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‘Twas The Night Before Doomsday


T’was the night before doomsday, I was sipping my coffee and was wincing through most of my e-mails and social network posts. It was the chiding about the end of the world and the assumptions that I was hunkered down in a bunker somewhere awaiting the final blow from either some asteroid or atom bomb. Many of the statements were akin to telling a child there is no Santa Claus, and yet assuring the child that the presents will arrive when mommy and daddy are damn ready to hand them out.

I know that there seems to be a ritual of satisfaction from people who try to act all cool by pretending to not be affected by events that in their opinion do not happen on schedule. The truth is that the reality is that while the earth has not had an extinction level event and probably won’t at least not at 3:11 pacific time or 6:11 eastern time it is interesting to a note that the earth is already giving signs of peculiarity as we approach the so called Mayan doomsday.

I should preface everything I say with the statement “not to alarm you or anything” but regardless of what you believe about the Mayan calendar the earth continues to be a hostile and peculiar place and whether or not the date has something to do with it really doesn’t matter because in a Fortean sense the strangeness never ceases and pigeonholing it into a meaningful date like a doomsday date makes it even more chilling.

In one of my Facebook highlights, I saw a post from renowned filmmaker and paranormal researcher Jose Escamilla who pointed out the December 21st, has already happened in some parts of the world. I am sure that he was unaware that it was based on base and meridian time really and not the dates. It is all base not in calendar time but Universal time. However he mentioned that places like Russia and other spots on the globe should be reporting the results of some changes if there is any to be had on this due date that has generated so much anxiety.

Well once again “not to alarm you or anything” bust something happened in Russia that should be mentioned and that is a very low pressure “flash freezing” took place in Russia and there were also images of animals being frozen solid in rivers and streams circulating out of Norway.
The pictures of a fox that is suspended in frozen water and another that is just standing dead in a stream was a horrifying thing to see. Many people commented in social media that it had to be fake and that these images could not be real.

I was thinking to myself that the fast freezing of these animals sounded similar to how the Woolly Mammoth’s had died. As you may know numerous mammoths have been recovered which appear to have been flash frozen. Some were recovered with fresh vegetation in their stomachs and mouths. This indicates that the Mammoths had no idea that the temperature would drop that quickly and with the permafrost came instant death many of the mammoths had died standing up indicating that it happened without warning.
The food inside the bodies of the mammoth did not crystallize which indicates they had no time to run, or look up. They just instantaneously froze. The whole idea is frightening because it indicates how fast climate can change and how a perma-frost could wipe us out over night.

This could be the best scenario for an end of the world that would happen so spontaneously that it could create a frozen tomb of life. We have been hearing about so called asteroids, volcanoes and earthquakes being the cause of the end, but the abrupt freezing scenario is the very event no one has even talked about. For the longest time we have been scared out of our wits about global warming when there has secretly been the fear by many climatologists that the earth is cooling and that the first places that will see abrupt flash freeze would be the northern most parts of the globe and the effects would be devastating and the loss of life would be immeasurable.

The disaster film epic, The day after Tomorrow , depicts a world where an abrupt climate change, creates a global super storm that unleashes unimaginable worldwide weather disasters. In the span of just a few days, tornados, huge hail and colossal tsunamis and blizzards are seen pounding earth into a pulp.

The truth for those who are willing to accept it is that the present day climate is unusually stable, and that “normal” climate for Earth is the climate of frequent extremes That is why the popular conception that global warming will lead to a slow and steady increase in temperature that humans can readily adapt to has its flaws. However climate in the case of the mammoth and maybe the dinosaurs has shown that it can go to the extreme in a matter of years, days, and hours.

For example as was pointed out earlier Jose Escamilla had asked about how other countries and places were handling their December 21st and he mentioned Russia as an example of a place that should be seeing changes now. Well as I have said “not to alarm you or anything” but Russia had an amazing event unfold where a so called “Flash freeze” place where temperatures plummeted into double digits below zero in a short amount of time.
Across Russia, the deep freeze killed at least 45 people before the December 21st, 2012 due date Nearly 270 people were hospitalized, more than half with frostbite. Russia’s emergency ministry urged everyone in Moscow to stay indoors, while forecasters said the cold could get worse over the weekend.

While extreme cold is not abnormal in Russia, the rate in which the air pressure dropped and the way the cold set in was. Siberia has been hardest hit, with cities like Novosibirsk dipping to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit with the wind chill, it felt like minus 47.

The Neighboring Ukraine has also felt the freeze, 37 people have died there and there will be more deaths due to the fact that the temperatures are still dropping and snowfalls along with wind will make the area treacherous, at least two feet of blowing snow in those areas.

Another creepy element to all of this is that on the date that the super cold storm moved into Russia an alert went out to all shortwave radio enthusiasts that a “cold war” spy station broadcasting out of Russia known as UVB-76 went off line. While the radio signal that has been sent out since 1982 is just a series of “buzz tones.” No one has been able to determine what the purpose of the station is. It is considered a “Numbers Station” and there have been times where the buzz has stopped intermittently in order to deliver coded messages in Russian.

The mysterious “hummer” has been heard in Russia and despite much speculation no one knows why it is broadcasting and now why it has stopped.

Frequently, distant conversations and other background noises can be heard behind the buzzer, suggesting that the buzz tones come from a device placed behind a live and constantly open microphone (rather than a recording or automated sound being fed through playback equipment), or that a microphone may have been turned on accidentally.

One such occasion was on November 3, 2001, when a conversation in Russian was heard: “I am. Not receiving the generator (oscillator) “That stuff comes from hardware room” In another event on November 11, 2010, a series of telephone calls were leaked for 30 minutes.

There seems to be a number of people who are arguing that they can still hear the buzzer however all that has been heard as of this writing is static that can be found on the frequency 4625 kHz AM suppressed lower sideband.

The Buzzer has been silenced and or varied prior to “instructions” to be read in code. So far there have not been any instructions.

Meanwhile before the buzzer shut down there was a notice sent to me via e-mail from a listener that calls himself Bear that said he was listening to his ham radio and picked up a very loud sound that he believes is the HAARP signal.

The HAARP array has been called a weapon of mass destruction because it is Ionospheric heater. Some have claimed that when they fire it up it causes the jet stream to shift and as a result there seems to be a rash of weather and seismic anomalies that happen soon after.

The Weather in the United States has been cold and wet with snow and blizzard like conditions being seen everywhere. However this is once again something that can be considered normal for the first day of winter and everyone dreams of a white Christmas.

Are there anomalous activities that may be occurring to to a possible firing of the HAARP array? Coincidentally there are reports that winter storm Draco is pounding the Central/Northeast United States, and that conveniently this area has been seeing a long HAARP Broadcast wave (~M7) over the area for the past few days.

During the so called firing of HAARP the wind shear and weather front site showed a real time map that indicated a low pressure system was set right in the middle of the United states and a extremely low pressure system kicked off major snow storms and flooding all over the United States. There is also a possibility that winter tornadoes may form and arrive sometime on December 21st, 2012.
While we all can be safe in knowing that there doesn’t seem to be some extinction level event happening, the weather seems to be acting peculiar and may shut down holiday travel. The Northern parts of the world will be put into a deep freeze and more people will die as a result.

Meanwhile, NASA has been inundated with calls asking when the world will end. Descendants of the Mayans are waiting for the cosmic dawn.

The rest of us are just waiting to see if anything startling will happen – and if it does it won’t matter because we it will all be frozen somewhere in time.



What was not mentioned here is that most of those who died of the cold where homeless people. Not to mention that there was a heavy run on vodka. The Russians feel that vodka keeps one warm, When it actually lowers core temperatures dangerously.
The poor foxes may have fallen through the ice, And had not been able to get out. They most likely died of hypothermia before being frozen into the ice. Just some theories…

Matthew Bermudez

the Russians have been surviving in the cold for years. i think they know how to keep warm

Mookie Salvantini

What a bunch of complete bullshit!

Clyde Lewis

You know I would hate to be named Mookie — because it actually has several meanings in different Latin languages. Depending on where you are in the world Mookie can mean snot — or boogers — and in other countries Mookie is the slang for poop.. and from what i see in your post it fits you MOOKIE — LOL so I guess you are named after feces. LOL I am dying here because your name is all about it. Mookie Mookie mookie — someone wipe him.

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