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Omicron: The Power Of An Organized Blood Bond


In the age of a New Dawn, as we move from twilight to the sun that shines on the dark corners of reality, it becomes necessary now to declare with all confidence that those who wish to disrupt the dynamic flow are ready to move into the next phase of their conquest.

It has been our charge from the beginning that the world is being changed in phases and that these phases are to somehow bring about a New World Order. The idea of such an order is a reality; however, the popular theories surrounding it are so bizarre that it is reasonable to understand why skeptics want to poke at such an idea.

The skeptics can come off as being in denial when you put these theories and fears into an historical perspective and understand that there have been many attempts to centralize world power. The New Order as it is diagrammed and explained is always the work of a secret society in cahoots with a fascist government willing to create a super police state that rules from a centralized location. This Order will allegedly eliminate our way of life and replace it with a form of secular humanistic socialism.

Many religious dispensationalists say that Satanist overlords paying homage to the great beast, the incarnate antichrist, will control this type of government.

The words that express such a government are mixed and blended with religious eschatology and the idea that the end is all part of a well orchestrated play that only God directs and that we have no way of controlling or changing. There is so much emphasis placed on trigger words like “antichrist” and “the beast” that it tends to turn off those who wish to distance themselves from any doomsday dogma.

It is in its dogmatic and fanatical perspective that the New World Order is dismissed as paranoid delusion.

However the words are constantly being spoken by our leaders, they are also the same leaders who find themselves demanding that we release our fantasies about being sovereign and surrender our personal power while standing on the graves of those who have been murdered by madmen who are always for hire in a place where the reality is breaking down at an alarming rate.

If we pay attention to the words that are spoken by our leaders, and the actions taken we will see that there will be a time where we will exhaust our resources both physically and spiritually and we will become needy and desperate for a new way of life.

A life provided by an empirical movement. An imperial cult and a possible despotic, tyrannical construct.

All of the resources that we need to sustain a comfortable existence will be controlled and distributed by a leviathan government.

We are emotional animals, surrendering to our fears and to our worry that all is lost. Many will see surrender as an imperative. Obedience will appear to be mandatory and your freedom will become a state of mind programmed by the puppet masters that know which strings can be pulled to get you to dance on the stage of a brave new world.

What once sounds like apocalyptic nonsense is now a blueprint for what is to come. The secret of creating chaos is to thwart the alignment of the life force. Al that is needed is a slight nudge to put the dynamic flow out of whack and the results can be devastating. Many people can identify that there is a problem, however we do not know where to begin when trying to change the balance of power and the alignment of the life force.

Taking a cue from Shakespeare we can expound upon the message that is read in Troilus and Cressida:

Take but a degree away, untune that string, and hark what discord follows. Each thing meets In mere oppugnancy: the bounded waters should lift their bosoms higher than the shores And make a sop of all this solid globe;

Strength should be lord of imbecility, And the rude son should strike his father dead; Force should be right, or rather, right and wrong. Between whose endless jar justice resides— should lose their names, and so should justice too.

Then everything includes itself in power, Power into will, will into appetite,
And appetite, an universal wolf, So doubly seconded with will and power,
Must make perforce an universal prey And last eat up himself.

We have all fallen victim to the enchantments of death and now we argue about the weapons that remain inert unless they are taken and the triggers are squeezed.

Keep in mind that these enchantments can only take hold when we are physically and spiritually traumatized. The way to healing is a process that takes time and what may be happening is that something has disrupted the dynamic flow of the consensus.

Once critical mass surrenders their will to the enchanters they can become bound to the magician’s whims and suggestions. The agreement is made and the victim is under permanent control of its master.

The enchanter figures that the way a critical mass can bond is through the process of shared atrocities and shared tragedies.

This similar technique was used in the establishment of the bind between Hitler and his people. The Germans became caught up in the sigils of the flags, the banners, the parades and the pomp and circumstance. It was there for all to see right under the noses of those who claim they cannot be fooled.

You see if everyone has given the blessing for a leader to order death and hire death squads for the so called protection of programmed values, then we are all in the participation of the act of atrocities. If tragedy is a result of our actions, then we all share in the tragedy.

This was known as Blutkitt or “blood bond” which seals a blood commitment between a leader and his people. If the leader kills for you and it is done in order to protect you from danger, then it is believed that you owe the leader a debt.

The leader has enchanted you into then accepting his directive. The leader while having you entranced then can show you tragedy and in the cloud of despair can require a payment of serfdom or even your own life.

It is a devil’s bargain and has dire consequences.

Many people believe that they are unable or even incapable of being part of a blood bond ritual. However the same people remain unprotected and do not know how to combat the spiritual and psychological warfare that has them ensnared.

The learned think they are wise and the evil ones know that any cunning plan can lure the ignorant into slavery. Anything that looks keen to the intellect can beguile an eventually fool someone into becoming a part of the malignancy that consumes those that are vain and foolish.

It is so peculiar to see good Christian men fall into the traps set for them by these men who claim to be men of God and purveyors of freedom. It is written in their own bibles that the struggle will not be with flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world that can be forced into darkness by the spiritually wicked in high places.

It is not limited to wicked in high places, but the spiritually vacant, morally corrupt souls that declare from sacred grounds that they are destroying the world in order to save it.

They declare their charge is a mission of destiny given them by a mandate of God. They declare that their New Order of the Ages is an ideal that was first proposed by our forebears. While an order may have been the agenda of those who came before us, surely the downfall of such fascist orders throughout history would send a message that they are foreordained to fail.

It was Dostoevsky who wrote the pre–Revolutionary “Possessed of Devils” where it details that the middle class society would be destroyed through a crackdown of dissent. The nihilists expected a revolt and awaited the time where the people would rise to the occasion and give the power structure a reason to pounce on them and remind them of their place in the food chain.

It all began with the silencing of the people. Their free speech and their freedom of the press were taken from them. Little by little information became scarce and the result was a ferocious anger that erupted and several fires destroyed the main city.

Then came the flash point. A will to power that ended in destruction and violence. It ended in a conflagration where the children were sacrificed in order to empower the leaders with a blood bond that would hold their grip on a frightened world.

In Jeffery Burton Russell’s Prince of Darkness we read how agents of the dark path operate and how they use the deaths of children as a way to traumatize and enchant:

Abstractions distract us from that immediate reality of evil and reduce evil to a statistic. Only when abstractions are put aside can we see the face of the Devil gloating over suffering. The modern experience of evil is the reek of burning children. Every honest view of reality must confront the immediate, personal, physical reality of the burning child.

The devil not only gloats over the death of children, the devil exploits the deaths of children for the benefit of enchantment.

It is sad that with all of our so called Christian upbringing we are unable to know how the devil operates and how easy he uses human hatchet men to enchant and destroy the dynamic flow of the life force.

The life force has a dynamic flow that when altered can cause all sorts of problems. The minute disruption of that flow can lead to physical malady that eventually consumes the body from within.

We see this life force in the form of the Torus energy model or the vortex inverted and converted. It is a representation of energy flowing from the above and flowing out below and through the center. The dynamic flow and torus energy can be seen in the weather flows of earth and the sun. They are seen in tornadoes and hurricanes. They are also seen in cross sections of apples and oranges.

It is seen in nature in all forms as a two dimensional spinning lattice. All life in the perfect balance is made in the vortex. It is the secret to the perception of nature and the brilliance of what life is meant to demonstrate. The great mysteries of the ages are simply linked to the will of the individual to learn beyond the bounds of what religion science and politics have brainwashed us to believe.

If the vortex collapses in nature, the imbalance creates chaos. This is true with the atmosphere, the troposphere and the biosphere. The powerful elite know of the sacred structure of both psychological and physical health and also know that balance is an imperative for life. If the balance is off even at the slightest we will see changes in the way we perceive or world.

The magnetic dynamic flow and shift can for some be a horrifying experience. However, we know that it is coming, some say that it is happening and others realize that it is a gradual process. The objective is to adapt or perish. The triumph is the matter of will to power and how to use will as a way to align with the dynamic flow of life force.

I have said that cognitive resonance is an important part of our way of life and anytime our cognitive liberty is threatened we must somehow find the necessary means to learn what may be uncomfortable at first. It always takes a great deal of discipline to heal what has been damaged and to learn that life is not a death sentence but a educational experience for the soul that uses the flesh as a tool for pleasure, pain and love in what can be a self organizing perfect system.

We must divorce ourselves from various enchantments and become self organizing systems in order to enhance our evolutionary growth and knowledge.

The future tells us that there will be many ways that we can achieve our goals of the dynamic flow of life.

However, the concepts now our lost in our day to day routines.

It may sound cliché that we are the creators of our own universe. The powers that be know this and they are creating a universe where they want to begin a sifting process where the culling and harvest of life will give them more resources in order to have their hold over the earth.

Our moment if we decide to live in it will be the will to power. The power to thrive and grow into the world that is always full of potential and great wonders.

It is always something to consider. It is always something that is difficult to envision when all we see is a canvas that has already been painted with chaos. It begins with a shift in world view. It begins with recognizing that there are many people who are not recognizing that fear has created a reality breakdown. A breakdown that has changed the dynamic flow in the life force.

Who are we really? Why are we really here and what is it that we are going to leave behind when we die. Is waiting for the eschaton a valid goal?

It seems more than anything a fatalist goal that really can’t be productive.

We always see dangers in the future and it is wise to always be prepared for them, however the idea of mentally recognizing the value of spiritual preparedness is also a valuable virtue.

The elite are expecting us to evolve and eventually disappear into the chaotic abyss. It is time to somehow thwart their enchantments.


Dale Worth

I just finished checking out the vdomes site and the western way institute and I definitely want to increase my will! Is anyone currently taking classes or have a vdome?


*Sigh* I’ll have to look it up later. The web site appears to have been crushed.

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