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The Cabin’s On Fire: The End Justifies The Meme


As I was watching the coverage of the manhunt for Christopher Dorner, I was confused by a number of things that the media failed to report about the case. While the foreground meme is that of a crazed former cop on a killer rampage, the background meme that isn’t exposed yet and should be is just how crazed the entire Los Angeles Police Department has become.

A perfect example of this is how after it was reported in the news that Dorner’s vehicle was destroyed by fire near Big Bear, California, police officers engaged in firing on vehicles that looked like the suspect’s vehicle. Once again the police decided to fire on vehicles that looked like Dorner’s vehicle even after it was reported by the media that his vehicle was destroyed by fire.

David Perdue was on his way to sneak in some surfing before work when police flagged him down. They asked who he was and where he was headed, then sent him on his way. Seconds later, Perdue’s attorney said, a Torrance police cruiser slammed into his pickup and officers opened fire; none of the bullets struck Perdue.

His pickup, police later explained, matched the description of the one belonging to Dorner. But the pickups were different makes and colors. And Perdue looks nothing like Dorner: He’s several inches shorter and about a hundred pounds lighter. And Perdue is white; Dorner is black.

The incident involving Perdue was the second time police looking for the fugitive former LAPD officer opened fire on someone else. In the first incident, LAPD officers opened fire on another pickup they feared was being driven by Dorner. The mother and daughter inside the truck were delivering Los Angeles Times newspapers. The older woman was shot twice in the back and the other was wounded by broken glass.

The question is why they fired on these vehicles. ,a href=”” target=”_blank”>Is there a crazed brutality that is happening within the Los Angeles Police Department?

Or is it the meme that everyone is a suspect when the police become targeted?

Another interesting turn events in the case is that even after it was announced that the police had Dorner cornered in a cabin near Big Bear, the police were searching vehicles miles away and pointing guns at drivers.

Is there a lack of communication, are police being excessively violent, or is the meme that everyone is suspect when the police are targeted a necessary evil?

We also have heard that Christopher Dorner is now the first American citizen to be pursued by drones on American soil. What has changed in America that now we need to selectively use predator drones as judge and jury without due process?

How is that tactical officers are no longer capable of doing their jobs of negotiating and bringing a suspect out alive to face a jury? Instead, with the aid of drones and the eye in the sky, the nation focused on a cabin where he allegedly hid. The final moments in this news story has all the trappings of “The Running Man,” a science fiction story about a future reality show where a criminal tries to outsmart authorities.

The cabin ended up catching fire in a scene that triggers memories of the Waco, Texas fire that incinerated women, children and David Koresh. At that time we suspected that they were murdered and that law enforcement intentionally set fire to the compound making them judge, jury and executioner.

Barack Obama now has executive authority to kill by mere suspicion and now we see how the police departments and paramilitary tactical teams seem to be of the idea that we should shoot first and ask questions later.

Violent and suicidal memes have now been part of our nightly routine. If we pay attention to mainstream narrative, you would think that everyone is a ticking time bomb and the solution is to just coerce the public into disarming itself so that they can be subjected to other violent behaviors being brought on by the encroaching police state.

We have a suicidal crisis that is evolving because of generated memes that make all things suspect and the response from both the public, the military and police is mutually assured destruction.

Days ago, I demonstrated that a few indicators during the Super Bowl gave me the impression that the symbolism of the “bull” – or the bullish meme – was being replicated during the performance by Beyonce and Destiny’s Child who’s newest hit song was called “Nuclear.”

The “bullish” or “bullying” nature of man was the meme that was cloaked in fire and the burning of elements in a “scorched earth” meme that I indicated was quite possibly about “nuclear nationalism.”

Days later, Iran reported that they had officially become a nuclear state and that North Korea has now, under the condemnation of the United Nations, successfully tested a nuclear bomb.

There have been many times in my life where I have had a bad experience with a project or a relationship and then realizing that my first thoughts were I never should have engaged in it to begin with. The reason why we do it is because in the beginning we really want something to work even though there are warning signs and mimetic triggers that are telling you to stay away or to be cautious and yet you do not listen.

I realized that when it comes to speculating on current events and where they will take us, I have decided that – regardless of criticism – I often point out memes that I see and understand that they are powerful things.

I am a firm believer that intuition tends to rule in many situations and no matter how crazy the meme seems to be, it always seems to manifest to the fullest in the zeitgeist and soon meaningful coincidences transpire which makes life more interesting and magical.

Memes, quite literally, are like genies that are let out of the lamps and once they are released they tend to live and breathe and they also grow within a certain amount of time.

Memes are very much like viruses that hijack reality and if enough people are subjected to a meme that is covertly transmitted they become unaware that they have submitted themselves to something that is against their self interest or self sustainability.

It is unfortunate that the memes that have been transmitted by the elite have become parasitic and are most definitely not in the self interest of the public at large.

We are told that there are memes that we should be willing to die for and many people with no intention of self preservation will defend to the death a meme that has become viral and leads to a suicidal tendency that is voluntary and very frightening because it guarantees virtual destruction of human life.

Think of all of the memes you are willing to die for. Will you lay down your life for something as nebulous as freedom? Do you believe that justice is worth dying for? How is your spiritual health when it comes to the truth? Is the truth really what we see every day? I have always heard from people that there are trusted sources that they get information from and yet most of the time these so called trusted sources are only sources for engendering destructive memes that simply put ask you to surrender your protection, your integrity, and you cognitive resonance.

All these states of mind, from freedom to slavery can be changed with a meme that that sets the agenda for your thought processes that you once thought you had total control over.

Many people wonder why people will fight for something like communism, socialism, Mormonism, Catholicism, or even Islam and never stop to wonder if the memes they pick up on are not destructive and put the stop to spiritual evolution.

Many of us today have fallen victim to unthinking engineering and have been socially coerced into thinking that the end justifies the meme.

The dangerous memes now are replacing biological imperatives, common sense and virtual well-being.

The elite seem to misuse memes in their ineffable way of social coercion and in some cases “sorceress” ways of ritual and showmanship. We all see it as entertaining and make excuses for the way it is presented and if anyone reads into the grandstanding and points out that it is an infectious hijacking of common sense, those who are already mesmerized by it will immediately criticize or malign anyone who does not enable the idea for a detrimental hijacking of the collective consciousness.

For those who see the misuse of these memes it becomes a thankless job of identifying the destructive flow of thought and trying to warn that the meme will eventually manifest if we don’t identify it and try to eradicate it and prevent it from replicating.

Toxic memes are like pathogens and as they spread it is fascinating to see how these ideas can be presented covertly, accepted within the core belief apparatus and then soon everything is suspect.

The mental concept when illustrated can be a pathetic exercise in knee jerk reaction to crisis and the outcomes become suspicious and degenerative. They can be placed in a song that has a repetitive hook or an advertisement with a subliminal image. They can be symbolic gestures that seem harmless, or major motion pictures that are made to change history through an artistic interpretation meant to sway an opinion towards a false or clouded view of what really happened.

Lately we have seen the tale of the antihero, becoming a hero. We cheer on serial killers, drug dealers and the mentally unstable in television shows and movies. We are told to enable politicians that make promises of change and hope and yet continue in generating nightmare memes of injustice and a police state spirituality that condones the murder of people without due process and a trial by peers.

We are given the meme that the constitution has become a literal death sentence, that it is archaic and does not apply to modern day activities where the imperative is to adjust evil to fit an agenda.

We see memes today that through the use of technology are now spreading into various places around the world that are wiping out cultures, demanding the move towards collectivism, destroying the idea of individual will, destroying language, belittling rites of passage, eliminating cherished traditions, and destroying religious beliefs.

This is really not our fault, because there has not been a lesson in developing immunity to such memes, there is no vaccine to prevent the spread of a bad idea, or a philosophy that creates a demon of the hour, that arouses suspicion and dread.

While positive memes exist and we feel that they bring us comfort in some ways we may have to be extra aware of how memes that we think are for our benefit can literally be a threat to the memes of others.

These memes, of course, are what others are willing to die for.

You can’t eliminate toxic memes but you can try to somehow develop an amoral understanding of what they are and how they are being generated in order to stop their virulence.

When you get the facts about anything you can attack it with passion and use vigilance to prevent making the same mistakes in opening yourself up to the same virulent ideas.



Supposing the police did burn the cabin down, this was a very shrewd tactical move. Trying to assault the cabin would risk more lives, he did already kill four people. The fire would cause him to either leave the cabin or kill himself by staying inside. In Iraq we would just shoot a missile at the cabin, even if hostages were inside. I can’t fault the police for this one.


look we are not in Iraq!

Ivanmar Chenko

Look. Those who have insisted in waging a culture war against the unique culture of the United States of America ever since WW II have essentially brought us to the brink of a real true shooting “Civil War” where the comparison to “Iraq” will be a weak one at best. This Civil War will not be a “War Between the States”—it will be fought by warring factions against each other in every city and every county in every state. It will be impossible to tell the sides by any easy means due to all the self-hating race traitor bootlickers. What this nonsense we’re having here and now will bring us to will make anything which ever occurred in Iraq or Afganistan look like heaven by comparison. Crazyman Criminal Charlie Manson wanted to see what he called “Helter Skelter” and did his damnedest to trigger it. Ever since so-called “civil rights activist” race pimps have been doing their level best to lay the groundwork to give old Charlie just what he sought while he sits back in prison taking it all in laughing. The race pimps actually believe their own phony rhetoric that their self-identiy-for-un-earned-privilege-un-deserved-sympathy&profit group have already seen the worst side of “bottom” that can be seen but they’re kidding themselves. They’re playing a game which makes the game of “tickling the tail of the dragon” graduate nuclear physics students used to play in the lab look like playing tiddleywinks. In the end, they’re going to be the ones who “get burned”. If they think blue-helmeted “angels” are going to come floating down out of the skies to institute a pax-europa on North America which will make special accommodations for all the latter-day Josephine Bakers think again. They have their own problems. It’s time to lay down the great-great-grandaddy-was-lynched crying rags and get on with our lives now as best we can—and anyone who has contracted to have any work done our bought any locally-manufactured product in recent decades will readily tell you that isn’t very well—before we destroy what we have left of a fabulous legacy as citizens of the United Sates of America. But if you think “we are not in Iraq” you just stick around for awhile if this nonsense doesn’t stop and I mean RIGHT NOW.


For all you people who have NEVER been in combat where people are trying to kill you. This guy was shooting at the police, and he was obviously a good shot. The commander on the scene made the best decision he could. There is no perfect answer, you just do what you have too to stay alive.


Back in the day, any congressman who had a pair would call for hearings on how this went down.

Daniel Williams

But that is Iraq. The LAPD has behaved in a very third world way throughout this whole thing. You know the way the LAPD always have. This whole thing has been fishy from the beginning. Remember this is all coming from the same media that turn G. Zimmerman into a white Supr., Yet were real quick to believe becuas the say he had a fb pg saying he liked Obama. I see kids make fake fb pages all the time.


Was the police commander on the scene (Not in the LAPD), who was probably a white Republican part of a conspiracy? His mission is to stop Dorner from killing more people. He accomplished his mission and none of his officers were killed. That is mission success.

Do you really believe Dorner would have surrendered? He went out like a man and I doubt he would have surrendered, even if he knew he would have the best lawyers.

Ivanmar Chenko

Christopher Dorner went out like a spoiled brat who hasn’t been trained to STFU when riding in the confined spaces of an airliner being smacked by someone long-ago tired of hearing it’s meaningless shrieks. He went out like a roach hiding under a kitchen cabinet covered with Raid. If he’d been acting like a man he’d have done everything in his power to continue living and to argue both passionately and VALIDLY for his world-view. But of course his paranoid persecution fantasies have no basis in fact. If we were a racist society wherein the police institute racist attitudes against minority group victims ( to what end? just for the pure sadistic fun of it? ) then nobody looking like Christopher Dorner would even be able to get his insane paranoid hands on a gun, much less own a mountain-getaway cabin and the means to easily/comfortably transport himself there any time he wanted. Most of the state statutes in most of the states which had to be modified in order for most citizens of most states to be able to avail themselves of some process to take training and obtain a license to conceal on their person a loaded fireARM came about after the end of the Civil War. They were instituted mainly to try to prevent a feared backlash by freed negro slaves against all caucasians and to effect such indiscriminate retribution through concealing on or about their persons weapons readily capable of lethal force. In other words, those statutes, generally defined as being against “unlawful use of a deadly weapon” were racist laws. Now we have a supposed victim of racism raiilng and ranting in his “manifesto” against the people who would seek to overturn such racism-spawned laws and to call THEM “racists” and their leftist pseudo-liberal adversaries the champions of the downtrodden sufferers of supposed “institutionalized racism”. Christopher Dorner was a chicken-Obam coward and went out like the little sissy punk he was. He said nothing valid in his act of desperation except that insane spree killers admire people like Diane Feinstein and Comrade-in-Chief Obama. Those are two individuals who don’t even have personal honor. Both have taken oaths to uphold the law, the basis of which is the federal Constitution ( including the Bill of Rights ) but they both have done everything in their power to selectively attack one of the most essential elements of that law–a social compact with the governed which basically says “and if we try to tyrannize you with our strong federal government you’re leery of, we give you license to kill it”. That was “the deal” which had to be struck to constitute a strong federal government which would coin money which would be worth more than the paper or lead it was composed of when the jews who financed the revolution collected on their investment. Now for some reason people with names like Feinstein want to welsh on that part of the deal since the people with whom it was struck aren’t around any longer to say “oh no you won’t”. Unfortunately for people like Feinstein and “Uncle Joe” Biden some of us have studied the origins of our form of self-governance beyond the highly-redacted versions available in the heavily-government-perverted public ( and now even private, sad to say ) schools and we appoint ourselves the proxies of those who did not trust a strong federal government without certain guarantees regarding meaningful controls on it’s possible excesses. We’re not going to behave like Christopher Dorner and make ourselves into large two-legged cornered sewer rats. Instead we will inform our fellow citizens with facts instead of feelings until we no longer have any ability to do so—like dissidents who spent years or decades in brutal prisons or internal exile in the old CCCP but eventually triumphed. And before I start to hear about Timothy McVeigh and his supposed connection to the Militia movement that prick was asked either pointedly or not-so-pointedly to leave every single such organization he and his careworn copy of the Turner Diaries visited. His issue was being irked at GHW Bush for deploying his unit at a time when he hoped to be accepted into the Airborne Rangers–his life’s ambition—and he sought retribution against the conservatives through creating an operation against one of the elements of their political “base”—the Militia movement—which would give the party of his hated nemesis GHW Bush a lot of PR problems to deal with through their association with gun-rights advocacy. What’s really sick about this is Bush was by no means any staunch advocate of the 2nd Amendment and during his administration conducted an off-the-books end-run around the 2nd Amendment by “asking ” Colt–with huge government contracts to produce the main-battle-rifle of the time the M-16—to stop selling the civilian varmint-rifle version the AR-15–which they did, the cowards. I know what Barretts would have told him… But McVeigh was totally dedicated to the “standing army” and his sympathies lay entirely with it. He did what he did as an “army of one” operation against that which dared to stand in opposition to their own nation’s standing army, the Militia and their only political friend to the extent they had any, the GOP. Graph the number of outrageous spree shooting massacres and school shootings against administrations in-power of people dedicated to “gun control” and see what you get. These thigns are only done by these glory-roaders when they think the current political climate will effect some huge change in the society. Changing gun laws in response to these incidents is precisely what their authors seek. Sometimes it’s because they’re trying to get back at someone to whom gun rights are important or seen to be important ( Lanza or McVeigh). In other cases it’s probably only just the idea of making a “spalsh” and correctly assessing the idiots in charge of our society at the time as to how they may be interacted with such that the “spalsh” will be effected. In any case to react as the various hysterical shoe-pilers and gun-grabbers are reacting accomplishes nothing more than to encourage more such incidents. Glory roaders are what they are and they do what they do. They’r’e not martyrs leading us to salvation from beyond the grave, they’re pathetic wretches who ought to have been sealed into a rubber room about the time they turned 18 and their true colors began to show and fed through a slot in the welded-shut door for the rest of their (hopefully short and miserable ) lives. At the very least they should be kept in situations where the odds of them passing on their nut-genes are slim-to-none. Unfortunately that has not been the paradigm for the past 7 or 8 decades now and the product is no big surprise.


He died a true death.

Honorable, in his quest to Wake-Up the simple citizen.

Not only in big cities, but small towns, as well.
He knew he would leave ‘us’ in a state of consideration, at the very least, at that absolute moment; when he was captured.

So, now….do ‘We’, as simple citizens, truly rest and truly trust what we are supposed to trust? Our supposed law enforcement?

I have a city cop who lives at the end of my cul-de-sac.

His wife asked me to take her dog because he, Mister “Protect and Serve” came home from work and would kick this dog, …because it was all over him, happy to see him – which he didn’t like – and then, on one occasion, tazered him.

Lied to his chief about why his tazer had been discharged.

I took this dog.

a beautiful, smart dog.

But, I said nothing about this Officer’s abuse of this dog.

My story is only about a dog, and I’m only from a small town, but, it’s much bigger.

How big is it??

The corrupted badges?

Ivanmar Chenko

Well why didn’t you say anything about it then? I have. I’ve suffered mightily for it to but at least I can sleep with who I am… Why do you think certain out-of-control thugs who weasel their way into situations like being a police officer continue to get away with using “color of badge” to pursue personal grudges and put a better face on their personal failings? It’s because everyone is afraid of them–including their fellow officers. There’s a siege mentality which is taught in college psychology courses. They sequester a class and give some in the class authority roles while others are the “citizens”. The situation generally deteriorates precisely as those who insisted on the 2nd Amendment prior to endorsing the constitution of a strong central government feared would happen if they made THAT mistake. As it is their protective measures gave us a little more than 200 years to figure out better controls on the bullies who inevitably gravitate to positions of authority. Too bad we were all too busy watching adult men being paid ridiculous sums to have contests of childrens’ games to be bothered to finish the job our founders began. Our current “fearless leader” said a no-brainer when he stated that “the police acted stupidly”. When said in conjunction with the situation which induced him to say it ( the predictable arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr for doing something that would have gotten the white beaten off of me by the police ) he demonstrated my principle–that positions of power attract bullies–in his case an afro-bigot bully. Later he had to “eat crow” but was allowed to do so gracefully on his own terms–over a couple of beers with the wrongfully-accused ( in that case ) officer. Meanwhile the driven-to-the-end-of-his-rope-by-the-screaming-ape-child business executive was fired before his supposed use of a racial epithet was ever a court-adjudicated proven fact… “Reverend” Jester Jackass used precisely that same racial epithet to describe our “Fearless Leader” and compounded the gaff by qualifying it with the further pejorative “uppity” when he was stupidly unaware his microphone was still “open”. He wasn’t “fired”. But the cowards who used to employ the business executive who probably only did what tens of thousands of travelers only wished they had the nuts to do was fired before he was even raked through some politically-correct kangaroo court trial… Bullying goes on. Get over it—I’m expected to. It’s not a reasonable pretext to begin a one-man “guerilla war” or to walk around your HS slaughtering fellow students with sawed-off carbines. Cops were worse bullies when I was a kid than they are now BY FAR. Semi-automatic rifles were literally marketed TO children and any hardware store worthy of the name sold at least a few guns and had a wall full of ammunition for just about anything you might care to shoot. Yet we didnt’ have latter-day-Colin-Ferguson cops going on shooting rampages and school massacres were largely unknown. How can that be? Simple! Crazy people and weird-Os were either committed to institutions where they were KEPT for their and our own good or else their families kept them locked in the attic. Now that’s a violation of Crazy People Rights. Now it’s considered more of a civil right for lunatics to slaughter each other over who gets to sleep on the warmest steam grate and to be an affront to those supposed rights for them to have ( at least ) 3 hots and a cot in some “snake pit” institution for warehousing and sequestering people of questionable mental stability away from the rest of us and all the various dangerous things which would be expected to be available to one-and-all in anything even vaguely resembling a free society. We’re at a crossroads. We can either have a dim-wit proof society or we can have a society which is dim-wit free. We’ve been going down the dim-wit-proof-society road now for about 70 years. I don’t see where anything has been very much improved by so-doing. Maybe it’s time to stop running down the wrong road, the path to perdition, as fast as we can and stop, retrace our steps and go back to a different crossroads and rescind the deal with the devil we made so that we could have the love and adoration of a bunch of people whose love and adoration don’t count for much. Time to “man up”, be willing to be called a few ugly names and do what we all know to be the right thing–tell the TRUTH.


The sad truth is: Idiots who garner a GED, can run a 60 in under twelve minutes, and have the ability to form a three-word sentence, are candidates for wearing police uniforms.


It’s not about a GED or how educated one is it’s about ones heart.


My reference to education and physical condition was to point out how minimal the requirements are. Of course it’s about heart.

Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

Ivanmar Chenko

“it’s about ones heart.” During the Vietnam Conflict our generals and DOD constantly maundered on about “winning the hearts and minds” of the gooks. Hearts, in particular, are easily “won” with vapid sophistries which wouldn’t stand up to ten minutes with an emotionless logic-obsessed

Asberger Syndrome sufferer with a world almanac. Currently a whole nation is being encouraged through the skillful manipulation if it’s “hearts” to surrender the most meaningful “litmus test” any people ever had for detecting the machinations of a would-by tyrant ( the 2nd Amendment ). The arguments are all emotion-based. You probably really do have a worse chance of being hit by a meteor than by gunfire from the dread “assault rifle” but that’s a logical fact-based argument and you’re not going to hear that from people like Diane Feinstein—one of this insane spree-killer’s great heroes. Quite obvious from reading the full un-redacted-by-politically-correct-agenda-based media sources version of his manifesto is that his “heart” had been heavily manipulated by the stupid tools of the craven enemies of personal liberty who paint themselves and their tools as “the nice people” when in reality they are anything-but. Nobody who has the wherewithal to own a mountain cabin getaway in an over-priced real estate market such as California on the proceeds of being a cop is in any way a sufferer of racism–institutionalized or otherwise. Skillful emotional manipulators can induce an individual to view life’s inevitable little slings and arrows as being signs of some sort of orchestrated program of selective oppression based on their race or their religion or their national origin or any combination of any of the above or many other things. That doesn’t make the paranoid conspiracy theory valid. Neither does having ~50% of a getting-dumber-by-the-day populace endorsing such paranoid conspiracy theories. Any people from a not-that-distant past who actually did suffer under racial oppression who could come forward in time and examine the details of the lives of individuals like Christopher Dorner or many of the other morons who have acted out similarly on similar phony excuses for their innate inabilities to control their baser impulses would declare them all stark-staring mad. They would look at all they have and all the opportunities open to them and envy them, not commiserate sympathetically with them. We as a nation must stop rending our own breast and otherwise stop mortifying our own national flesh over injustices which happened at a time when such injustices toward EVERYONE were more the rule than the exception because if we don’t there are a whole lot of international buzzards out there who are going to be more than happy to pick what remains of the edible flesh off our national carcass after we’ve destroyed ourselves—for no good reason. And not only will the best thing ever had by the greatest number of people in the greatest variety of sociological situations ever had be destroyed, but so will the last chance for mankind to manifest it’s destiny and in so-doing pay back a very ancient debt we owe to the rest of earth’s children.

Marisa Nezlover

Nauseating…and it’s going to get a whole lot worse…soon we will forget about last night’s tragedy because something even more horrible is just around the proverbial corner. Clyde please post that audio clip that you played last night with the ‘cops shouting ”burn that #*%*$(%**#*’ Please get a copy to all you can, even old George at you know where. Thank you! Praying for you in the name of Jesus and love you and your show~ Marisa

Ivanmar Chenko

“Praying // in the name of jewsus”—-there’s about 99% of the problem in a nut-shell. Look. There are ( conservatively ) tens of thousands of jews praying for me to develop some horribly painful and untreatable cancer every night before they go to bed. I’m healthy as a horse. Prayer doesn’t work, and especially to the phony son of a phony deity which was only made up to counter and overcome the various gods a people forced into the role of refugees by a 300day-long natural catastrophe 6,500 years ago found arrayed against their hopes to remain a nation while having no real-estate upon which it could be sited in all the nations in which they had to seek new homes—THEIR gods and goddesses. There’s little profit for us in the 21st century to cling to 6,000 years out-of-date concepts which only fuel continued strife and danger in western asia. We just had a little “tap on the shoulder” in the urals—“wake up idiots and begin once-more looking outward”. Humans have a destiny. There’s only one thing we’re better at than any other animal on the earth—thinking ahead and imagining what might happen. This has led us to a state where we can manipulate matter and make things no other animal could dream of making—like, for instance, starships and L-5 habitats. Something very big and very bad is going to hit this planet sooner or later that makes the cause of the cretaceous/tertiary discontinuity look like a church picnic. A lot of big mean ugly predatory creatures allowed our kind to survive. I’m sure even they didn’t know why they got a funny feeling when considering eating one of us and decided against it but there was just something about us… For every species extirpated by our high-energy civilization all others are afforded a priceless benefit–that of possibly surviving the next nearby supernova or whatever as-yet-undiagnosed maladies may plague our own local day-star—but only if we go on ahead and look outward instead of indulging in this constant bickering and in-fighting over ancient enmities we both pursue and simultaneously PRETEND we’ve grown beyond and manifest our human destiny. Even if we didn’t take along all our companion animal species, domestic food creatures and various and sundry household pests when we go since ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny we would take along much of the precious genetic information garnered from a billion year long struggle of self-organizing matter against the more general tendency towards “entropy” in our own genes–sufficient to create whole ecosystems on new planets where the only actual biological life we know of can flourish in far better security for then having some of it’s “eggs” out of this one very dangerous “basket”. But you’re not going to pray-to-jewsus your way out of the next asteroid the size of Florida that’s bearing down on us at 30,000+mph. The only thing praying to jewsus is going to get you is a $6*10^9 yearly I.O.U. to dhimmisrael and a lot of enemies who have the oil your car needs to run on buried in their back yards.

LAPD “DEATH SQUADS” KILL AT WILL! | Business as usual in the Apocalypse!

[…] the LAPD have become nothing more than a TERRORIST GANG, in the murder and WACO-style fire of Chris Dorner. No trial, no jury…just instant execution by […]

Ivanmar Chenko

I think the most interesting things the MSM was going to try to leave out of the crazed-cop story was his idolization of gun-grabbers like Diane Feinstein who he lauded for her antis-Second-Amendment activities and that he finished up his “manifesto” with the wish that Thugvon Martin had succeeded in ReginaldDennying George Zimmerman’s brains all over the sidewalk. His admiration and support of the current spate of hysterical gun-grabbing was largely redacted from presentations of his insane ramblings in the MSM until this selective “cherry-picking” was publicized in certain decidedly-non-mainstream venues. At that point they had no choice but to publicize this aspect of the mad-man’s rantings or else be made to look the fools they take us for.

2/12: Blaze Of Glory | Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

[…] As Americans sat glued to their telescreens they were riveted by the long, strange saga of one lone man. He was running out of time, the casualties were piling up and the ratings were through the roof! And as we all watched and waited for him to say something, anything – he went out in a blaze of glory… Now are we talking about Dorner or Obama? Kim Jong-Un or the Pope? Tonight, Clyde Lewis continues his stunning streak of naming the news before it happens on your corporate-controlled loudspeaker. So kill your television, turn on Ground Zero and see how ‘The End Justifies The Meme‘! […]

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