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Plan B: The Next Cut


Once again an apocalyptic date has been given – and when it passed, it did so without much fanfare. However, there was the anticipation and when the reality set in that there was going to be no sudden ending there were e-mails to be sent or chiding to be done. There was much more to understand and realize about how the world operates and how the eschaton is used as a tool of control by the elite.

I have received more e-mails scolding me about promoting the Mayan apocalypse than I have received Christmas cards. Every e-mail reads like it was written by a first grader and every one of them has foul language. I always write one reply e-mail I do not send because I get angry over the fact that I never promoted an end of the world for December 21st 2012 and yet people tell me that I have and that all of my “end of the world” doom is no longer true. My second e-mail is short and sweet and add some snarky comment like “Thank you for writing – now go die.”

I guess everyone can just give up and decide that since a someone said that the world would end and it didn’t we are safe and we no longer need to pay attention to anything that may indicate that our world is about to change.

The Mayans developed 17 different calendars, some of them claiming to chart time accurately over a span of more than ten million years. The particular Mayan Calendar that had everyone waiting for the end was based on the cycle of the Pleiades.

I was asked during many interviews before December 21st, 2012 about the time zones and how each one would have to be monitored in order to report an accurate depiction of the end and how it would transpire. I was amused by the questions because, to begin with, there never really was an end of the world scenario to contend with on December 21st, 2012 and what was transpiring was quite frankly a revelatory exercise in reaction to retro-causality fostered by doomsday dispensationalists.

I also received a number of e-mails from devout Christians saying that no one knew of the hour of the day of the second coming – once again illustrating another silly idea that the proposed Mayan date was also the date of the second coming or the rise of the anti-Christ and many other events that we have been told will transpire with dispensational fireworks and condemnation.

Dispensationalist sects and new Age writers have used Armageddon fear and a future full of numerology signatures to illustrate that mathematically 2012 is still destined for something and when combined with the arrival of the year of the snake and the unlucky number 13 as in 2013 all financial institutions and businesses will crumble and economic and social orders will be dissolved and remolded for a future that will be much different than what we are experiencing now.

The 2012 paradigm programming was part of a social engineering exercise that exploited the collective’s capacity for trust. Social engineering has coerced us into respecting and deifying politics, religion, and science. All three combined have created a Luciferian cult or religion that we blindly follow and respect. It has become an Apotheosis meaning a model of excellence or divine perfection almost to the point of Godhood.

The 2012 paradigm programming included old methods of coercion that have been used in centuries past. The elite took a risk in taking old fears buried deep within the collective consciousness and exploiting them. This included tribal division, and the slaughtering of the innocent. The only thing they haven’t done yet is the killing of the king.

There were old pagan customs that a King would be put to death after a year’s reign if he did not serve his kingdom well. This ritual was known as the King kill, a practice of putting the king to death ritualistically if he failed his kingdom or betrayed his people. These rituals were not limited to kings. There were also times where governors and magistrates also shared the fate and there have been times where it has been proposed that various Popes also were victims of the ritual.

There have been about 15 popes assassinated over the years. This number does not include quite a large number of very early popes who were martyred before Constantine the Great legalized Christianity. Nor does it include Pope John Paul I who died under mysterious circumstances that many think was an assassination.

There are even some people who believe that since 1960 the entire Pope’s have been assassinated with the exception of John Paul II.

In the manuscript ‘King Kill 33‘ by James Shelby Downard and Michael A. Hoffman. a King Kill ritual took place in Dallas, Texas when Kennedy was shot and his death televised for all of the world to see. It was similar to the crucifixion of Christ as an entire nation watched, he was labeled a Martyr, the prince of Camelot, a Christ like figure whose assailant died later similar to Judas.

Downard says in his essay that “The entire left wing-right wing scenario is a chess game where various pawns are motivated by emotions to follow the orders of “Kings and Queens” whose allegiance is to psychological control objectives and propaganda is one of the ways that psychological control is established.”

They control us through imagery and information and they are not above conducting ritual in order to send a message to the masses. It is also not beyond the possibility that government’s use astrology and other chaos magic techniques in order to ensure that whatever it is that they do can affect critical mass deep into their core belief system.

Each time the chess pieces are moved closer to their goal. Doing the same things countless times, trapped in a bubble and doomed to shed innocent blood in order to feed the beast. The elite agendas of blood sacrifice and death will eventually plunge the entire planet into a universal civil war. The ignorant are the perfect victims to willingly begin the perfect holocaust.

In the 1980’s, Argentina was victimized by a manufactured war in the Falkland Islands, and their country was in turmoil. Their democracy, their way of life and their world was ending.

The people rebelled against a militarized government. Public debt skyrocketed. Hyperinflation made it impossible to buy goods. Their economy was a disaster. By 2002, the country was completely bankrupt. The result: mass civil unrest. Argentina is a country that went through what we will inevitably face in the future.

The Dirty War was a seven-year campaign by the Argentine Government. Innocent people, opponents of the government, suspected dissidents and subversives were “disappeared” in the middle of the night. They were taken to secret government detention centers where they were tortured and eventually killed. The victims are known as “los desaparecidos” or “the disappeared.”

These so called dissidents and subversives were reported by average people who became “employees” for the government. Priests, store keepers, restaurateurs and neighbors would be recruited as secret police informants and were rewarded for their service.

This phantom again will be used in the United States in order to guarantee a globalist move in the year 2013. Apocalyptic attention has been paid to the dates and star signs thanks to the Mayan Psy-op, the mathematics are still in place for a end game move and whether you want or believe or not, that Nazi / Marxist metaphor you keep hearing about is really the ghost of good old fashioned fascism whispering in your ear that something “wicked this way comes.” Are you strong enough to admit that your emotional investment in a candidate “branded as THE Messiah of Hope and change” was a result of planned programming to accept despotism? The playing field is now equaled.

The New World Order is succeeding.

It is time our nation, as a collective WHOLE, toughen our emotional skins and stop pretending whatever horrors are happening aren’t real or are going to change or go away soon. Otherwise, we will make harsh judgments on our fellow man based on programmed prejudices of NATIONALISM … as opposed to how we truly are as free-thinkers. The government already has its hooks in you. The question is if you will allow yourself to be reeled in.

The spirit of the Police state has already taken hold because of an emotional outcry that is the result of a tragedy that has been covered up and obfuscated. The Sandy Hook elementary school shootings were obviously an event made to open the dialogue about disarming American citizens.

While this horrible massacre of the innocence took place before the end date provided by the Mayan calendar it echoed back to the Mayan long count promise that there would be a moment in the long count of something known as the end of the cycle of creation. Meaning that the last child will be born at the fullness of population and then from there the seed of man would no longer be potent and children would die at the hands of drought, famine, plague and war.

The end of the Creation cycle or the temporal fullness of cycles according the Mayans happened on October 28th, 2011. The seed of creation reaches its limit and the new age of light begins with a tumultuous shift.

On October 28th, 2011 a series of babies were born and they were considered part of the 7 billion group. They were the babies that represented the 7 billion people that live on the earth.

While no one knows for sure which baby was the 7 billionth, an official baby declared by the U.N. On October 31st, was born in the Philippines. They named the Baby Danica. The name Danica means morning star. The morning star is the star of Illumination the name sake of Lucifer the bringer of light. The official child of the end of the cycle was named after the star of the morning a ritualistic signal that the age of new light was beginning.

No one really remembers that the last child of the new age was born on the day of the end cycle of creation and that 20 children were slaughtered just 3 days prior to the completion of the cycle.

There have been many apocalyptic predictions in our generation and there have been many upheavals in the way we live that brought about definite change. They have all been carried out by the numbers, by the mystic indicators, the sigils and the synchronicities that are uncanny. One can be vigilant and see he rituals for what they are and others can still ridicule those who are aware that no event happens unless it is planned methodically in a ritualistic fashion.

History gives to us the narrative of cruel acts, of bloody conquests, of the overthrow and destruction of famous cities, of atrocious murders committed, of pure victims offered on blood-stained altars, of brothers warring against brothers, of the rich oppressing the poor, and of fathers tyrannizing over their children, until the Earth appears to us like an immense sea of blood, which neither the piercing breath of the winds can dry up, nor the scorching rays of the sun can absorb.

These never-ending cycles bring to mind the occult symbol of Ouroboros, the sigil of alchemy and the satanic symbol of Leviathan, or the great beast of primal chaos. The promise of life from blood sacrifice.

The serpent locked on its tail represents immobility and yet coils around the earth demonstrating perpetual movement. It represents the confusing message of your end being your beginning, your disintegration becoming reintegration. It is death before the spark of creation. It is believed to be the representation of the grand eternal cycle. To some it can represent blasphemy. Again it has a divine number. The divine number of the Moon. That number is 216. As the moon passes in front of the sun we see that 216 is a fractal of the Moon’s diameter, 2160 miles.

In the sexagesimal system:
60 to the 3rd power = 60x60x60 =216,000 years.
Kali-Yuga (2×60 to the 3rd power)= 432,000 years
Dvapara-Yuga (4×60 to the 3rd) =864,000 years
Treta-Yuga (6×60 to the 3rd) = 1,296,000 years
Krita-Yuga (8×60 to the 3rd) =1,728,000 years

Charles William Johnson in his The Numbers of the Universe and the Ancient Reckoning System of Mesoamerica has made some amazing discoveries in which the size, speed, orbits, time, and chronology are inter-related through the sexagesimal system. His discovery is one of the prime foundation of Cosmology, a system in which everything explains everything else, and all things are related. His idea is based upon the fractal of 216, which is the product of 6 x 6 x 6 = 216:

216 -fractal of the Moon’s diameter, 2160 miles
432 –fractal of the Sun’s radius, 432,000 miles
864 –fractal of the Sun’s diameter, 864,000 miles
3024 –fractal of the Great Pyramid’s perimeter, and therefore a fractal of the Earth’s equatorial size.

What I am trying to do here is to show you that all things that the planet does and all things that the elite do are based in powerful numerology. They also use sacred geometry in order to get the attention of the collective unconscious. It is as if the ether is a super computer and that if you figure in the right numeric synchronicity you can pretty well figure out the probabilities of events. There are patterns to all things and number sequences to all things. There are even ritualistic sequences of numbers relating to end time or no time.

If you were to corner anyone and ask him or her about their future, chances are they would tell you that there is not much of a future left. It seems that this time in history has been set aside for the task of preparation for the end of the game.

Even after we have passed the solstice and the December 21st, 2012 due date was simply a marker there are those that are seeking a silencing of earth. They are looking for a defining apocalypse.

The truth is there is no defining apocalypse and there never will be. The truly defining apocalypse is when heaven is silenced by the thwarting of the cosmic order. When the mathematical truths of where we are in the universe are changed.

When the circle is broken, when the tail of the Ouroboros snaps that is the only time an apocalypse will transpire, otherwise we may have to resolve that we have arrived and have passed through the cosmic filter of avoiding annihilation and awaiting a transfiguration.

However there is always that very real possibility that mankind will eventually create its own extinction level event, some astro-biologists theorize that all advanced civilizations go through these complex stages of growth like we do and then technologically they reach a plateau. What follows is a insurmountable flash of advancement that would kill off or wipeout a civilization instantaneously.

However there would be no end of the world only an end to one form of earth maybe an end to a civilization. I have said in many lectures on the subject that the earth isn’t going anywhere. Civilizations pass away, and others reappear. It is all about the end game cycle and even if one doomsday comes and goes and another one is proposed the idea of linear beginning and end thinking will never escape us.

However if we are to open our minds to changes and realize soothsaying is not all that accurate and yet it can be close enough to be compelling the “end game” plot is in the making and it has not ceased to be entertained by the collective thinkers that rule the world.

Our mainstream thinking is that our home, our government, our system is too great to fail. We need to bring into perspective the reality those who place themselves above us, will soon see their end too. The whole machine is showing signs of corruption. This spans the entire political spectrum, from republican to democrat.

Ambition ,while admirable, can also be detrimental if it has its foundation in lawlessness and uses the pain of others for unknown ends. This nation will eventually become undeveloped and we will no longer have the luxuries we once cherished.

Naïve (liberal and conservative) people in America, comfortable in their manicured lawn suburban sprawl, complacent with American Idol, and Sports will discount the possibility of civil unrest, war, bio threat and dictatorship in this country. However using logic and a bit or probability can we understand the government has exploited this crisis to change the plan and there will always be another crisis where the American people decide under duress to sell their souls to the devil?
If you want to criticize mainstream belief in the end of the world it can be great sport to do so because we can all laugh at ourselves and our folly of even thinking that our way f life is not at its precipice.

However the children are not laughing and they do not need an ancient calendar to get them to fear the future.

There are children that don’t believe in the hype of “hope.” They can see the future for what we have all feared and the media narrative has programmed them to believe. Commissioned by Habitat Heroes and conducted by Opinion Research, A telephone survey which polled a national sample of 500 American preteens—250 males and 250 females found that One out of three children aged 6 to 11 fears that Earth won’t exist when they grow up, while more than half—56 percent—worry that the planet will be destroyed in a massive war.

On a sliding scale of anxieties, minority kids have it worse; 75 percent of black children and 65 percent of Hispanic children believe that the planet will be irrevocably damaged by the time they reach adulthood. Obviously, fear and paranoia is not limited by race or age.

Fear and paranoia could be one of the main culprits of the rash of shootings being carried out today. If a young man or woman wants to check out, they will do it with a whole group of people.

We must understand that there is no other success or material wealth that can compensate for failure with our children or failure to love each other in times of strife. No green house carbon tax, or philosophical cause is going to save the souls on a planet that has already allowed for an apocalyptical breakdown to crush the consensus spirit. We need to find ways to connect with each other as our toxic environment takes its toll on otherwise stable individuals. People you would never expect to “crack.”

Remember that just because December 21st, 2012 was not some major disaster date or date with destiny does not mean that the governments of the world will not put into use mass detention centers, ammunition purchases, pill box towers and search lights, coffin liners for mass graves and all of the other possible tools that had such a punch when they were used in tandem with Mayan calendar fears.

Contract and the budget allocations were set aside for a detention and surveillance Homeland Security strategic plan, code-named ENDGAME, authorized in 2003 and detailed for execution in December of 2012. According to a 49-page Homeland Security document on the plan, ENDGAME expands “a mission first articulated in the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798.” Its goal is the capability to “remove all removable aliens,” including “illegal economic migrants, aliens who have committed criminal acts, asylum-seekers (required to be retained by law) or potential terrorists.” It has now been expanded to include the homeless, the sick or infected populace, seditionists and homegrown terrorists.

The incarceration rate and the inmate inventory may be so great that many facilities may not be able to hold the Civilian inmate population. There have been other proposals hidden within ENDGAME that include virtual “cities” of inmate labor and “tent cities” that can be established to house any and all prisoners in the wake of a national crisis or civil uprising.

While everyone is laughing at doomsayers and prepppers, Many Americans are completely unaware that there is a hidden plan to eventually utilize a “unitary executive”, where the President possesses a level of supremacy over the other respective branches of the U.S. government. This constitutional theory has been used, for example, to justify the extensive wiretapping within the United States, the use of armed drones for security, the passing of the NDAA and the collecting and banning of guns.

In 1992, after the Riots in Los Angeles a training exercise called Police 2000 was held in Alaska where police teams and special units from around the world gathered to learn how to handle and subdue Americans in the event of a financial meltdown, terrorist attack, bio warfare attack, or natural disaster. The world military teams attended because they were instructed to shoot Americans if the need arose.

Barack Obama will use a domestic “security force” as powerful as the U.S. military in order to gather intelligence against American citizens.

Back during the campaign everyone was interested in the debate over whether or not BIG BIRD from Sesame Street was going to be axed due to cutbacks. This was a worry because one of the greatest tools of the government now is children’s programming.

The Department of Homeland Security is now employing the cast of Sesame Street to indoctrinate America’s littlest citizens in the nuances of societal distrust and paranoia. They will incorporate safety tips and “telling” on parents if the child feels that grown-ups are doing something suspicious.

This is also being implemented in social networks online and New York police officials want to scour the Web for chatter that could identify the next deranged gunman before he can carry out his plot.

Police officials say the technique would be similar to their method for catching potential terrorists online, though they did not provide details. Some methods being considered include an algorithm that crawls emails and Internet postings for terms used by active shooters in the past that might indicate the intentions of future shooters.

The idea of searching millions of online posts to identify a mass murderer would be technically difficult, and could lead to people being wrongfully suspected.
Why would that stop them?

The paid shills are already debunking conspiracy theories and theorists because everyone wants to say that all of these so called whack-jobs feared doomsday on December 21st. 2012.

Little do they know that we don’t need a silly date to say that things are bad or ending – we all know they are and we know that when it happens it is planned that way.


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