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2013: The New Age, The New Sun


There is information that the political world wants you to believe. The media then takes that world and through hyper reality reinforces the opinions of the Executive branch of government. There used to be a time where the media questioned and challenged the political view. They made people aware of what was really happening. Now they make gods of politicians. They make messiahs out of presidents. We no longer see a people’s press or a fourth estate that protects the people from government foul play. In fact, they now encourage lies and half-truths and play on the emotions of the critical mass.

Political action in the form of new social movements protesting international meetings, socialized health care and over-taxation has gained media attention. Research suggests that the media marginalizes and delegitimizes protest activity. The media will take the side of the powerful and will malign the protest with reports of violence. The violence usually is created by agents provocateur or sleeper agents that are paid sums of money by the FBI, CIA and NSA to create an air of criminality in order to give probable cause for mass arrests and harassment of the public.

With truth pretty well compromised, it is important to use caution with information coming from your government. It is important to understand that the controllers of information are trying to create false leads and are attempting to create turmoil within the United States.

The credibility of the United States Government is more suspect now than ever before. Many wonder why there are people out there that attempt to reveal cover-ups, and Conspiracies. Those who look under the rocks are told they are paranoid. Those who feel that their logic and their Apotheotic devotion are under scrutiny will fight back. Anyone who questions Obama’s policies now has been labled racist or ignorant. They are termed “denialists” and mentally flawed. Yet the facts somehow are lost on his faithful.

The Obama administration is cocksure that whatever they do the American people will remain complacent. It is assumed that they will accept and support policies that are for the betterment of those in power. The Mob rules in a culture of Apotheotic devotion. Because the Mob enforces what is called “The plan for the Grand Design of God” on earth, a global government rooted in recognition of universal interdependence acting on behalf of “the faith.”

The question is which “faith?” It is the faith that is based in the police state spirituality which has declared its war against everyone. We are making our transformation from being permissive to preemptive. The country seems to be vocal about harboring vindictive intent. Not just to our perceived enemies, but to those whom we don’t agree with.

We hear of bullying in the public school systems and suicidal children; however there are families where adults are bullied by their partners, their bosses, even by people they don’t even know.

The result is the descent into lawlessness and the fact that many Americans will have to pay for the lawlessness of others and eventually they too will become of the criminal mob mentality. The United States is now responsible for creating traumatized citizens that are more than likely going to face jail time or even death if they become despondent or rebel against the provisions of a new world order.
I remember when I was a kid, all the propaganda from the Soviet Union showed parades of goose-stepping soldiers and missiles being paraded through red square. It appeared like every citizen would wear a uniform. All others would wave flags that had symbols on them that represented party loyalty. This type of government loyalty was also seen in Nazi Germany. Hitler used a “Sun Symbol” the swastika as a sigil for his Luciferian messianic movement. Messianic movements and Nationalist cults are based on the mass psychology of Luciferian principles. It comes from basic human instinct to follow a great leader and therefore subconscious in many people.
All political movements use symbolism to convey a message and reinforce their beliefs in the public. Occult movements use symbolism to also telegraph concepts to followers that cannot be stated publicly and to produce excitement among the parts of the public who recognize the symbolism.
Barack Obama uses a “solar symbol” as his movement’s sigil. It is the representation of the new age, the new dawn, and age of reason. Solar symbolism is often used to give the image of divinity and it has been effectively used on flags and banners in order to signal to the people that leaders are more than leaders and countries are more than just pieces of land.

Today in the United States we see this all the time. We are becoming accustomed to glamorizing the military and glorifying the police state and creating an apotheosis with regard to Barack Obama. This is status quo for a government whose chief GPA is based in a war effort of some kind.

Obama enablers, both Democrat and Republican, ignore the many obvious signals that Obama is attempting to establish another “New age” nationalist movement. They also see him as a well intentioned leader. However since he has taken office the United States has become more mob like, untrusting, and intolerant.

It is somewhat of an arduous task to illustrate the future of a country using metaphor and twilight language. The only way to demonstrate a clear Luciferian conspiracy in the United States is to at least develop a somewhat remedial way of illustrating it using numbers, and key phrases that most people that are paying attention can use in order to understand what the year 2013 means to the elite.

The year 2013 has always been the year slated as the year for the globalist take over. The so-called Mayan Calendar apocalypse was never supposed to be an endgame date, however there was a virtual hijacking of the meaning of it and so it was worthy of speaking about—there was no end times predicted with the calendar, however there was this idea that the Age Of Reason would arrive after the revolutionary cycle of the sun. The new sun or the 6th incarnation of the sun known as the black sun would be the time to establish a “new dawn” of time.

Under the black sun comes all of the symbology of revolution and evolution. In the year 2013 a new Luciferian age will find itself in government and religious hierarchies. The Luciferian age will require that the flesh walk upright and learn about the responsibilities of what it means to be a human that is in the service of science and politics. There will be offers made to Citizens of the New World to begin the marriage of human flesh and technology. This could mean allowing mechanical devices be used for medical benefit, prolonging life or even allowing for the tracking and medical record keeping in the new medical surveillance programs.

The human spirit will be that of preemptive attack and will require the implementation for a police state spiritualism. This will require a militaristic service which may include being an informant or part of a voluntary neighborhood police force.

In the year 2013, the hierarchy in the age of reason will adopt the Pactum De Singularis Caelum. This is known as the Covenant under one heaven. It is the attempt to solidify a nationalist dictum providing a solid ecumenical backdrop for a religion that is all encompassing and strong. Their agenda is to bring about a “Global Spirituality.” One that appears to be Christian, but mingles Luciferian concepts. The new spiritual model of Unity and Diversity holds that Jesus is only one of many religious ways. The themes of the new global spirituality include “All Things Are One” and “As above, so below“ terms that are associated with Hermeticism or ritual Magik. Basically meaning there is no external God. God is man, God is earth, God is nature. All is God.

It is proposed that an age of a “New Sun” deserves sun symbol. This has already been provided by the divine symbol of the Obama administration. Any other variant will also be used by other nation as participating in the globalist age.

When the Soviet Union was established they provided a national Coat of Arms which depicted a hammer and sickle on a globe. The globe was affixed above the sun as it shined on the symbol. It heralded the communist New Age – a New day dawning. Barack Obama also used the slogan Dawn of the new day—a new age of hope and reason.

He also changed the name the war in Iraq from Operation Iraqi Freedom to Operation New dawn.

Keep in mind that coincidentally in the year 2012 there were two massive shootings that started the dialogue for gun control. The first happened in Aurora, Colorado a city whose name literally means ‘red dawn’. The other happened in a place called Newtown, Connecticut. The symbol for Newtown, Connecticut is the rooster weather vane; it has been called the weather cock. The cock presides over the period between night and the new dawn or new sun.

The year 2013 will be the dawning of the new age—an age of reason and a transitional sun metaphor that will shine on the new globalist mind set. There will be a nationalist dynamic that we will recognize from history and will be lolled into it through a series of traumatic events.

The year 2013 is the year that presents a “global solution” or “final curtain” to the financial crisis first initiated in 2011, and the reactions from it that plagued us in 2012.

Crisis: Finance, unemployment, bad economy, food demand, healthcare demand, resource depletion, ecological disaster, apocalypse thinking.

Reaction: Murder, Suicide, Mental breakdown, hunger, homelessness, drug abuse, homegrown terror and gun crime.

Solution: Gun control, Militarized Police, use of Drones, Internment camps, religious deprogramming, medical surveillance, global law, Agenda 21.

The year 2013 is the entry point for the global destabilization process and a unique year for occult numerological synchronicity. All things leading to 2013 have been sequential signposts leading to some very remarkable numeric signatures that will continue to develop as the year moves forward.

We have all from time to time indulged in identifying the numeric synchronicities and have understood that there are powerful numbers that are used by the elite, especially those in secret societies. We have seen the use of numbers such as 9, 11, 13, 23, and 33 as symbolic cues when trying to assess events that may have occult underpinnings.
Some will argue that it is purely coincidental and that using numeric synchronicities is a paranoid practice, however it always seems to work and it never ceases to happen during major events that bring about political actions or top of mind awareness.

Occult numerological references are usually hidden in plain sight and so to save everyone the trouble I am going to propose that while a 13 is the number of the year and for some people “unlucky” the numbers 2013 when sequenced 20+13 equals the number 33. 33 of course is a number that is packed with occult power and a fond number of synchromystics because it is the highest degree in Freemasonry.

If we go back 33 years in time we arrive in the year 1980. Is it sheer synchronicity that there was an event in 1980 that was related to the coming New World Order?

On March 22nd, 1980, the erection and dedication of the Georgia Guidestones took place. The stones most certainly were constructed with adherence to positions of the sun. A slot is cut in the middle of the gnomon stone to form a window which aligns with the positions of the rising sun at the Summer and Winter Solstices and at the Equinox, so that the noon sun shines to indicate noon on a curved line.
The cap stone includes a calendar of sorts, where sunlight beams through a 7/8 inch hole at noon and shines on the South face of the center stone. As the sun makes its travel cycle, the spot beamed through the hole can tell the day of the year at noon each day. Allowances are made because of variations between standard time and sun time to set the beam of sunlight at an equation of time.

The Guidestones, which clearly exhibit Masonic influence, list ten key Luciferian principles for establishing “an age of reason,” including a provision that the earth’s population be kept under 500,000,000.

Our new age has escaped the fear of apocalypse thinking however we must admit to ourselves that this collective psy-op put us at a turning point that was purposefully set. It was akin to a “dry run” or practice “drill” for a massive reduction of population.

All through the year of 2012 we experienced “zombie apocalypse” stories, media hyper reality and the very grim reality of ritualistic murder, cannibalism, vampirism and the slaughter of innocent children.

In the year 2012, there was a meeting of the elite in Brazil where resource depletion was the main topic and how government health programs, vaccinations and the regulating of food could bring about zero population growth and a decline in life expectancy.

The fertility rate in the United States has been declining steadily since 2008, according to a report published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). The report was compiled from birth certificates registered across the US. In 2008, the average number of children per woman was 2.1, roughly the figure needed to replace each parent and keep the population stable. In 2011, this figure dropped to 1.9.

As early as March 22rd, 2013, or on the Spring equinox, 33 years from the day that the Georgia Guidestones were erected and dedicated we may see the first indications that the New World Order is established and the global government forms under the symbol of the sixth Sun of the new dawn and new age.


Terrie Quijarro

I always learn something from your articles Clyde! The great news is that many of us are awake, alert and filled with the Holy Spirit and know that we are being lied to. Now we have the 21st century robber barons and many of them are in in Washington and Salem, Or, where I live!

In 2004 I received a letter from David Wu, stating to me he thought the majority of American’s were mentally ill. My late husband and I had gone to a waffle breakfast in Beaverton and Senator Gordon Smith and Goli Ameri were there, didn’t know it was going to be filmed, but I had just got the letter, and raised my hand to the Senator and asked if he agreed with Wu, (I felt pained by asking that question because I knew his son supposedly committed suicide). He said he did not agree with Wu, later I spoke to the Senator and apologized for bringing up the topic and he was very gracious and in essence said ‘no problem’ after the breakfast I went to Ameri’s office and had her assistant make a copy of the letter re Wu.

Odd, years later we found out he was mentally ill! As the French say when you point the finger at others, it points 3 times back at you.! You know he resigned.

IMO, THEY don’t truly understand we know their game and are not going to buy into it, how sad the President left Hawaii to come back to DC re Financial Cliff, oh my, oh my how deceptive they are but those of us, as your listeners and yourself know we ain’t buying their agenda. After all we are American’s intelligent, and know their is an agenda 21, a UN agenda, a take over they want, guess what….don’t think it is going to happen! Why? Because truth/love/goodness eventually wins!

After all in the word American is I CAN!

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Janae Freytag

I’m so glad i found you! This is everything that I want to know about. Thank you!

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