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Jonesing In The Court Of Public Opinion


Sometimes when you are a viewer of a situation you are close to, you really don’t know how to react to it because the very thought of speaking about it is uncomfortable because if you utter a word you have to be extra careful and not come off as being insensitive or overly critical. There are times when you must count on the eyes of your friends, your colleagues and – in my case – the listeners. I know that many of my listeners are also listeners to Infowars, the breakthrough program that is hosted by Alex Jones.

I have had Alex on my show many times in the past but since I was on hiatus for health reasons I have lost track of Alex and in the time that it took me to recover and get back on my national platform. Alex is now an important, if not one of the most important voices in the field or independent journalism. His form of bulldog reporting is something that can’t be duplicated. There are many that try and there are many that can’t generate the type of charisma or appeal as he has.

It is a cult of personality that sometimes I envy and ofttimes want to distance myself from because I have my own approach and my own style. I know that what do is not always popular and I know that there are others that are quite capable of giving information that the mainstream avoids and I am always humbled when I am recognized for what I do and many times when I am recognized it may not be as favorable in he mainstream, but of course many of us in this filed are used to the smug hubris of the talking heads that are paid big money to not keep the imperial cult that we have created in the country honest.

Alex does his best to expose it, however his latest appearance on the Piers Morgan show on CNN may have not been his best, and it may have cast a jaundiced eye in the court of public opinion.

I wonder if CNN planned it that way and that Jones played into their scheme of marginalizing those that are called conspiracy theorists. Sometimes there are planners in newsrooms that are fully aware that memes and ideas they all clash together creating something that is not accidental but planned.

CNN and Morgan knew or had an idea that Jones would not be able to contain himself in the presence of an arrogant British reporter that has played on the emotional script to get people to sympathize with gun control. When I saw the entertaining exchange or the one man side show which was Jones court of public opinion appearance, I could not help but think of his cameos in the Richard Linklater films “Waking Life” and “A Scanner Darkly.”

In both appearances, Jones has demonstrated that the Bullhorn is more powerful than the sword and like a Jedi with a Light Saber he has been able to cut through the machinations of the empire and like a true warrior has exposed the corruption. This time there was no bullhorn. This time it seemed that the bull may have shined more that the true warrior that we are used to. Jones may have an excuse for his behavior. He was harassed by the TSA prior to his appearance on Morgan’s show.

According to Jones, he was also intimidated by police officers while he was in New York referring to them as Bloomberg’s mafia. Did Alex think that he would somehow convince anyone that he was right when even with the sound turned down he looked like he was fidgeting and moving with eyes darting around the room like a guy who drank a few too many Starbucks before going on stage?

He had to have concluded that there was a plan to twist his appearance and to hope that he would go ballistic so that they can create a scapegoat or poster child for all of the so called evil madmen with guns?

Surely Alex knew that this would happen. Did he feel he had nothing to lose? Did the incident with the TSA make sure that this was a media stunt and then Jones played into the hands of the mainstream giving them plenty of fodder to use when his back was turned and whisked away by CNN security and rushed to his hotel room?

While many people are very capable of believing a framed narrative of falsehood promoted by a mass media, there are others who question and later reveal that the truth is probably not all that you thought it was. Many in this psycho circus are left in shock, disbelief and a refusal to accept something other than what they’ve been taught to believe.

In this CNN corporate media atmosphere Alex Jones can be made to look like a mad man. In his Infowars element and with what he provides, most certainly knowledge and evidence, he can pin many people like Piers Morgan to their lies. However, it seemed like Jones was being more of a wrestler willing to pin an upstart panty waist to the mat and wait for him to cry uncle.

The unfortunate thing is Morgan didn’t. This is where we wonder if it was like the same thing that happened when Jerry Lawler pretended to attack Andy Kaufman back in the day he wrestled women.

Narratives are stories told in social circles that have plotline with good guys and bad guys that performs specific actions and with expected outcomes. Narratives are created in such a way to teach society a lesson or guide the social norms and practices. Much of what you do is based on your framed narrative of reality, every myth you believe and every narrative that you cling to makes up who you are. As a man thinks so he is. What he does with those thoughts is what gives him consequence.

How he reacts in the court of public opinion can really make a lasting impression. To an audience of people who probably don’t know who Jones is he made himself a spectacle and once again may have hardened the resolve of those who do not want to be associated with what appear to be a radical even if his opinions and accusations are based in truth and the anger sometimes is off putting.

This is where we may need to rethink our responses and our reactions. Free Speech is wonderful, it can enrich and enlighten. Radical speech, rebellious parlance and revolutionary views can be made without losing one’s cool. It is difficult at times. I am not a pro at it and there are times when looking back at heated discussions I should have paused and magnified on a point that was brought up and overlooked.

New technology allows people to record or write their own versions of events. Those versions wind up on the Internet. The internet has become the people’s press and people have the right to disseminate their own views through websites and blogs. Now we have micro blogging with Twitter where data about you travels through the net at a rapid pace. The net is actually creating a new consciousness amongst the populace. It is a tool for “group think” and if given the wrong information groups can continue a vicious cycle of disinformation that eliminates diversity of thought. I have found that there should not be or should we foster a monopoly of information from sources that we call “truthful.”

The reason why is because we do not know really what their intent or agenda is and I believe it is fair to question all sources including the sources I provide. I often flee form saying that what I do is report the truth. I report what I see and sometimes what I see is not often the end all be all to the question. I can be fooled and if I am I immediately cop to it.

I am not in this for belief more so than for the quest of establishing a bit of the fourth estate, at least the way I always remembered it to be when I was growing up. It is a bit old fashioned and a lot of what I do is entertainment and that is where I am in spirit with Alex Jones.

Was he being an entertainer on Piers Morgan’s show? Was he living up to his reputation? Or was he to over the top and did it hurt his work. Where do we draw the line in how we react and do we even think that people judge the integrity of the messenger when he exhibits unruly behavior?

I am thinking long and hard about the myth of Howard Beale right now and how he started in the Movie Network. He found that the truth worked because he couldn’t stomach the idea of speaking the same stupid narrative every night on his fledgling News show. The sad thing is that even though Beale became the unsung hero of the disenfranchised it consumed him and eventually the very thing that he knew was consuming him eventually ate him whole and his life was destroyed.

He was killed on the air. He was a martyr for the right to question the mainstream narrative.

Former CBS news anchor Dan Rather told an audience in Aspen Colorado that journalism has declined to such a point that it is time for the government to intervene. Rather said “traditional journalism is under siege” and called for media reform to become an “immediate national priority.” I am beginning to feel technically the same way about Independent media online. Not that the government should intervene, but that the netizens should use discretion with the information they receive. Those who present information should also see it as a responsibility and not some inalienable right.

There are many people who are looking for answers to questions about the distribution of power and wealth in the world. They need answers about crime, political corruption, and the cover ups of uncomfortable information. Many of them look to mainstream media outlets for this information and find themselves coming up empty. Now with the internet it is possible for individuals to find new outlets that reinforce their opinion of the world, reinforce their own perspectives and unfortunately their own prejudices.

Much of what is written and produced on blogs has been demonized by the mainstream media as collective rumor or conspiracy theory. Even in the face of certain extinction the mainstream media networks and Newspapers fight to the death in order to keep its mental grip on the people and demonize the internet and those who report stories outside of the framed narrative.

So the courage of Alex Jones speaks volumes. The first half of his interview was stellar; however it may have been more advantageous to allow Piers to attack him. Instead Piers sat there as if he was sipping tea hoping that the 800 pound gorilla in the room wouldn’t reach down and throw poop at his face.

Instead he threw a ham-fisted oral assault that went from 1776 to September 11th, 2001 in about 10 minutes, something that has never been done on network TV.

The mainstream news usually sides with the powerful and neglects their responsibility to the powerless. This creates a huge schism because the powerless lose their trust of the mainstream media and find relationships with other media online. There is where Alex Jones shines. He and his crew of reporters at Infowars feel they have a responsibility to the people to get the word out and do so efficiently, while there are other websites that appear to be honest yet allow themselves to push racist and hateful agendas. These sites are the ones exploited and marginalized in a mainstream media that requires no thinking or lacks understanding of why these sites exist and love to blanket all independent sources as cranks and crackpots when they are only asking questions and speculating on holes that have been left wide open my a media that parrots the government and its cause.

There are many people that have written me when I criticize other talk show hosts or blatantly point out when they are being hateful or misinformed. The letters usually chastise me stating “You are all on the same team, You are all getting the truth out, so why do you attack them? The answer is simple, We are not on the same team, We do not share the same views and I am not here to change the world or give you my diatribes on my prejudices or bigotry.

I am not a worker in the light, I do not have all of the truth and I most certainly do not support the views of all of my colleagues. If I did then I would be pretty boring and there would be no value in my information if it was all watered down like the mainstream narrative is.

We should not assume we are on the same team, we should assume that we are all working for the same goal and that is hopefully restoring some dialogue that questions that motives of government, organized religion and science.

If one shines in one area and the other is better in another field, that is what the tuner button is for on the radio.

Fueled by Blog-and Website culture, entertainment, shock-value and megalomania has become more important than journalistic truth for some of these internet podcasters. Sometimes attracting listeners and sparking controversy is valued more than presenting reliable information. Underlying this, are roots of deep seated physiological and psychological trauma from which the ‘dark side of conspiracy theory’ takes hold.

There was an internet podcast that aired on a online network where the hosts of the show literally sat down and analyzed my Wikipedia entry and then preceded to claim that I was a CIA insider, a Zionist sympathizer and that ‘Deadline Live’ host Jack Blood and myself were the same person or cloned in some lab. They were not kidding, going as far as to even publish a DVD that goes into detail about how we have the same facial structure and ears.

We have a responsibility to be extra vigilant when it comes to our way of conveying our opinions about the injustices that this government is behind. We need to understand that it is best to be a an excellent witness in the court of public opinion. We can’t assume that the passion we have is going to keep us from being judged as dangerous.

In these times of consensus manipulation, it may be advantageous to be aware of how the messenger delivers that message.

Alex Jones is still one of the best messengers out there, I just worry that his behavior was already counted on as being far too radical and that he played into the hands of the very evil he fights so hard against.



Alex Jones has passion. He’s not a presstitute mouthing intellect insulting tripe. If passion makes him a mad man then so be it. We NEED more mad men like him to stand up to the main stream propaganda machine.


Amen, and I’ll make another point here. I can’t tell you how encouraging it was to hear Clyde watch Alex’s back after Alex had slipped the other night. Clyde didn’t rail on Alex in order to boost his own ratings. He stuck by him. Man, that takes integrity and it’s something so few journalists have. A guy has a bad moment and these vultures are busy picking the carcass. If only Beck, Limbaugh, and Hannity could do the same and support Alex as Clyde has done. This country is in a real mess and those other three idiots are still playing the ratings game. Ten years ago, those three should have been tried for “journalistic treason”, since they helped to perpetuate the White House lie.

All three of those others, in the order I have listed, were all busy kissing Bush’s ass ten years ago and polishing their American flag lapel pins for ratings, but now that Obama is carrying the SAME globalist baton in a race to oblivion, they’re suddenly crying foul and all concerned about the Constitution, covering the same acts of treason that Alex and Clyde had been covering with Bush for years. Now, they have to plagiarize Alex’s and Clyde’s material because their audiences KNOW there something is very wrong.

What has impressed me has been the depth in which both Alex and Clyde have been also able to dive into the spiritual and philosophical aspects behind what is happening of late, something that the other three shallow bozos can’t even begin to address. Again, thank you Clyde for showing us that journalistic integrity can still exist.


Piers Morgan was a pussy, a limp wristed 1/2 man who is not even an American. To boot Durshawitz is a hater of everything American. A person who is asmucha traitor as Piers morgan Alex Jones was right on to expound in a way that would catch the American public attention, most of our country is asleep. Look at those who voted for Obama and got exactly what they wanted, nothing but lies from this man. Alex is a big, person, with a big loving heart who is self aware, a self made man, who has roots to this country longer than a might oak. These people do not know how much Alex has done. They are cowards to the core. Kudos to Alex for his bravery and heroism. I am a patriot, oathkeeper and a true believer in our country, My husband and I are both veterans, and the truth is there.

We believe in what he does, what he stand for. The pursuite of liberty, constitution and bill of rights. We know that this is our Alamo. To God , guts and guns.


J Griffin

This was not a publicity stunt on Alex’s part, he’s the real thing. But harassment and electronic harassment are real and in CNN’s court they will take advantage of one’s weaknesses. It is noteworthy that Morgan was instrumental in the media during the banning of guns in England. He has been talking about Alex’s family being killed, and I know the government would do it.


There is a famous movie in which a tv announcer tells people they should stand up scream out the window that they are mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore. There are no real media it is run by evil corrupt corporations on party lines and they all are fake like wrestlers acting out against each other only to be best friends and drink together later. Now Alex Jones might be an dis-informative or maybe not. Regardless at least he has passion for what he dose but in the end he like others before him will fail and not change anything. It has to be all of us or nothing to rise up and not fight with guns or war like in the past but when we tell and dictate the rules to the elite together then the tide changes. We all must be the leaders of ourselves not the Alex Jones of the world. He helps lead the cause it is up to us to finish it for ourselves and our future families.

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