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Man Beast: The Mark Of The Wendigo


As predicted, the winter polar vortex collapse is taking place in the United States and while many people will write it off as part of a typical winter, this cold snap has been called different and unprecedented with how quickly it has overtaken the northern hemisphere.

The coldest air of the season has arrived in most of the country and while winter weather is not an anomaly, the unbelievably frigid temperatures and how quickly they have dropped is. The polar vortex collapse was an obvious formation where we were able to predict as early as January 7th, 2013 that after the inaugural a super freeze would reach into northern Mexico and even southern California.

The biggest cold wave in 42 years hit northern Mexico and killing people in its wake. Several of the higher elevations in Mexico were hit with snow. Northern China has been hit with severe cold killing livestock and triggering the reports wild animals coming near animals and humans.

Japan has also seen its share of colder temperatures triggering wild animal encounters and human encounters with reptiles. One such case has become a Fortean story of the strange as a 53 year old Japanese man has been arrested after trying to eat his 23 year old son who was bitten by a snake.

Katsumi Nagaya says that his younger 23 year old son was bitten by a huge reptile that was escaping the cold. Nagaya claimed that his son was possessed by the snake and even began to shape shift into the reptile. Katsumi first head butted his son during a moment where he claims his son actually started writing around like a snake, Katsumi then began biting him and tearing flesh off of his body in order to remove the spirit of the snake from him.

It is interesting that this story is the first story of the zombie-like attacks of 2013 where the spirit of an animal takes possession of a person and there is some sort of attack. It is also coincidental that 2013 is the year of the snake in the Chinese New Year.

Could this be also the year of shape shifter reports as well? The idea of shape shifters has always been one of those topics that have been typically linked to the reptilian theories of people like David Icke; however, there are plenty of legends about the shape shifter in some of the ancient folklore of the Native Americans.

I know that there are a lot of people that may be lost on how I like to bring up strange and paranormal metaphors. I know that it may seem like an oddity, but I have read many things about the outside influences that tend to have their way when the cold air intensifies and we tend to remain indoors.

The reigning power of the winter months is darkness, as the nights seem long and shadows tend to play tricks on the mind as they are cast away from the flickering fire.

When winter arrives, my mind often turns to stories of magic and how the secret powers use their influence to shape our beliefs. I know that there are many people who tend to think that magic is all a fairy tale parlor exercise. But as a man who has witnessed folk magic, I am willing to believe that the mind is a very powerful tool.

Magic, of course, can be written off by those who believe it is fantasy. However, there is power in the will. Curses and prayers have impact and there is always that fine line between those who witness the power, who utilize the power, and those who abuse their power and fall into a type of psychosis.

It is hard at time to determine the stages and so we must assume that while magic is real, the person who uses it has the potential to abuse it and when this happens the ether can open up and this is when we hear of the arrival of monsters.

We are all told that there are no monsters, that there are no real monsters; however a monster is also a matter of how you think, what you observe. A predator can be just about anything from a mountain lion to a wolf. Their hunger is overwhelming and their need to feed in the winter months is also something to consider.

Recently there have been numerous reports and discoveries that indicate that there is in fact an active shadow biosphere that exists in the same time and dimension as the one we see and live in from day to day. While scientist speculate that strange organisms, that might be alien in nature exist on the planet it isn’t a very far jump to suggest that stranger life exists on the planet and that when you blow open the shadow biosphere there lurks every monster and vile thing that no one wants to ever come in contact with.

People can say that there are no such things as vile beings, shape shifters, or even werewolves. However, historical accounts are everywhere. In the Bible, the story of the 12 spies trips through Hebron are fascinating if not downright frightening.

The spies reported to Moses that the area of Hebron near Canaan was a vile place where giant man wolves and man cats lived. They were GIANTS who, when they talked, sounded like panthers. They were large, ate human flesh, and had bones made of “iron”. They were also reported to have double rows of teeth, and to be seen eating animals women and children.

In the movie ‘The 13th Warrior‘ – an adaptation of the book ‘Eaters of the Dead: The Manuscript of Ibn Fadlan Relating His Experiences with the Northmen in A.D. 922‘ by Michael Crichton – the Persian Ambassador is captured by a group of Vikings. He is then forced to do battle with “The Mist Monsters.” They are appear to be beasts on horseback, quite menacing and kill the women and children. It is then realized that they are a clan of “skinwalkers.”

Men who wear skins of bears and by all appearances become werebears. In some American Indian legends, a skinwalker is a person with the supernatural ability to turn into any animal he or she desires. The ability to be a shapeshifter is usually given to the shaman or medicine man and is done through rituals and ceremonies where the skins of wolves or bears are worn and the individual changes into the beast. There have also been accounts of shaman creating a salves consisting of peyote and other natural substances that they can rub on their bodies which give them the ability to fly in this condition. The shaman usually chooses the skin of a coyote or wolf in order to make the desired change.

The skinwaker also is known as the Lucan or the Wendigo. The Wendigo has also been known to eat the flesh of the dead. This, of course, can be all connected to legends of the Latin American Chupacabra, or “Goat sucker” a creature that resembles a wild dog and of course the werewolf.

There is also a term for a person who is possessed with the spirit of the Wendigo and that is Wendigo or Witiko psychosis which is a condition in which sufferers develop an insatiable desire to eat human flesh even when other food sources were readily available often as a result of prior famine cannibalism. Wendigo psychosis has traditionally been identified by Western psychologists as a culture bound syndrome that happens during the winter months. It has often been linked to lycanthropy and legends of the upright walking werewolf or monster that howls into the night searching for blood not only for sustenance but for warmth.

Of course, critical thinking tells us that perhaps there are no humans possessed by the spirit of predatory animals and there is a debate over the existence of phenomenon as a genuine disorder. However, in 2012, there were plenty of reports of cannibalism in the news and many other reports of demonic possession.

Father Gary Thomas, the priest that inspired the book and the movie ‘The Rite‘ appeared on Ground Zero confirming that demon possession is not limited to just demons, but also the spirit of predatory animals can possess humans. He confirmed on Ground Zero that once during an exorcism a woman was possessed with the spirit of a snake and literally shape shifted into a cobra.

When the night falls in the woods there is also the legend of the Sasquatch to contend with. The Sasquatch truly is the most well known of the Man beasts or the beastly man that mostly is seen in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

The Bigfoot or Sasquatch made the news at the end of 2012 with claims from a biologist named Melba Ketchum that she had proof of the creature being a human relative, her study was rejected by the peer review board. That does not, however, dismiss the recent reports of a howling beast that has been recorded on the Umatilla Indian Reservation east of Pendleton, Oregon.

As far back as November of 2012, there have been recordings made of a wild creature that some say is a Bigfoot screaming in the night. There are others that believe that it is either foxes, wolves or a mountain lion.

The sounds are similar to what I recorded while visiting an area in Utah Known as the skinwalker ranch. Both the Sasquatch and the Skinwalker are part of the religious beliefs of the local tribes in the respective areas.

The topic of these so-called cryptid creatures always send a chill down the spine that adds to the apprehension of venturing out into the frigid weather.

It is said that in the winter months the veil between that which is reverent and that which is profane thins before the storms gather. The winter has always been a time where we can reflect on all of the stories of the ghoulish beasts that may or may not be lurking outside. It is even more of a scare to think that any of these creatures can hide underneath the bed or just outside your window.

Keep telling yourself that the howl you are hearing is just the wind.

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