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1/28: Sandy Hoax Special w/ Max Igan, James Tracy and Shepard Ambellas

1/28: Sandy Hoax Special w/ Max Igan, James Tracy and Shepard AmbellasTonight on a very important episode of Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis welcomes Max Igan, Prof. James Tracy and Shepard Ambellas to the show to investigate the story that won’t go away: The Sandy Hoax. On December 14, 2012, America experienced another “catastrophic and catalyzing event” with the Sandy Hook shootings and with every passing day more and more questions mount over what really happened. Don’t miss this hard-hitting examination of… ‘Sandy Hoax: A Dose Of Grim Reality‘!



I don’t agree with anything you’ve said about Sandy Hook. I see no government conspiracy in the handling of the crime. Or there wre 2 active shooters. A lot of mistakes were made early on, like stupid bad media make. Heard plenty of those. CNN might as well have been the Gun Control Network. But this conspiratorial nutcase treatment of the murders is pathetic.

Jzzy Emily

You don’t see it because you are not looking at the evidence discovered already out there. And I am not talking about the crazy crap that CNN is bringing up and accusing “conspiracy theorists” of. That’s paid co-intel and disinfo purposely put out there to poison the well of information and to demonize people who are digging for the truth. Wake up. If you open your eyes you can see.

Andrew Stephen D

Thank you for starting a discussion about the events surrounding Sandy Hook. I think people make the mistake of saying you are saying its a hoak or your saying this or that what i believe you are doing is just the same thing we all should be which is questioning what the truth is so thanks for being really the first to question and being open to all possibilities and great show last night.

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