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1/8: Fire All Of Your Guns At Once

1/8: Fire All Of Your Guns At OnceLast night we were discussing weather wars on the air, but behind the scenes all we were really talking about was what we had just seen on CNN… And now everyone seems to be talking about Alex Jones vs. Piers Morgan! So tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis is asking the question: Did Jones’ antics hurt the alternative media movement? Was that all part of the plan? Are we ‘Jonesing In The Court Of Public Opinion‘?


Randy Simmons

I think Alex Jones is just interpreting what he see’s in his own way from his own experiences just as a diffferent writer on the events of the life of jesus,as the disciples did. Its his version.


I listen to Alex Jones occasionally, and I listen to you most every night, Clyde. I’m glad you’re informing us about what went on on Piers’ show with Alex-it’s way out of bounds. Alex is Alex. Nothing wrong with that. Like you, he speaks his mind, again, nothing wrong with that. Too many people have become sheep, we need more people who are willing to raise their voices against the Machine, because it keeps getting more and more oppressive. I don’t recognize my country.

Kool Gool

piers is nothing but a whiney baby. He whined on Americas Got Talent, now he’s whining on CNN. Let him go back to his own country and whine and let our people, who are not afraid to voice their opinion, or the facts, and who don’t want to walk on egg shells have the air waves.

Matthew Bloombutt

Hey Clyde, new listener… found you on my local Fort Wayne, Indiana talk radio station WOWO 92.3FM and been staying up every-night for the past 3 weeks to hear your broadcast. Last night you ALMOST had me calling in to discuss the topic! Couldn’t agree more with the listeners that call in, love the show.. awesome job! Just wanted to say quickly that I’m a Jones listener (he woke me up) and I’m completely happy with the tactics Jones used on PIss Morgan’s show. I disagree that Jones played into his trap, in fact Jones threw out so many details because he knew Piss or his producer could have pulled the plug quickly before he got a chance to throw out all that information. If Jones was quiet, people would have turned the channel out of boredom. My only fear now is that Jones made himself a marked man and needs some protection from the elites. That’s it, keep it up!


lol, alex is no rush limbough when it comes to orginizing his thoughts, the piers morgan show was just alex , a bit nervous but still a good days work , blood sweat and tears or the good the bad and the ugly, haha -bravo to alex jones….great shows clyde, dont throw alex under the bus ,man.

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