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Anxiety In The Year Of The Snake


In the time of Nostradamus there was a prophecy given about a space anomaly that will appear at the time the Pope leaves Rome. In Century 2:41 Nostradamus speaks of a howling storm that precedes the appearance of a space anomaly that describes as a burning star in the sky. From there the Pope leaves.

The great star will burn for seven days; the swarm will cause two suns to appear. The big mastiff will howl all night when the great pontiff will change his territory.

Nostradamus saw the approach of some extraterrestrial threat and the Pope leaving the throne. Today we have been told that an asteroid called 2012 DA14 is passing over the Earth – missing it by a 15 minute window. It is 17,000 miles out and it is believed it is only one of many space anomalies that we are about to see.

The Pope, of course, announced that he is renouncing the Papacy and many are saying this is fulfilling prophecy as according to St. Malachy, Pope Benedict the XVI is the 111th Pope in his prophecy and his leaving the throne is to make way for the 112th Pope that he calls ‘Petrus Romanus’ or Peter the Roman.

Benedict XVI made his announcement to the world on February 11th, 2013. Digitally the date in Europe for the announcement was 11/2 or 112. The 112th Pope in the prophecy is about to take the throne and the numeric synchronicity is uncanny.

What is frightening about the synchronicity is part of he 3rd secret of Fatima that when it was revealed caused Pope John Paul II to cry out and demand that he world prays. That most of the contents of the prophecy were also found in the book of Revelation beginning with the 8th Chapter.

The eighth chapter speaks of the sounding of the trumpets. They are heard throughout the earth and then a flaming rock the size of a mountain is hurled into the ocean causing the fish to die and ships to stand still in the waters.

The world news today seems to create many strange synchronicities. Today I was watching as many of my staff was watching the harrowing saga of the Carnival cruise ship Triumph.

On February 10th, 2013 a fire broke out in the ship’s engine room leaving people stranded off the Yucatan Peninsula. The next day the Pope announced his renunciation of his papacy and then, of course, comes that falling flaming rock from space.

Things like this make you stop and wonder if prophecy is a blueprint or if it is being fulfilled.

The Chinese have said “May you live in interesting times” and of course we do live in times where there is never a dull moment. Moments are beyond normal now – they are paranormal.

In the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of the Snake has always been marked as a year where chaos rules. The snake is not a particularly endearing animal, and although some might emphasize its intelligence, grace and beauty, others might just as easily feel it is slithery, devious and venomous. We are told not to take astrology seriously and yet it is important to point out before there was scientific astronomy, astrology was most often cited anciently as a guide to future events.

The ancient gods of the past and similar cultures were flying serpents or “dragons.” There are many who have speculated that these fiery serpents were not serpents at all but huge comets or meteors that hit the earth causing floods, climate changes and extinction level events.

Our entire Solar System revolves around a central Sun, which in turn revolves around the Galactic center of the Milky Way.

The Galactic center is 26,000 light years from our Sun and is actually a ‘Black Hole’. A hole that vacuums up everything – light & matter and compresses it. It is referred to as zero point. It is in this area where the 13th house of the Zodiac existed before it was removed. It is an area of no time. It is the house of Ophiuchus.

Ironically, Ophiuchus is known as the “snake handler” or the house of the Snake.
Although not incorporated into the 12-sign zodiac, Ophiuchus and some of the fixed stars in it were sometimes used by astrologers in antiquity as extra-zodiacal indicators in determining the times for cataclysms. It is interesting to note that the meanings of the crossing of the “Dark rift” or zero point is often associated with “Judgment” or “day of Judgment.”

Also the day of cataclysm, plague, death and the healing of the sick and raising of the dead. The serpent holder has been associated with the godlike power to judge the dead and heal the sick. When passing through Zero point the Earth is said to receive messages from the gods, messages in the form of natural cataclysm.

The magnitude 9.3 earthquake that occurred in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Sumatra in Malaysia on December 26th, 2004 was one of the most devastating quakes ever recorded. It caused a powerful tsunami which devastated coastal regions of many countries leaving over 240,000 people either dead or missing. It was declared a disaster of biblical proportions.

Just 44 hours later, scientists reported that gamma ray telescopes orbiting the Earth had picked up the arrival of the brightest gamma ray burst ever recorded! The Gamma ray burst (or GRB) finally arrived from deep space on December 27, 2004 at 21 hours 36 minutes (Universal Time) and was 100 times more intense than any burst that had been previously recorded. It equaling the brightness of the full Moon but radiated most of its energy at gamma ray wavelengths. The blast temporarily changed the shape the Earth’s ionosphere, distorting the transmission of long-wavelength radio signals.

Scientists say that the Gamma Burst came from and area between Sagittarius and Scorpio. The same area ancient astrologers had pinpointed as the area of the serpent bearer or Ophiuchus. Is this a coincidence? Or was this an example of God pinging the earth?

Scientists say that the Gamma Burst came from and area between Sagittarius and Scorpio. The same area ancient astrologers had pinpointed as the area of the snake bearer or Ophiuchus. Is this a coincidence? Or was this an example of something sending us a message.

Some say that the channels were wide and the message that was sent was from God in the form of a burst that caused a massive earthquake. We just passed out of Ophiuchus and are now heading towards the times of increased light. However the venomous poison of the snake is a metaphor that will bring with it some amazing events.

The snake is most definitely an auspicious omen, denoting an imminent and unfolding transitional time that may bring with it prophetic fulfillment. According to astrologers this is only the beginning.

We have read form the time of creation that anomalies from space have changed the planet from time to time. In the story of the creation, we hear of a flaming sword that was seen in the heavens. What was this sword? Was it truly a sword of flame or was it a streak in the sky left behind from a comet or a meteor and was it responsible for Eden to go from a paradise to the condition we see the planet in now?

Can we speculate that the ancient writings in the Bible are purely written as an account of a huge catastrophe that happened thousands of years ago? That the stories of pillars of fire, strange chariots of fire, descending beings from the stars, and the accounts of the ancient ones are all based on a major catastrophe on this planet that was the result of the gods or aliens demonstrating their power against us?

If that is the case then what is written in the books of the apocalypse are purely an echo of the cyclical nature of the serpent holder or in times of the snake. As it was in the past so shall it be in the future. The Mayans, the Aztecs and their descendants believed that the earth had been destroyed in cataclysm at least 4 times.

Each time new life and new civilizations would evolve, springing up from out of nowhere and in many cases we hear of the “serpent ropes” or the “fingers of god” touching the earth and devastating areas and killing thousands or wiping entire civilizations from the planet.

This is the true evolutionary saga of life death and renewal. This is the fundamental belief in many civilizations. From there we anthropomorphize our dealings with what is in heaven and offer our humility to a God that has not killed us yet.

It is interesting to note that in the Norse depiction of Armageddon – called by them Ragnarok – a man-god named Thor wrestles with a giant serpent named Jormungand for the fate of the world. In the book of the apocalypse in the Bible, John saw in his vision Michael the Archangel wrestle with leviathan, a giant reptile and the angel bruised the serpents head.

Are we truly seeing the metaphor play out and are we about to see what our ancestors saw transpire in the heavens?

It was just weeks ago that that the sun’s path intersected with the Galactic equator. This happens once every 26,000 years. This formed a kind of celestial crossroads or sacred Cross where the sun moved into the center of our galaxy and then passed through the “house of the snake” or Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus leads into Sagittarius, and Sagittarius’s spear points directly into the head (eye) of the “serpent” that is wrestled in Ophiuchus’s arms.

We briefly talked about the coming of the ancient serpent like comets that will be seen in the heavens this year. The first being PANSTARRS that will be seen in March about the time we will see a the new Pope take the throne and later we will see “The Great Comet” ISON that will be the brightest and most impressive comet since the 1600’s.

An ancient Hopi Indian prophecy states, “When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge“. Some claim that the intersection with Sirius will create a spectacular light show and that it will look as if a God is appearing in heaven.

Current orbital predictions indicate the comet will look brightest to us in the weeks just after its closest approach to the sun on November 28, 2013.

The frightening thing about comets is that anciently they signify the fall of empires, the death of Kings and the rising of tyrants. They often are associated with triggering the reptilian territorial mind.

It is also interesting to note that ISON is an anagram for SION or ZION symbolic of Israel and the fortress. It is the name of the Temple built to signify the unification of the world under one God.

Perhaps the warning of Ronald Reagan can apply here when he once told the United Nation’s that a universal extra-terrestrial threat would unite the earth in one common cause.

Perhaps the One World Government will form out of fear and that the anomalies from heaven will have a hand in creating a new thought form in our evolutionary leap into the future.



An interesting article, synchronized with the falling meteorite debris over the Ural region of Chelyabinsk in Russia. Mind you, the Russians at first said it was “presumably” a meteorite, which they blasted nevertheless at 20 km altitude over the 6 cities nearby. I have a request for you, Mr. Lewis and your public. Please, do pay more attention to minor happenings nearby and note down the coincidences. From my observations, the number of coincidences, observable at individual level, has increased in the last 5 years or so. It may be that the entropy is decreasing, and in extremis, perhaps that the observer influences this process. Keep up the good work, you are known all over the world and have to meet the expectations 🙂

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Too western-oriented. In eastern believe system, snake are considered a good luck sign. They symbolize wisdom, a new beginning, prosperity and creativity.

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