals began in Newtown, Connecticut. It was also a time that was set aside to bury the dead at Clackamas, Oregon.

There have been many numerologists that have seen many strange number combinations with the shootings and while we can pick out a Satanic 9 with the combination of 2 and 7 there are many coincidences that have also been demonstrated with the cases. With the killer’s death 28 is the total and it is also significant as every 28 years there is a Return of Saturn or a Saturn return.

It appears that evil has a sort of sentience and the power of Saturn and what is known as the return of Saturn is a major influence on what happens on planet earth. Even those who ridicule current superstitions about the dates numbers are unconsciously influenced by them. It is the same for the number 9, or 666 or even the year’s date of 2012.

They are charged dates and are continually thought of when the calendar just happens to indicate that these numbers are in play. Like it or not in 2012 there were 3 Friday the 13ths and each one was 13 weeks apart. This happens every 28 years or in astrological terms during a Saturn return.

Saturn returns are in essence a metaphor for going full circle and leaning a hard lesson. It is as if there is a reminder of sorts that Saturn can easily, destroy, kill, or harm a person to teach a lesson.

In astrology there are seven planets which have a great deal of influence to our life. These are Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, the Moon and the Sun. The names of the seven days of the week come from these planets, however amongst all these planets and stars, the real major influences are; Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. Saturn is known as the destroyer and rebuilder. Saturn can manifest in many forms, Lord Shiva (The Hindu Death God), Shabbathai (The Hebrew equivalent of Satan or Shatain) and Satan or Baal.

It is important to note that as we prepare for the dark solstice there is the tradition of the return of the dark father known as Saturn who also is connected to Satan in his many functions. Saturn of course is in another pantheon known as Kronos the father of time.

The Saturnalia festivities are deeply rooted in the festival of the New Year or the new sun. It is the way to take a negative influence and change it into a positive. Saturn was always considered a negative influence and is intrinsically associated with man’s limitations, death, blight and decay.

Father Time has always been depicted as a white haired bearded entity that carries an hour glass and scythe. The bearded father time looks like a mirrored version of Santa or Ruebezahl the entity that would gather the children for the Yule sacrifice. Traditional depictions of the Grim reaper come from the image of father time and are a reminder of man’s mortality.

In ancient times anxieties that existed when the darkness gathered were released by sacrificing a child to the horned god Molech.

It was a sacrament to the gods for a guarantee of prosperity, health and safety.
These sacrifices of children have not stopped nor have the rituals to Molech. They
continue in the present and they are done with the absence of compassion and care.
There is no guilt form the leaders and they continue to break bones, and draw blood as
they pave the New World Order over the bodies that were unfortunate enough to be in
the way.

Those who remain alive are being sold on the idea of serfdom and surrender. Only leading to their mental slavery. Nothing has really changed, where we are now in the 21st century is the same position our ancestors were in, They were at the mercy of the power elite.
We are seeing that the sacrifice of human children is the tool for pushing political agendas. The dead have often been kicked for loose change and the children of Newtown, Connecticut are no exception. Anyone who sees these children in their graves as an opportune moment to exploit their deaths for a political agenda are ghoulish and need to rethink what they are doing to tarnish the memory of the innocent.

Our sons and daughters go to war to fight for our constitutional government and make the ultimate sacrifice for this constitution and yet we see that the quality of life has not improved and those blinded by their own political dogmas will be apologists for the party that they are a part of. They only see one solution to the problem of child sacrifice and that is to render unto Caesar whatever he wants out of fear of reprisal.

This is known as social and political witchery and it will continue as all of these tried and true practices keep us all transfixed, unable to move forward.

Saturn is known as the Dark Father and he is the Dark Sun that shadows the soul. The Darkness that consumes us form the abyss.

In Vedic Sanskrit and Naga writings this was described as the “ASAT” or “SAT.” SAT literally means the pure existence of being or BE-ness. The force of the SAT eventually grew until it became everything or in the Vedic Sanskrit the “TAN.”

The SAT and the TAN are linked for eternity within a circle, such as the symbol of the Ouroboros and thus exemplifies the doctrine of the darkness and light being as one.
This may be simplified as the “BEAST” or to “BE” AS “T” or TAN, allowing the infusion of darkness to return all things to their primal or base nature and to make all things function as one. If we reduce all living things to carbon we reduce them to 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons or 666. The number of man is 6. This number is even shown to be that of man in Taoism. The number of man’s society is also 6. The number of the World and the Demiurge is 6.

The Gnostic Demiurge has been shown by the ancient Orphics to be a pole with 6 spokes and 6 colors. In the Book of Revelation we find that 1/3rd of the angels rebelled against god and the remaining 2/3rds remained with God and eventually became man.

2 divided by 3 = .666

Six cubed or 6x6x6 =216

In the Book of Revelation we read of the four Angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth ready to send God’s wrath upon man. They are told to save 144,000 that have the seal of god on the foreheads. That is 12,000 for each of the 12 tribes.

144,000 divided by 216 gets you 666.6666666666 ad infinitum.

We were alerted to the number 144 after the Clackamas Mall shootings that happened on 12/11/12. It was exactly 144 days since the shootings in Aurora Colorado.

The 12th month the 12th year 12X12 =144. Divide 144,000 by 666 and you get 216.216216216 ad infinitum.

Why is it that the number of the beast and the number of those to be saved have a relationship?

The number 216 is considered the number of the Oracle or the “Holy of Holies.”
The grand eternal cycle, the full circle of equinoxes, is divided into 13 baktuns of 394 years or 144,000 days. It is believed that we are in the last days of the great cycle or revolution. The Grand Cycle will cap on December 21st, 2012. According to the Scholars of the Mayan calendar this will be a time where we will close the fifth incarnation of the world and enter into the sixth incarnation.

The Eternal cycle and all Matters of time are once again associated with Kronos or Satrun. The 6th planet from the sun. Whose number empowered is 666 the beast who eats his children. It was written that Kronos ate his children, which is metaphoric of how time devours all, and on the day of Saturnalia the king of rings approaches with his scythe at the end of the year, we learn that the time of the harvest is at hand.

666 can also represent the incomplete bestial man through his three phases of birth, life and death. Those who give into their bestial nature will eventually destroy themselves. 666 is also a representation of the death cult and the lies it produces in order to kindle man’s hatred of others and self loathing.

The occult meaning of all that has transpired with the children dying and the rash of shootings can be seen in the numbers, the idea of self fulfilling prophecy and the alignments of planets near Scorpio and Ophiuchus. The Clackamas and Newtown Sandy Hook shootings happened as Saturn and Jupiter moved into Scorpio and the Dark Moon with Pluto pronounced the arrival of the demonic forces of Lamashtu and Lilith. Both Lamashtu and Lilith’s demonic offspring are child hunters. They look for the children of God to become food for Saturn.

Astrologically, Pluto represents the force of Death, but also of Transformative Change. This conjunction between the closest heavenly body to the Earth with the furthest would hint that the source behind that which caused the force of death was a Jonbar Hinge for the entire world.

It will a point in time that will forever change the way we see ourselves because the primitive fear of the darkness and the advent of child sacrifice has once again placed us in the sights of demonic gods which signals the beginning of hardship and certain death until the sun returns again.

We live in a time where the Good Guys are bad and the bad guys are too. We also live in a time where the “worst” of the bad end up getting more and more money to convince you that they are good. Many people who feel that I should have shut up while I was watching America die slowly have labeled me a pessimist, a psycho.

Well I am beginning to believe that my pessimism is the latter day realism.

I have always known that my sanity hangs by what little gray matter is pasted together by the cells I haven’t yet destroyed by drinking or smoking dope when I was skipping German class.

So try to pin on me what I already know and I will laugh.

But now I can’t.

So now I sit and listen to how we as Americans are resilient and how we can bounce back from this horrible and uncertain time. Perhaps even remember the American dream.

All things lose their bounce eventually, even dreams.

Sometimes if you bounce them hard enough they break.

Guard them and hold them sacred because sometimes we lose them in our compulsion to be comfortable. We also see many of our dreams and freedoms slip away during times of great fear, heartbreak and social duress.

Evil has arrived during Saturnalia and it is funny – it just seems like old times.



Even though I don’t know all the history and occultic practices, I had a gut feeling that all of these events were somehow connected. Thank you for this information. THE


Wonderful Piece.

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