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Path Of The Unworthy


I received a note in my Facebook messages that showed a deep concern for the topics I have been presenting. The person was a fan of the show, but had apprehensions about what the topics have been and curious if I ever stop and ponder the possibility of how depressing they can appear.

I replied that I see them as fascinating, mainly because of the fact that there was actually a time where I dwindled in my faith about the stories my father told me and the stories I was being told by my religious leaders and school teachers. Now it seems that, in the midst of all of the so-called “doom”, I find a bit of solace in realizing that I was born at the right time and that where I am is the right place and perfect epoch to witness history unfold in a manner that is so paranormal and para-psychological.

In the 1980’s and 90s there was a Satanic panic that encroached upon the world and the idea of ritualized sex overwhelmed the clergy. The ministers and pastors from the charismatic churches spoke from the pulpit of the evil deeds and no one could provide proof that any of the Satanic sexual ritualism was happening.

Before the news that the Pope was to renounce his position of the Bishop of Rome, I was privileged to speak with Father Gary Thomas and his training to be an exorcist for the church. Father Gary Thomas was working as a parish priest in California when he was asked by his bishop to travel to Rome for training in the rite of exorcism. Though initially surprised and slightly reluctant, he accepted this call and enrolled in a new exorcism course at a Vatican-affiliated university which taught him, among other things, how to distinguish between a genuine possession and mental illness.

Eventually he would go on to participate in more than eighty exorcisms as an apprentice to a veteran Italian exorcist. His experiences profoundly changed the way he viewed the spiritual world and, as he moved from rational skeptic to practicing exorcist, he came to understand the battle between good and evil in a whole new light.

He remarked on my program that Satan is very real and the notion that the possessed can shape shift is also a reality. He said that the church was concerned about an evil that was about to attack the church and that certain profane appetites would overtake many of the elect signaling that there is most definitely a real war between Satan and mankind.

It is obvious that the world is in turmoil, angry with nothing constructive to occupy the minds of the public. We see uprisings and demonstrations that are not inherently Satanic, but are there to encourage criminal behavior in some circles and cult like behavior in others.

The blind following of those in the throes of anger can be evident and we are at point in history where anyone with the right words can hypnotize and guide people into committing acts that they wouldn’t normally do.

Back at the beginning of the year, I was noticing that there would be a schism in the world belief. The religions of the world would fight and the Catholic Church would have to recruit an army to combat what they would consider a dire threat to the church.

The churches are on the verge of folding and there is a conspiracy within the mother churches of a takeover from a dark force. This satanic influence will force the hand of the Jesuit order to declare war on Satan.

In the final mass conducted by Pope Benedict XVI he stated “We can reveal the face of the church and how this face is, at times, disfigured” the message was cryptic and indicated that the church is fighting religious hypocrisy, and internal “divisions” which sometimes presented a “disfigured” face.

This could give credence to the story that was recently leaked outlining a network of gay Vatican officials that have been abusing their positions right under the nose of the Pope. Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports that gay Vatican prelates were being blackmailed by people with knowledge of their network, which met and had sexual encounters in “a villa outside the Italian capital, a sauna in a Rome suburb, a beauty parlor in the centre, and a former university residence that was in use by a provincial Italian archbishop.

Father Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican’s chief exorcist, blamed the scandal on Satanic evil inside the Vatican; adding that there are darker activities afoot besides acts of homosexuality and the use of the Church money to carry out these improprieties.

The question is: What might be the darker activities that are being carried out by the officials within the walls of the Vatican?

The problem with citing these improprieties and stating that there is most definitely a Satanic conspiracy within the Vatican is that there is a contingency that will most definitely attack the messengers that are declaring that the wolves have infiltrated the herd and that they are now desecrating the foundation of the church and will not stop until the faith is diminished and left for dust.

In a meeting with American bishops, the Pope gave gifts to all that attended. They all received boxes and in them were inverted Petrine crosses. This sent a number of messages to different people. While many would say that the inverted cross is a Satanic symbol and a desecration of Christ, there are others who believe that it was sign that the Pope upon leaving the throne is sending a message that there are many who are “unworthy” to be in the service of Christ.

While Satanists are known to where the inverted cross, it does not necessarily mean that it is a Satanic symbol. The inverted cross is actually the symbol of Peter, the first Pope. It may even be a sign of the coming of the fabled Peter the Roman that is said to replace the current Pope.

When Peter was crucified he was said to have requested to be crucified upside down because he didn’t feel worthy of dying the same way as Jesus. The inverted Petrine cross is a humble symbol. It indicates unworthiness before Christ.

Is this a message that the Pope sees the Church in a state of unworthiness and that the earth is nearing the time of the great Apostasy spoken of by the Apostle Paul?

In all prophetic writings we see the metaphoric prose illustrating the future in coded words where in the end there will be a great whoredom that will drink the blood of faithful, the saints and the martyrs.

It is important that we see the whole picture and not just the myopic piece of irreverent bloodletting and sexual misconduct within the Catholic Church.

The Pope is the Vicar of the world and there is more to the darker vampiric urges of the elect than just pedophilic priests and homosexual scandals that may or may not be part of the reason for the Pope vacating the throne of Rome.

This goes deeper than a religious hierarchy that is drunk on the blood of the innocent. It will soon be revealed that the eaters of souls and the rippers of flesh exist in Hollywood, the music industry and that there are political and business elites who are also involved in all types of darker fetishes that border or even fully cross the Satanic line.

Many will understand while others will laugh and will continue believing that they are unaffected even though the consciousness of the planet weakens and it become blighted by the spiritual neglect that we are beginning to see in this world today.

We are angry without direction, hungry and not fed, sad with no one to dry our tears and hateful looking for the one scapegoat that we can all blame is the demon hidden under the skin of our brother or neighbor.

It may create a lack of credibility to understand that there are among us blood thirsty vampires ready to pounce like predators needing the days blood fill. Everywhere we read of people who attack and claim that they are possessed in some way. They claim to be vampires or worse.

Sometimes I get criticized for proclaiming that real vampires exist, that a time of philosophical zombies is at hand and that we are choosing the eschaton over a future that has promise.

I guess those who criticize what I say really don’t notice that during the last few days one of the main topics discussed on CNN is the trial of the “Cannibal Cop.”

Is it too bizarre to realize and report that there seems to be this underground group of Satanic fetishists that have their own social network?

There are many dark fetish or death fetish sites online that thousands of members. The sites claim to be for people who don’t want to “feel like an outcast because of your secret ‘dark’ fetish.

From necrophilia to cannibalism, there seems to be a network of people who are into the darker fetishes. There are discussions forums dedicated to death porn, “submissive slavery” and offer something known as the “female meat market.” It’s the discussion about eating human flesh for a sexual high that has pushed the fetish website and the open discussion of cannibal porn into the public forum.

They claim that the site is for fantasy and that NO REAL or UNDERAGE material will be tolerated. However the entertaining of the necro-fetishists is a nightmarish concept and who out there will take the so called fantasy to its extreme?

The fetish for blood is seen in war as well as there is covered up stories of sick and twisted activities going on during extremist’s attacks against Christians and Muslims in the middle east.

Muslim extremists attack the Coptic Christians, murdering them and torching their places of Worship. An assault on Christians protesting over a church attack set off riots that drew in Muslims, Christians and the police. No one gets arrested or prosecuted. This is an all out war against faith a full on rebellion pitting real evil against peace.

I am told that when I speak about the real demonic cloud that has spread across the world and the vampires in control, that I have somehow separated myself from reality. I am here to declare that the vampiric and cannibalistic nature of this planet is revealing itself and that there needs to be an awareness of it so that we can eliminate it and vanquish it.

We have smeared all of the bloodletting into a word salad of extremism and terrorism that is a threat and tool used by the elite for power.

In the process our leaders have diminished the true nature of the threat and the symbolism that these rituals illustrate. What we are seeing now are ritualistic crimes that have a major significance and carry theological weight in the mystical circles that exist in the highest places of authority on this planet.

If we are to believe that the Pope has resigned merely because of his old age then we are not paying attention. The Pope before him reigned until he was feeble an unable to speak. It was in some ways difficult to watch him as they propped him up on his balcony barely capable of praying or even raising his hands to the multitudes. There is something far more sinister afoot. Something darker is in control of the world and it needs to be exposed as not a fantasy but a reality.

We realize subconsciously that the elite exploit and control us, but our culture does not encourage an open or conscious acknowledgement of this fact. We don’t see it exposed in the media, nor do we see religious figures openly denouncing the control mechanisms. In fact, they encourage slavery and obedience to the treachery of alien rage and conflict. Our culture tends to marginalize those who express any ideas that indicate a mass brainwashing or manipulation is taking place. A secret stronghold that pays no mind to the peaceful teachings that are found in religion and spirituality has molded culture over the centuries.

Cultures all over the planet are encouraging their people to accept domination and manipulation. The question is for what purpose and for what outcome?

The war on the church, the Mosque and the synagogue are there for the remembrance of what is about to transpire during the end of the cycle of creation. It is the psychic raping of the virtuous and the holy war that will be the evidence that the demon, the monster and beast is unchained and let loose out of his prison.

The end is a war of wills and a challenge for the very souls of human kind.


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May I advance that the Pope, in him resigning in these dark times, wanted to bring us to attention exactly the fact that there are forces at least opposite to that of the Catholic Church. And that we would want to pay more attention, to open our eyes as to what exactly made him leave his flock specifically now. In a way, he sacrificed his place to signal us a hidden threat. Even if his intention was not to send a message, the signal stands there by itself.

True Believer

Great message. Their is a great evil out there but we have not seen yet the worst. Signs in the heavens, wars and rumors of other wars.. Yet this just the beginning, soon however God is going to level the playing field. His message will be taken to confront this evil head to head. We must hold on, and don’t give in. Be encouraged and be of good cheer I have overcome the world says Jesus. Clyde stay encouraged, the hour is dark , but joy comes in the morning. He told us it would be this way. Trust Him Clyde as I know you do. May The Lord bless and keep you and watch over you. Remember the playing field will be level soon.

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