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Demographic Winter


According to the United Nations, Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.

Buried in the pages of the proposal are measures that can be taken to insure global sustainability, a world with less human resource depletion. Virtually all forms of human activity impact the environment. The United Nations plan is to take measures for sustainable development. One of the key elements of “sustainable development” is population control.

The global elite are absolutely obsessed with population control. In fact, there is a growing consensus among thiose who support global sustainability that they need to get rid of 80 to 90 percent of us.

The Georgia Guidestones tell us that we should strive to “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

The way things are sizing up it is a bit chilling to know that the agenda of culling the planet can be carried out in many ways.

Wouldn’t it be odd to realize that perhaps economy is enough to cull the planet? I mean with health care costs and eugenics directives at the ready, the United States is ready to take matters of population into its own hands. The situation of demographic winter is setting in.

A push for the legalization of physician-assisted suicide is under way in at least three Northeastern states including Connecticut, where proponents say they see strong support for allowing doctors to prescribe mentally competent, dying individuals with the medications needed to take their own lives.

Lawmakers in New Jersey and Vermont are also considering legislation that would allow doctors to prescribe lethal medication to terminally ill patients in a trend that advocates say may be related to the country’s aging population.

In Connecticut, which has banned the practice since 1969, a group of lawmakers are now saying that the legislature’s first public hearing on the subject would likely be held. At least two bills on the issue have so far been proposed in this year’s session of the Connecticut legislature.

If the state’s General Assembly votes to legalize the practice, it would be the first state legislature to do so.

Oregon and Washington have passed right-to-die laws, but they did so through voter referendums. Montana’s Supreme Court has ruled that the practice of physicians helping terminally ill patients could be considered part of medical treatments. Thirty-four states prohibit assisted suicide outright. Seven others, including Massachusetts, banned it through legal precedent.

In discussions about climate change and future resources, the discussion never leans towards the real part of the agenda where you have no place in the future. I know that the whole idea of non existence is a difficult subject but with a future of Transhumanism, disease, lower birthrates and possible eugenics directives like euthanasia, the idea of depopulation may wind up being a simple task.

The United States is seeing to it that their numbers reduce which places the economy and future progression in the cross hairs. Eventually the United States will be a far different place as people with certain ideas disappear with no one to replace them and continue traditions, religious beliefs, and known patriotism.
Those who wish to control the world believe that the less bottom feeders the better, however our extinction could very well happen if we don’t have children over time.

We are constantly being told that the world [population is growing, and we can see that it is, but the question is who is making the population grow? It most certainly is not the United States as population levels are on the decline. The only thing worse about having children is not having them, because there won’t be anyone in the future to do the jobs we have now and if technology can keep up the evolution points to extinction level demographics that at first sound like alarmist nonsense but over time we may see exactly how a socity and a culture disappear.

Thanks to the weak economy, Americans are having fewer babies than the British and the French — not enough to maintain the size of the U.S. population without immigration, according to the Economist.

The U.S. birth rate now is 1.9 births per woman over her lifetime, when 2 births per woman is necessary to sustain the population on its own. Because of immigration, the population is still growing, but the birth rate has been plunging since the recession started in 2007 and fell below population-sustaining levels in 2010. It’s projected to fall to a 25-year low this year and not recover to pre-recession levels anytime soon, according to the consulting firm Demographic Intelligence.

Many young Americans are postponing starting their own families because they are struggling to stay afloat. Some 22 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds say they have delayed having a baby because of the weak economy, and another 20 percent have delayed getting married, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center. Roughly one in four adults in that same age range have moved back in with their parents during the economic downturn, after living on their own.

And because of their worse earnings prospects, a growing number of young Americans are getting priced out of having kids. While Americans’ incomes have failed to recover from the recession, the cost of raising a child keeps rising. It will cost a middle-income family nearly $300,000 to raise a child born today from infancy to age 17, when accounting for projected inflation, according to the Department of Agriculture.

This opens up the debate as to what is ahead. The fatalistic view is that we are going to be subjected to a thinning of the herd and while it would be horrific to see a world fall prey to mega death due to a nuclear war, the hidden agenda is the campaign to encourage people to not have children and to encourage the deaths of loved ones who have terminal illnesses.

This also will eventually lead to what is known as a demographic shift where the majority of American will no longer be Judeo Christian, where the main language of the United States will not be English.

Islam, according to newly released data from the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies, is now the fastest growing religion in America, verifying President Barack Obama’s claim that the United States is “no longer a Judeo-Christian country.

How many Muslims now live within the country remains anyone’s guess, since the U.S. Census Bureau neglects to collect data on religious identification. A 2008 study by Cornell University projected that the number of Muslims in America had climbed from 1.6 million in 1995 to 7 million. A U.S. News and World Report survey, which was conducted at the same time, placed the figure at 5 million, while the Pew Research Center set the number at 2.35 million.

But Pew researchers admit that their survey was not thorough since it neglected to take into account immigrant and poor black Muslims. What’s more, these researchers only contacted Americans with telephone landlines and failed to take into account the fact that nearly 50% of U.S. residents and age 18-35 and the nearly 100% of the illegal immigrants who communicate exclusively by cell phones.

Muslim organizations, such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), supported the Cornell University projection of 7 million – – based on mosque attendance.

In any case, all demographers agree that throughout the coming decades, the faith of the Prophet Mohammed will continue to impact and transform all aspects of American life: social, political, and economic. They further maintain that, save for a cataclysmic sea-change in population trends, Islam by 2050 will emerge as the nation’s dominant religion.

If you do not wish to believe this, all you have to do is see that Europe has already reported that immigration has changed many of the cities there. Places like Brussels have a huge population of Muslim Immigrants and there are those who feel that in less than 12 years the Islamic population will double.

Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum writes in National Interest that Europe is faced with three choices, two of them very stark: peaceful integration of its Muslim population; a reversal of immigration policy, joined to a brutal campaign to expel Muslims; or an Islamic takeover of Europe. The warnings seem to be loud and clear; Historic Christianity, and the tradition of the Christian majority in Europe and The United States will cease to exist and we will have to face the fact that we can no longer remain at war with Muslim countries.

Sociologist Peter Berger has stated that the common ground that European Christianity has to find with Muslims and Islamic immigration should be termed “Eurosecularity.” However clever word salad may not work in the United States as many Americans demand that Muslims assimilate into the culture.

The question is assimilating into what culture?

The trend seems to be irreversible.

The demographic winter is a chilling consequence of plunging birthrates and the constant programming of eliminating the carbon footprint, it seems we are marching willingly to the demise of the way we live only because we have a wish to die, or not even be born.


Troy Dieters

a study awhile back (I cannot remember who did it) showed that the only thing helping the USA is the illegal immigrants who are having babies here (who are predominately Catholic) faster than muslims……

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