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A Crisis Of Discernment


No one likes to be called a liar, especially when the person calling you a liar is doing so because they feel it is their duty to do so as a valiant act of protecting others from your so-called lies.

This has been the attitude of a few people after CNN declared war in conspiracy theorists. I have been in the business of talking about conspiracy theory for nearly two decades and it never ceases to amaze me how the enablers of the oligarchy love to state that anyone who tries to question anything are chasing after lies and that the consensus rules and the court of public opinion is what is truth.

The only thing is the public opinion is product of a well crafted social engineering apparatus that creates a crisis, then points out what needs to be done to combat the crisis and then convinces the masses to participate in the established solution that has been provided by special interests that receive all sorts of benefits from organizing drastic change.

In the past, much of what has been proposed benefits only the few and there are many that were convinced to change their habits and what they think only to suffer from betrayal much letter.

After the media decided to attack those who questioned what happened at Sandy Hook, I decided to monitor some of the so-called truths being told by the corporate media and what I have found in the past two weeks should cause people to stop forming their opinions and bias based on what the mainstream narrative dictates.

My first target is of course the man everyone loves to hate Piers Morgan. Ten days ago, after the brow beating he and Anderson cooper gave to conspiracy theorists I noticed that Piers appeared with Doctor Oz telling the public to get a flu shot claiming that getting sick after a flu shot is a myth. He spoke of the safety of the shot and why it is such a great idea to get it. He then had Doctor Oz give him an injection on camera.

After the ten days had passed, Morgan appeared with country singer Dwight Yoakum. His first question to the singer was how to get rid of a cough and a sore throat that he said was getting worse. Yoakum’s response was “Don’t take the flu shot!

Of course, Piers laughed nervously as his cover was blown and that it was obvious that the flu shot he got did not protect him from contracting the flu. It also did not allow him to elaborate on the 800 children in Europe that have been plagued with narcolepsy since they received the shot nor could he even take the time to reveal the reality that multiple vaccine doses have resulted in up to 145,000 child deaths in past 20 years. Piers may have been too sick to say that scientists have ended a voluntary ban on creating mutant forms of bird flu, despite warnings that an accidental release could kill millions of people.

No, Piers had to move on from the warnings of country singer to a shill for the Sierra Club debating the reality of global warming. His statement that “The science is settled” dismissed any debate that may be had against the nonsense that now “climate change” is anthropogenic when it used to be all about global warming. Of course, no one points that out when we speak of the argument about climate. No one needs to say that the whole idea behind the focus on climate change is based on global sustainability and how many people need to eliminate their carbon footprint.

If it were fashionable to march people to the ovens again to eliminate useless eaters these liars would try to convince you to do so. The frightening part is that people would gladly do so because they all buy into the lie.

Piers could actually with a straight face allow the shill for climate change say that the recent cold snap can be blamed on humans.

In the meantime, Chad Meyers the CNN meteorologist was talking up the unusually cold weather claiming that the reason it was happening was because there is no longer ice at the North Pole. His exact words to the public “There is no ice up here at the North Pole.

If he were to take a look at the maps of the northern ice cap there is 100 percent ice cover. How can this go on the air without being questioned? It can and it does and it is believed by everyone because the person saying it should be responsible to know that his words are being taken as gospel.

Finally, it is a tragedy the way CNN has managed to malign those who question official narratives especially when it comes to the Sandy Hook shootings. It is the data from those shootings that actually opened the dialogue about gun bans.

Dianne Feinstein has now introduced a bill banning assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips. Feinstein’s bill will expand the criteria for classifying military-style assault weapons from a 1994 law, which lapsed a decade later. Her new measure will ban the sale of about 150 types of firearms, including some rifles and handguns, as well as the sale of high-capacity magazines.

The bill will exempt firearms used for hunting and will grandfather in guns and magazines owned before the law’s potential enactment. However, the grandfathered weapons will be logged in a national registry.

Now we all need to understand that this bill was produced and created after the hysteria surrounding the Sandy Hook school shooting of 26 people the majority of the victims children.

The suspect, Adam Lanza, reportedly used an arsenal of handguns and a Bushmaster .223 rifle to kill his victims. Now it seems that the whole story of the rifle being used as the weapon is not true.

NBC reported on The Today Show that now Adam Lanza used handguns at the scene at that the so-called assault weapon was not used during the attacks.

This goes completely against the coroner and police claims that the majority of victims died because of the use of the assault weapon. During the interrogation of Dr. H. Wayne Carver discusses the events and the deaths and he is questioned about how the victims could have died when the assault rifle was found in the car. The police state to the reporter that the information is incorrect even though they knew full well that the assault weapon was not in the school!

Another interesting turn of events Is the media is trying to figure out why a suspect who was supposed to have a computer footprint, virtually disappeared from the earth as far back as 2009 and then resurfaces as a suspect much later.

Today the biggest enemy of the state is the person who asks questions. This is a very significant moment in history. The number one enemy of the empires process of takeover is the checks and balances that come with something as simple as critical thinking.

The safety and protection we have all wanted out of fear is now becoming a mandatory exercise and we are going to be under the microscope of big brother with state controlled medical healthcare, environmental enforcement, and further curtailing of individual freedoms.

What was once conspiracy theory is becoming our reality. What once got me dirty looks and jeers are now getting me questions on what needs to be done in order to fight back. I am afraid that we may be too late. All we have to do now is watch as the New World order feeds on those who are too stupid to acknowledge that the great downfall has begun.

The mainstream media is revealing to us little by little the new scorched earth policy. The media now is an infomercial for the encroaching police state and is being used as a device to uphold the destructive attitudes of fascism. No longer do we have a media that challenges an empire. It merely stands idly by as the empire grows at an astonishing rate.

While in history a ‘scorched earth policy‘ entailed destroying all land and buildings so that nothing was left for the enemy. The media has liquidated the nation’s ability to heal from terrorism. The networks continue to report the so-called dangers of living on this planet and the television dramas are set in courtrooms, police precincts and morgues.

If we continue on our path of electronic destructive group dynamic there will be many that will feel the need to surrender to whatever invisible enemy that is manufactured by an already crazed and out of control government. The surrender will be gradual and will be accomplished quietly and willingly.

Those who are in control of their own lives and those who can see beyond the manipulations will survive.

The Revolution is being numbed into submission. Our passive nation is too preoccupied with paying the bills and watching the Super Bowl. While watching your television you will be told to buy more, to be an army of one, to drink more and eat more because you never know when you are going to die.

We are being coerced into believing that everything happening is normal. There are people who feel they are moral guardians by telling us not to question, and that to question is to follow lies.

I pointed out recently that we are now in the middle of reality breakdown and that what we think we know is merely a spin and that even though the mainstream narrative will attack those who wish to topple the information monopoly, there many people who see one thing and are told that what they are seeing is not what they think.

The reality that needs to be declared is that the media now assumes the role of twisting the public dialogue into accepting total control by the government and a police state spirituality that only gives a religious dynamic to the governing body and not to the citizens.

We will be policed in the doctor’s office, in the confessional, and with our everyday consumption of food water and air. All of the lies and the manipulations that go unchecked are literally permitted in order to craft a police state and secure the policies of a leviathan government and executive power run amok.

The denial is harmful, the future secure and whatever you think protects you literally opens the door for less security and more attempts at lashing out against a manufactured reality created to cause our reptilian brains to activate and become territorial and protective of our material surroundings.

In our primitive fear, we reject our spirituality and become more bestial.

Line upon line and step by step we desensitize ourselves to others and their pain. We marginalize those who are not of our tribe and demand our isolation in order to feel a sense of security. Our world becomes mediocre and bland, and we are told that anything that goes out of the lines, or thinking outside the box is anathema.

It seems that in order to keep up with the world you have to stay by the computer and monitor every little thing. For most people this is impossible and there are so many people who are unable to sit down and research all of the information out there. It is impossible to remember all of the slip ups and half truths that are being told to us on a daily basis.

No news organization is going to shoot itself in the foot by going back and correcting all of the mistakes and misinformation it has delivered. Yet they have delivered many mixed messages and half truths that have opened up the dialogue for altering the constitution and inviting a new globalist and socialist dialogue that many decades ago would be akin to speaking treason.

That is why it is important to realize that just because you haven’t heard the mainstream press reporting certain facts doesn’t mean that they are not real. It does not mean that it is conspiracy theory. It is becoming difficult to report on many things in the world that seem to be so unreal. If you happen upon a story that grows into several other connecting stories you can begin to understand how to unravel the news that seems to broadside the average person.

It is difficult to actually decide that the fix is in. It really isn’t too hard too acknowledge, however, that most of the world has somehow lost the ability to differentiate between order and chaos. We seem to have a crisis in discernment because we want so badly to hang on to the idea that everything is fine, and that anyone trying to disrupt the flow of mainstream narrative is doing so to manipulate you for an agenda. In fact, the new creed is to create chaos and then restore a New World Order.

The lines become blurred and as you learn by example you understand that if you support the diseased government that continues to grow out of control, you are supporting the same ideology that bred the likes of Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.

The unfortunate thing is that if you speak about this in open forums, there seems to be a roar of disapproval because no one wants to admit that the ghosts of these dictators are always trying to find a way to haunt us.

They hover like phantoms and there are still a great number of younger people who have already been programmed in the public school system to embrace the ideas of eugenics for global sustainability.

They are already being taught that the future is going to be ugly because there will be too many people on the planet to share resources. This is already planting the seeds of resentment from the younger generations towards their elders.

People everywhere are uncomfortable when someone uses the word fascism to describe what is transpiring but I can assure him that the fanatical conservative right and the fanatical liberal left share something in common with all fanatics, including those who are terrorists. They all believe in the spirit of a scorched earth policy where they seek out to destroy those who do not agree with them or propose that if the entire world can’t live by their creed then all things must be destroyed in order to preserve what precious ideologies they have left.

The idea is similar to that of the “suicide pill” taken by most cults when they feel that a better life awaits them in the hereafter. Most cults take years to groom their followers and the elite now are becoming impatient and are more vocal about their ideas of culling the population to stop the resource depletion.

The majority of Americans in denial about the lies and manipulation and have allowed themselves to be fearful, self-absorbed cattle that move only when told to by those who claim to be the “cult of personality” that is there to preserve certain belief systems while at the same time employing destructive group dynamics.

The thoughts of these groups and their actions towards most problems have not matured beyond the medieval days of the early monarchies. This is why it seems that we now are embracing monarchies instead of fighting to keep them from happening again.

There is no common ground. We have been limited in our views and somehow conclude that there are two absolute positions thus eliminating those shades of gray that put us all in the place of mind where we can freely question and express our doubts.

We are in the midst of the crisis of discernment.

Our self delusion demonstrates that without any guilt or mainstream criticism we can sleep at night knowing that we have supported with our complicity and silence a government that has killed indiscriminately, has lied to cover up corruption, and has used the media as its voice to mislead us into thinking we can do know wrong.

The propaganda is eating up our ability to make well thought out choices. The public trust has been abused and this fact needs to be said by more than just a handful of commentators that are being labeled conspiracy theorists.


Linda Barnett

great article as always. also a big thank you clyde for warning people about
snopes. it is not anything close to a balanced fact checker. our best fact checkers
are ourselves, using our computers, libraries, foias, etc.

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