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1/25: This Is Why We Fight

1/25: This Is Why We FightIt’s Friday night at Ground Zero and it’s time to go to the movies! But what’s your favorite genre of government-funded propaganda? The one about Osama? What about the one with space robots? Or how about the one where the CIA creates a fake movie as an espionage distraction? There’s a well-documented relationship between Hollywood and the Pentagon, but like we said last night: people lack the the discernment to see the lies behind the reel. There’s really only one word for this and Clyde Lewis calls it: ‘Propaganda: And The Award Goes To… The Military Industrial Complex‘! Plus, an exclusive talk with the one and only Dr. Demento on the secret military connection to a classic pop song!


Lester in Salem

Sounds like our youth is getting smart. As an old guy, makes me feel better.

Lester in Salem

Or, they are being trained to fight the “perpetual war”.

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