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Oblivion: The Faustian Bargain For Nuclear Nationalism


This morning I almost choked on my coffee when I read in Yahoo News about the idea that Beyonce flashed an Illuminati sign. Front and center was the overall speculation over whether or not Beyonce flashed a pyramid signal with her hands during the halftime show. Of course, Yahoo played it off as a stretch and said that it was her attempt at sending her husband Jay-Z a message.
It may have been, but knowing what happens at the Super Bowl everyone has a message to send whether it is overt or covert is up to those who watch.

There is a reason why the Super Bowl is played on a Sunday. The whole exercise seems truly a religious experience for many people. A Super Bowl combines many things in the spectacle, At a Super Bowl there is a sense of mythology, political intrigue, and ritual. A lot of the mythology in the narrative is formed while the commercials run during the breaks in the game. The rituals usually are seen during the performances and at halftime. Politics also play a role, from who sings the national anthem to the choices of thematic agendas.

It seems as if every year the Super Bowl is the platform for the elite to send us messages about their agendas. While many people will say it is just a game, Super Bowl 47 was a game that most certainly had its weird moments and the memes that were presented seem to indicate that a Faustian bargain is in the works that could accidentally land the United States in a war that could go nuclear.

The Mercedes Company had some very creepy commercials that alluded to the arrival of some Luciferian emissary. The commercials leading up to game day showed a diner where the wind blows open the front door. A small whirlwind of leaves spins towards a jukebox that plays “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones.

Meanwhile, a devilish looking hound barks to sound the alarm. The temperature rises up in the diner as indicated by the boiling coffee in the cup and the thermometer’s mercury shooting skyward. A cook drops some dishes and then you hear the words “Something powerful is coming.” Then you see the headlight of the 2014 Mercedes CLA. The headlight looks like the eye of a dragon and then you hear “See it on February 3rd.” In the date that is shown in the commercial you see that the number 13 is on fire in the date February 3rd, 2013.

There are also versions that say “Something sinister is coming” and “Something hot is coming.”

The final commercial shows Satan played by Willem Defoe offering a deal to a young man. All the man has to do is sell his soul. Once again the number 13 in the date 2013 is on fire in this commercial.

Here we see the innate religious orientation of the Super Bowl. This is a Super Bowl where memes will be spread about the fight between good and evil, dark and light and how a deal with the devil can lead to a scorched earth policy in 2013. The nuclear war meme was blatant in various instances during the big game.

The political agenda was spread thick when 26 children, 13 in the front row and 13 in the back were brought out to sing America the beautiful. They were the survivors of Sandy Hook. The sick irony of the whole ordeal was that the kids accompanied with singer Jennifer Hudson were placed directly in front of the color guard which of course had guns protecting the American flag. This of course is a subtle meme of children in front of guns. It was also interesting the these children were paraded out before the national anthem, clearly invoking politics over patriotism and a solemn bit of nationalism that blatantly seals a blood covenant with the American people.

This reminded me of the time that the United States had to go through the process of the invocation is a series of political rituals after the attacks of September 11th, 2001. Back then we also had the singing of the National Anthem and then the unfurling of huge American flag tattered and burnt on the sides. This of course was the flag flown at the World trade center charged with the spirits of those 3000 Americans that perished on that day.

Alicia Keys was the singer who delivered the National Anthem. This is the same Alicia Keys that performed at Barack Obama’s inaugural ball and changed the lyrics to her hit song “Girl On Fire” to say that “Obama’s On Fire” and that Barack and Michelle Obama “rule the world” and that they will set the world on fire and watch it burn.

Once again, the meme is not lost about the rockets’ red glare and the bombs bursting in order to allow Barack Obama the opportunity to watch the world burn in 2013.

The unfortunate thing is that Americans are marketed what appears to be some sort of solidarity and a new kind of nationalism that has the appeal of a reality show. It carries with it an imbalance of meaning and less of a religious experience and more of an experience of “you better remember” rather than a reverent remembrance of the pain and long suffering we now experience as a nation. The Sandy Hook children remind us of how precious our children are and how quickly they can be gunned down in schools that are supposed to be safe. And yet we do not see – or even think about – the scores of children in Pakistan that die after being accidentally killed by a drone trying to hunt down an alleged terrorist.

However, this is the Super Bowl, the great bread and circus that plays itself as entertainment and yet sends a viral meme into the collective consciousness. The commercials that aired during the big game struck me in such a way that you can practically to psychoanalysis of the mental state and zeitgeist of the state. What I see is simply a meme of nuclear war and what is left in the aftermath is darkness sand an onslaught of mutant zombies still waiting to rise from their graves.

From making a deal with the devil, to the “God of War” video game showing us a symbol of Alpha and Omega. A preview to the movie ‘World War Z’ was also shown, giving me a little bit of unease as you watch zombies move like ants up walls.

There was also the movie preview to ‘Oblivion’ with Tom Cruise showing us the skeletal framework of a Superbowl stadium left behind after a nuclear detonation. This had me flashing back to the movie the “Sum of All fears” where a terrorist group sets off a dirty nuke in a football stadium in Baltimore. I thought that it was eerily more synchronistic that the Baltimore Ravens were playing the San Francisco 49’ers in this Superbowl outing.

The preview to Star Trek’s “Into the Darkness” was also coincidental considering that the stadium had a power failure for 34 minutes during the game. Half of the stadium was in darkness and the other half was in the light. It happened in the 3rd quarter. Three fourths of the game had been played. The score at the time of the power failure was 28-6. Add that together you get 34. Finally, the Ravens won the game 34-31.

There are others that argue that the power failure was out for 33 minutes claiming that it has something to do with some Illuminati symbolism.

Which brings us back to the story about Beyonce and her pyramid hand gesture that has been poopooed by the media. When Beyonce strutted out into the stadium with her whored out personality of Sasha Fierce. There was plenty of fire to be seen at the halftime show and air raid sirens which also could paint a picture of a scorched earth meme.

The fires formed into the Taurus horned bull representing the power of the horned God Moloch. In some rituals, like at the Bohemian Grove, a horned owl is worshiped in a fire ritual known as the “cremation of care” where a child of destiny representing “dull care” is burned in effigy. If you play with the words Super Bowl, you can separate it to say the words Superb Owl.

We then witnessed the fires came the sacred feminine as a huge effigy of Beyonce appeared. Before the bull charges its stamps it’s feet. Many times during the performance Beyonce and the dancers would ritualistically stomp like bulls. We then were shown two faces showing the metaphor of duality. There has been speculation the two faces, facing each other represented the god Janus who is known for opening gateways, transitions, new beginnings and bringing the past into the future. It would also neatly fit into opening a “star-gateway.”

Believe it or not we are now leaving the dark rift that was so feared prior to December 21st, 2012. We have now overcome the 13th Baktun according to the Star charts we are now passing through the Taurus Star system.

The Taurus system is the gateway or ‘galactic cross’. According to occultists, there are only two gates that can be opened to the great mystery of God. One being the intersection between Taurus and Gemini – it is known as the “silver gate” of heaven.

The intersection between Scorpio and Sagittarius near Ophiuchus is located is known as the “golden gate” of heaven. The galactic center lies visually from our solar system along a line that passes through the golden gate. Passing through the Golden gate means that we face a destruction for the coming of the “New Dawn of the Golden Age” where men eventually reach or attain Godhood, Godhood is achieved through learning the balance or duality, destruction and creation and the fire that is the promethean illumination. Then we witness the reuniting of “Destiny’s Child” and the indication that they are a representation of three angels.

The three angels are represented in the ‘Book of Revelation’ give the final warning before the apocalypse. The warning is that soon Babylon will fall into fire creating the alchemical process of purification. Most alchemists believe that prior to a purification process a person has to go through what is known as the Dark knight of the soul.

After the performance of “Destiny’s Child” the Super Bowl was plunged into darkness.

This, of course, could be the result of the opening of the gates ritual or it was just a strange coincidence. However, a meme of darkness and light is a constant in alchemy and the names of the teams also played a role.

Coincidentally, according to Loren Coleman, alchemists used the raven to symbolize the nigredo, or blackening, stage of the alchemical process. The alchemist experiences a dark night (Dark Knight) of the soul during this phase as he begins the journey of creating the Philosopher’s Stone, a substance which can turn base metal into gold. Gold resonates with the Ravens’ opposing team, as the 49ers were named after the prospectors who arrived in California around 1949 during the Gold Rush.

One of the primary goals of alchemy was the creation and destruction of primordial matter, a feat which was accomplished with the detonation of an atomic bomb at the Trinity Site. Destiny’s Child recently released their first song since 2005: “Nuclear.”

In summary, the memes ever present during the events of the Super Bowl can be interpreted as an occult signpost that invokes the arrival of the devil or antichrist, a Faustian bargain, a ritual that opens the gates of heaven in order to bring down fire to destroy Babylon. This will have its temporary rewards, but it also has severe consequences.

There are new concerns about nuclear nationalism in Iran and North Korea. The rhetoric and saber rattling is heating up about unveiling a new nuclear threat. If a nuclear conflict breaks out in these regions or if the United States is threatened, we may see our purification process begin.

Then the United States can start strutting itself into the arena and the game that will be played will be the nuclear game where there will be plenty of darkness and no real winners.



Very interesting article Clyde, many of us saw it yesterday and thought it very odd indeed!

Missed the Benz commercial, probably because of a potty break, ok, yet we found it very odd, disturbing and didn’t like half time show, how disappointing to say the least. Because I have listened to you for years, I was looking forward to hearing your take. Right on Clyde! You truly are brilliant and predictive! Thank you very much. I liked M&M and Pisactaio, thought they were very nice! Also my Dr. had treated Kip Kingel, and said he was very disturubed for certain, he now is a grown man and still disturbed! I had heard that he also was on meds, he said yes however; he was very disturbed, possessed,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i don’t know!

Kasha Batten-Smouse

All I can say is…wow!!!!!


Did anyone not see the Masonic Black & White background while reflections of Beyonce were being flashed and that she posed as the Hindu God of War(Vishnu)? The whole mirror parlor tricks!!

Shane Thomasson

Clyde mentions Obama and others use some sort of hand symbol that represented nationalism which happened to be like the ones made by Hitler. Could there be some images of this shown in the article? Might be good for reference.

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