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2/8: Culture Shock w/ Jonathan Last

2/8: Culture ShockIt’s finally Friday night at Ground Zero after a long, strange week of rituals, religions, beasts and more. Now we pull back to look at the bigger picture and ask: Are we really just killing ourselves off? And are we losing our religion, too? Clyde Lewis is joined by author Jonathan V. Last to talk about his new book, “What To Expect When No One’s Expecting: America’s Coming Demographic Disaster“. Welcome to the ‘Demographic Winter‘!


linda barnett

keep asking: how does this incident serve the current agenda of the NWO?
how are they using this incident to sow discord and usher in civil wars?
(this group vs. that group). this is a simple key i use to understand the
surreal crap going on all around us. it sure helps me figure things out !
the original and true father figure was and is God, YAHWEH. NWO is
promoting false fathers, like obama, saturn, baphomet, the pimp,
even santa who is father christmas, a god of materialism. yikes.

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