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Cosmic Vaudeville


I have often been accused of looking for the truth by first going to the edge and working my way in. Sometimes I have been told that I reach the bleeding edge and develop theories that are improbable. In some cases I have been told that what I present is ‘cosmic vaudeville’. I suppose that can apply only if what I present is somehow causing you to pause about what you are being presented elsewhere.

For the first time in my career I worry that the world and that my country has given up. That so many things are happening that there is a bit of future shock happening and that while it is interesting to point out the anomalous activity there are some that are just to meek to handle what is happening.

They say that the meek shall inherit the earth, and yet it wouldn’t be at all out of the question to get a thick skin and prepare to somehow prove courageous and successful in spit of what we see is mounting evidence that the future is against us.

There is really no need to wait for a second coming or a mass abduction or rapture, the future is now and there is no tomorrow – no time to procrastinate your mental and material preparedness for what is called the catastrophic model or history.

At the risk of sounding overly new age, I have had a swift education in the subject of life energy and how it can be used to make things happen for you. As I have been contemplating the electronic bombardment of our reality and the future shock that tends to walk hand in hand with it, I have looked into solutions as to how I can combat unwanted frequency bombardment and negativity that tends to hang over me whenever I feel helpless.

Most people with their various religious backgrounds are already aware that if they need wisdom, or inner peace, or inner light they can pray. But what exactly is prayer when you remove the dogma that surrounds it? It is deep meditation, it is manifestation and calling upon the light to illuminate you with knowledge and clarity.

It us using will to shape your immediate universe and urge others towards the same fulfilling action of making the world, not just watching it deteriorate. Prayer is a ritual that humans use to use the life energy that we have been told exists, to reach out into the cosmos and hopefully reach a target.

It’s a gamble in causal engineering.

We thank whatever power that controls the universe for the things we obtain. We ask that the power is kind and gracious enough to grant wishes. We sometimes use it for comfort and reconciliation for some sort of misdeed.

We feel that it helps. Some have more faith that it works than others do.

There are other aspects to this ritual where people who have the religious tutelage use rosary beads, other tokens and symbols like crosses, or saints to aid them in their ability to change the forces of nature, or to at least ask for permission to do so.

Prayer is actually an ancient scientific reality where those well versed in psychology and physics knew that powers could be manipulated from point “A” to point “B” using the mind.

They knew then, what people today know all too well, the mind is a powerful tool and when we tap into it we may find that it has abilities that we can’t even imagine.

These ancient “scientists” were literally magicians and Shaman who were able to have control over the elements using the mind. They had the power to act in authority and have the powers over healing of the sick, prophecy, moving of mountains and even the destruction of cities.

It has been recorded in ancient texts that these “miracles” have taken place, and great stories tell the tale of how a Shaman, or prophet was able to go into a trance like state and actually perform a miracle.

Everyone is familiar with the magic Moses possessed when he parted the waters of the Red Sea and caused manna to fall from heaven.

How was this accomplished?

Well, the religious will say that it was caused by the power of God.

But now there are scientists that are reopening investigations into the “anthropology of consciousness” and “Transpersonal Psychology” and whether or not there is an unseen force that man can control and change with training and discipline.

Some scientists are realizing that tapping into the life force through ritual and use of symbols is definitely linked to better physical and psychological well being. They are terming it the mysterious “Fourth Force.”

This “Fourth Force” also seems to be an effective tool in combating illness and disease.

Theologians call upon this force by using priesthood and priest craft. Witches use it to power sigils. Witchdoctors use it in voodoo rituals.

I admit that there are times where you can come up with all kinds of theories that somehow cause your friends to not speak to you or cause the phone to stop ringing. There are also those who claim that what I theorize is too dark and that it is frightening to read the words that fall from my overactive brain on to the keyboard.

The scary thing is some of the theories that I have thrown out there have eerily transpired.

There is no agenda with what I do and it seems that some people can’t sleep until they try to pin me to some political or religious bias.

The truth is I believe true freedom comes from being open to people’s thoughts because you never really know what gems of brilliance can come from all people and prejudice is an information killer.

Many people wonder why they don’t receive the truth. They wonder why they are not being given the answers—and I am realizing that the reason that most people are not given the truth is because of the reception it receives. It can never be comfortable to hear that there are plans being made without your knowledge. It can never be a pleasant experience to hear that you are going to die, or that the world is ending or that judgment day is at hand and that you need to make peace with God or else suffer the consequences.

It is easier to just be in denial of what is coming. It is easier to do this because to prepare or anticipate some apocalyptic event is ludicrous. There have been many apocalypses, many civilizations have disappeared. Some have died off, some have annihilated themselves.

Our failure now is that America believes what the mainstream narrative tells them, and believing only what is comfortable.

The truth is we are conjuring monsters and beasts and we are unaware of how we can control them. They may be frightening and menacing, but we are the creators and it is our responsibility to name them, identify them and eliminate them before they consume all that we have loved and fought for.

We have already welcomed into our country the demons of a high tech totalitarian stronghold, and a security dragnet that a few people knew would not be used to track the evil terrorists but to target American citizens.

While most Americans are still arguing over red state blue state policies they fail to realize that the state was plotting against them. They are unaware that war scenarios were being reviewed and planned where there would be a continuous diet of trauma that would be fed to the people in order to justify further growth for the military industrial complex.

The area of Flatbush in Brooklyn has seen many nights of riots and protest because of a police action that the citizens see as brutal. The answer has been now declaring the neighborhood an area of “exception”, which is a nice and sanitized term for police state without the governor’s consent and most of the information coming out of that area has either been blocked or ignored by the mainstream networks.

No one wants to give anyone ideas of rebellion or rejecting authority. That would be “unlawful” especially in a country that has rejected its constitution. We all love to accuse people of being criminals and demanding their rounding up by the police and yet stop short with regard to the criminality that is carried out every day at the hands of our so called leadership.

It appears that the people of the United States are incapable of getting themselves involved in some revolution or rebellion because from where they sit, sipping their big sodas – which will soon be illegal in New York – and eating McDonald’s, they never had it so good. It is far safer to whip out the cell phone and capture the riots on video in hopes that it will get massive amounts of hits on You tube or a pay for play contract with Fox News.

I don’t care how politically motivated the idiots at the CPAC are, it is only a gathering of conservative lemmings affirming their failures and failing to admit that they are enablers of the whole Obama despotism.

All I see is more war and more expedient and unfair laws continuing and none of our goals being met as individuals.

People will still be questioning the motives of our leaders, they will still criticize them and then play a sickening game of forgive and forget the minute they step into the voting booth exercising their right of sending the oligarchy a blank check. A check that will guarantee the sending of the soldiers to fight the wars in a state of invisibility where no one notices that flag draped caskets are shipped home or the aftermath of death and a high suicide rate amongst veterans.

Not only that, with the gratitude of a scorpion the Department of Homeland Security, decides to wear out any idea of trust or support for soldiers that have risked their lives for the metaphor of America and not the reality. The label them as potential terrorists and security risks as they continue their purchase of ammunition that would guarantee a lengthy war at home.

We can pretend it is getting better, we can blame the man in charge, but what needs to be said is that we all need to start making it better because the Armageddon that is coming happens in the spirit far earlier than what happens or appears in the material world.

The plan of registering and accounting mass casualties and planning for the inevitability demonstrates a sense of ideological bankruptcy. We are told to have hope and move forward with positive change and at the same time we plan for megadeath.

This should tell you that the politics is advertising and window dressing for more of the same ideological bankruptcy. Why are we continuing to validate a fantasy? Why are we perpetuating a myth and why do we act as if voting is some sort of exclusive ritual that is for the betterment of the country? Why do we continue this exercise of enabling the same stale rhetoric and empty promises?

The powerful are keeping secrets close to their vests, secrets about your future and your fate. Why is the biggest enemy for most people the idea of questioning motive of politics and formulating an opinion that keeps the empire honest?

There is a conspiracy and the conspiracy wants to offer pain to everyone equally. They want to keep secrets in the dysfunctional zeitgeist and they want people to continue propagating the corpse known as politics to keep people hopeful that they will have pleasant lives full of liberty and happiness.

Freedom is just a state of mind. You are only as free as you think you are. You can see the barbed wire, the check points, then military ordinance being moved through your towns, the black helicopters and the chemtrails spraying and still think you have never had it so good. You say to yourself that America is too big to fail and buy into the spectacle of United States because of Super Bowl Sunday, Dancing With The Stars and Las Vegas, Disneyland and KISS concerts.

They are all great escapes and are what we are good at—entertaining ourselves so we don’t have to think about our civilization spiraling into the abyss and eventually disappearing because of a controlled demolition of our constitution and everything we stand for as Americans.

How does a consensus learn all of the secrets and realize that there is a big plan for mass casualties and a rebuilding of whatever is left of our cherished way of life?

The secret of the future is simple, all of the conflict will be between a transnational wealthy elite and whatever weakened, drugged zombies are left for the police to gun down or the military to bomb by remote control somewhere on a campus where fruity drinks with umbrellas are served.

Is this what you hoped for?


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