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1/18: Decoding The ‘New Dawn’ w/ Jordan Maxwell

1/18: Decoding The 'New Dawn' w/ Jordan MaxwellTonight on Ground Zero, we are very excited to have one of the most important minds in the fields of alternative history and conspiracy research: the one and only Jordan Maxwell! An esoteric scholar that has been “bringing light into a world of darkness” for five decades, Jordan will join Clyde to help break down the ‘New Dawn’ imagery and symbolism surrounding us all. This is a ‘Mental Holocaust: The Path To Pathocracy‘!



great topic,shake em up wake em up . is there a newsletter to subscribe to?I would like please for all topics and discussions be put on paper and mailed out like a club.the CLYDE CLUB.Welli have a question or comment.If we want to know who communists really are adopt a bill that outlaws communism as natural enemy to constitution.whoever opposes this bill ,are our enemies.truly and people need to understand that.clde you have a great opportunity and are doing great,just hear me on this one .

The Village Idiot

Clyde: To answer Mr. Maxwell’s question concerning when has humaity ever stood up to this grand conspiracy. Two thousand years ago, I know of a man who vanquished sin and death through the sacrifice of Himself.


Refreshing to have read that which is true. I know many readers may not believe this as truth, but rather a good story or tall tale. However, it is either truth or a lie and nothing in-between. And if a lie than it would be the most evil lie ever told to mankind by Jesus and his followers and the early church. But once He comes into your heart and mind, His Spirit of Truth sets you free and you know He not only died for us who are fallen, but bodily rose on third day and ultimately ascended to heaven. One day soon those that belong to Him will rise to meet him bodily in the air forever more. This world is not where we will belong for long the way signs seem to be pointing. We can have confidence that He is in control of all things.
I can’t wait!


I just caught the last 30 minutes of Mr. Maxwell.. Enjoyed show. To me, it appears that Prersident Obama is setting up absolute Global control for Return of Jesus- i.e., “Don’t be afraid to come to Earth, see how bad and murderous Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were… and nobody assinated them- so come dowen, take control and you;ll be perfectly safe hown here.
New Global paychecks to be paid daily, our “daily bread”.. anyway, have faith gentlemen- be patient, love your neighbors and enemies.. Noah would probably buy a boat to live off the coast of ancouver

Obama is an elitist

Obama thinks he’s Jesus.

Obama is an elitist

Where can I hear a rerun of tonights show? It was really some of the best I have ever heard on the radio and I want to share it with others.

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