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Dropping The Extra-Terrestrial Baggage


There have been as of late a number of well-known authors and writers that take on the subject of UFO’s that have now stated for the record that the old way of seeing UFO’s is dead and that there seems to be a whole new perspective on the subject and many UFO sightings that have been dismissed because of the whole “extra-terrestrial” or “alien” origin hypothesis. In fact, new terminologies for the worn out phenomena have sprung up and have been discussed not only with researchers but in highly secretive government and religious meanings.

Now there are UAP’s (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), ULO’s (Unidentified Luminous Objects), UNEO’s (Unidentified Near Earth Objects), USO’s (Unidentified Submerged Objects) and unclassified phenomena.

It seems that the phenomena is more complex than just the idea that aliens are flying these machines and there are many researchers that caution that not all Unidentified objects that occupy our skies are machines.

I was alerted to both stories in Fortean Times magazine and the Red Ice Creations website that were rethinking and reopening cases of UFO activity that were dismissed as hoaxes only because of the fact they carried with them the stigma of being so called extra-terrestrial encounters.

It was the opinion of authors like Jenny Randles that UFOlogy will die and the stories that are vital to investigations will also die if we always assume that what is being seen is part of some extra-terrestrial invasion. The authors were saying that most sightings are explainable. The approach is that we have to drop the extra-terrestrial baggage associated with the phenomena or we will lose the opportunity to rationally study phenomena that truly seems to be unearthly.

Many governments of the world have reopened many cases of odd phenomena in the skies and many world leaders have commented that the only way any disclosure of these phenomena can be had is to remove and all spiritual or paranormal discussions of the objects because it all gets in the way of the science of the phenomena.

High level meetings have been held in India about Unidentified Luminous Objects that have been spotted numerous times crossing the border from China to India. These objects have been seen by witnesses lifting off from the Chinese side of the border and defying radar detection.

The Indian prime minister has expressed his concerned for national security and the possibility of an international incident. There were an estimated 150 events recorded in 2012 of the Luminous balls of light traveling in the sky and moving in unconventional ways. According to a report filed by the Defense Research and Development Organization and the Indian Army, officials have seen red balls of light in skies above the border and luminous tennis ball-sized lights hovering and then darting up into the sky.

The report is very careful in its description of what they are calling an “unmanned” main craft and various smaller balls of light that accompany the UFO.

In September of 2012, a team of astronomers from the Indian Astronomical observatory at Hanle managed to observe the airborne phenomena for three days and could not reach a conclusion as to what they were seeing. The astronomers were careful not to say that the phenomena were connected to anything not of this earth however the lights and orbs were not observable planets or meteors. The astronomers recorded luminous orbs coming down from what appeared to be larger Yellowish and red lights above.

The Army Chief General of India was angered by the reports and dismissed them as hoaxes or hallucinations. The Indian press was not about to let a great UFO story go away and commented that while the office of the prime minister was very careful with details of the spectacle, that there most certainly seems to be an invasion of some sort of phenomena that defies military tracking and that is creating a bit of hysteria with those how witness it.
There was actually a story that appeared later in the India Times where a scientific team claim that a strange robot like probe was sighted in the sky.

Yet, none of the experts from the National Technical Research Organization (NTRO)-in charge of technical intelligence-and Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO), has been able to identify the objects. This has caused embarrassment rather than fear in the establishment.

Scientists say the mysterious objects are not necessarily from outer space. There is no evidence of UFOS being of extra-terrestrial origin, says reputed Pune-based astrophysicist Jayant Narlikar. The implication of them being alien objects is fancy, not fact, he says.

There is still no explanation, however, for what is believed to be the clearest UFO sighting yet, in the Lahaul-Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh less than 100 km south of Ladakh in 2004. A five-member group of geologists and glaciologists led by Dr Anil Kulkarni of the ISRO’s Space Applications Centre in Ahmedabad were on a research trip through the barren Samudra Tapu Valley. They filmed a fourfoot tall robot-like figure, that walked along the valley, 50 m away from them. The humanoid object then rapidly became airborne and disappeared. The encounter lasted 40 minutes.

It was seen by 14 persons including the six scientists. Kulkarni then interviewed each expedition member separately to verify what the team had seen. Copies of his detailed report were circulated to the PMO, ISRO, the Army and several intelligence agencies. Kulkarni established his team hadn’t seen natural phenomenon. The matter, however, was buried soon after.

I was very curious about the description of the objects in question and how they are similar to what was seen on a cold winter night in Utah. A UFO was seen by many people in the Utah County Area at the end of January 2011. The incident coincided with a lock down at Dugway proving ground some 40 miles northwest. What was seen in Utah is similar to what was seen over India.

Witnesses told the local news that a UFO that has blinking red lights released what appeared to be a glowing orb that lowered to the ground silently.

The orb was described as very luminous or ultra bright. It lowered slowly from an unknown aircraft with red lights that moved around it. Many of the witnesses were also careful not to describe the UFO as anything extra-terrestrial. However, the object did not seem like anything conventional in fact witnesses also described the craft as seeming to be more like a mechanical or remote controlled machine that appeared to be robotic.

Two days after the sightings in Utah there was a report from Israel that an unknown flying object violated a no fly zone over the Temple mount at the Dome of the Rock. The UFO was allegedly recorded by Israeli film students and another man named Eligael Gedalyovich. The videos were posted on YouTube and immediately went viral.

The event over the Temple Mount was a doppelganger for the Utah and Indian events.

The first videos that surfaced were recorded by the two onlookers who were standing on the Armon HaNatziv promenade, which is south of the old city of Jerusalem. The witnesses were facing north towards the Kidron Valley some 20 minutes when they noticed a ball of light appearing in the restricted air zone over the Dome of the Rock. One of the observers speaks to the other noting that it may be a police helicopter.

The light then descends rapidly and appears to hover over the temple dome. For a few seconds there is no movement. Then there is a flash of light and the object shoots rapidly up into the sky. The witnesses pan upward and in the night sky you can barely make out revolving red lights that seem to be affixed to some aircraft above.

However, at the height of the hysteria there were other ‘copycat’ videos that were produced that were deemed hoaxes which put the entire sighting and claims under suspicion.

The skeptics went after the original videos trying to debunk them stating that the UFO’s were created using CGI technology because of the instability of the city skyline of Jerusalem. There was what appeared to be rippling effect in the two original videos and this was cited as the reason that these videos are quote “Almost certainly fakes.

The term “almost” is key here because there seemed to be some doubt as to whether or not what was produced as proof of the so-called fakery was legitimate. Skeptics were satisfied with their research not taking into account other sightings that were similar and debunking it because of the implications of an extra-terrestrial origin.

The only reason skeptics were sure of a hoax was because of the distortion in the first video. What wasn’t said is that it could be a result of video compression. The video was allegedly shot using a digital camera. With distortion as the only argument against it, the whole story was immediately abandoned by UFO researchers for fear of reprisal.

In fact, there was a discussion that was completely ignored by the skeptics about how most digital video recorders have problems with mirrored images cropping up during recording. It many digital cameras are manufactured with software that includes the mirroring effect to counteract motion blur. These arguments have been used by skeptics against people who claim that real ghosts show up in their digital films.

So a known flaw that is common in all digital recording was used to prove a CGI hoax?

Skeptics also failed to explain the stories that were reported form Utah and also failed to compare the images from each case.

Another major failure is the skeptics ignored a report that Weather cams that were positioned farther away from Jerusalem in the Nayot district to the southwest shows a small light that wasn’t there before. This light appears around 1:00 Am. The light appears at 00:57 and then it appears again at 4:30 in the morning.
Prior to this sighting of a UFO over the Temple Mount there was a daylight sighting of a similar luminous ball of light that allegedly was shot down near a nuclear facility the next day.

All of this data was completely ignored and forgotten because of earnest skeptics willing to destroy any and all ideas of aliens.

The UFO was reported by the mainstream news in Europe Russia and the United States. It was also part of extensive commentary in the Muslim world as to whether or not the event was part of prophecy of the return of the Mahdi.

As mysterious as the talk of the return of messiahs may be and as FOX News eluded jokingly with a nervous laugh about a “second coming”, Israeli officials had another problem on their hands. After the alleged UFO sightings above the dome of the rock through December and January, it was reported that a baby was found abandoned inside the temple at the Dome of the Rock. According to a Haaretz news story dated February 7th, 2011, the baby appeared to be in good health when police arrived upon the scene, and he has been put in the care of social services.

The story cited how the mosque is a politically contentious and religiously significant holy site in Jerusalem. There was also a breaking story about the baby in the Jerusalem Post.

Many may also remember that after this event Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad began spouting off apocalyptic prose by claiming that an Islamic messiah known as the Mahdi was awakening Muslims all over the Middle East. It was just weeks after the UFO sighting and the report of the baby found at the mosque that Ahmadinejad began speaking of the end times prophecy.

Millions of Muslims believe the Mahdi will one day return to save humanity; but before he can appear, Israel and America must be destroyed.

With the grace of god, and thanks to the resistance of nations, the new Middle East will be realized soon without the American and the Zionist regimes,” Ahmadinejad said in March of 2011. “The final move has begun,” he continued, supporting his belief that the chaos in the region was organized by the Mahdi. “We are in the middle of a world revolution managed by the Mahdi.

A great awakening is unfolding,” he said. “One can witness the hand of Imam in managing it.

According to Shia scholars, the Mahdi — a descendent of the prophet Mohammed — vanished in the middle of the 9th century. Shia Muslims expect the 12th Imam to return at the end of history, at the end of days, when there’s a time of great genocide, warfare, and chaos in the world.

Tying all of the clues and stories together raises the question of whether or not what we are witnessing is another case of psychological warfare in order to induce the possibility of a messiah’s return that can be falsely interpreted as a fulfillment of prophecy.

We all know that memory can fool us and psychology has a major role to play in what we see. What is important here is the reality that events surrounding a well debunked UFO sighting have been ignored for the sake of intelligent open dialogue as to the effect of such sightings in religious centers like the Dome of the Rock.

The temple mount itself is a significant icon of religious speculation and in the future is to be the site of major destruction as we near the end times.

Reality is now approaching a time where we can look at it in a way that most actors see a well-written script. How we approach the spectacle that is the final act depends on our ability to understand what is expected and what we expect from it. As any realizable investigator of the paranormal will tell you, there needs to be enough context and stories that surround a story in order to appreciate the validity or even the non validity of it.

Once we are able to somehow develop a practical investigation into the logical at first and drop the extra-terrestrial or alien baggage, there is always room to entertain the possibility after all of the evidence is weighed in.

We may eventually be surprised with what we find out.


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