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3/18: A Film for the Future

3/18: A Film for the FutureAs the Obamessiah prepares to visit Israel, we begin a very para-political week with the news that Iran may sue the creators of the film ‘Argo’. Now we told you months ago that the awards would go to the military industrial complex, but what if ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ was meant to take all that heat and criticism while ‘Argo’ coasted to victory? It’s a deep story with tentacles to 9/11, PNAC, predictive programming and much more. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis has a magic ticket for you to see ‘Ergo: A Bogus Reel, A Mission Accomplished‘!


Roy Cam

My apologies, Clyde, if I made it sound as if there was no element of conspiracy at all in what is going on. My disagreement is more of a 50-50 and I think I may have made it sound as if I objected outright to your conspiracy thesis.

I get up at 5 in the AM and am a burn-out by this time of night.

The POV of the opinion-makers of the world has been shifting.

The original POV was that Bush’s cowboy-esque approach to world affairs was too costly and created more problems than it solved. So, we elected Obama.

The intellectual/cultural elite of the world loved him and gave him the Nobel Peace Prize essentially for just showing up. Obama is a non-white, educated super-liberal thinker and, with Arabic name and exotic background, the thought was that he could part the waters of strife and bring about peace, the same, way: by showing up.

The left thought that the hostility that the Jihadists felt toward the West was a misguided version of their own war against the West’s dysfunctional culture and power.

The problem is Obama’s presidency has failed both to curb Iran and to get Israel out of the West Bank. The hoped-for reforms in Egypt and elsewhere are a disaster.

If Obama lets Iran get the bomb, he will be seen as a complete failure. If Obama is a complete failure, then there is no way he will win the midterms and get a Democrat congress. If he doesn’t get a Democratic congress, then the stalemate in Washington will continue to the end of Obama’s presidency.

His programs, and, more importantly Obama’s self image, will suffer devastating blows. If Israel is attacked….!

Now, was there anyone in the CIA who was convinced that Iran is/was a real threat and would want to help highlight the bad side of the Iranian regime by helping Affleck make his film?

I am sure that there were many.

Did they approach Affleck or did he get the idea on his own and then approach them?

If he approached them, then “Argo” was not born as a conspiracy. “Argo” is only a true conspiracy if the idea of the film was hatched at the CIA who then hired Affleck.

The “50-50” model comes of out how it is all managed.

I do think that the film may stir old wounds, but I don’t know anyone so disturbed. As a psy-ops piece, it doesn’t work. I don’t know anyone who wants to bomb Iran for holding the hostages.

What does affect people, especially my friends who are Jewish, is the constant stream of anti-Semitism coming from Iran’s leadership and the threats made against Israel.

So, here is where I really agree with you.

I believe that intuition guides people more than they are aware of. I think Donald Rumsfeld got to read a lot of info about threats to the US and he asked himself just where this all came from and where it would all be going.

The answer was a Peal Harbor event. He got that right. He should have gotten that right. That is what we pay leaders in responsible positions to do: have a vision. When 9/11 happens, that just confirms the intuition. Did they seek to manipulate this to their own ends? Of course.

Is there an element of manipulation in all of this as the elite get together and their minds begin to converge on a similar evaluation, a similar plan of action?


Does this invalidate the process? No. We can’t say it is ALL just a conspiracy.

There is more conspiracy here in Portland/Salem/Vancouver/Olympia to ram that dam bridge down our throats on I-5 than there is on Iran. I could be wrong, though.

For me, though, the Iran manipulation has to do with a lot of opinion makers sharing their thoughts, coming to a consensus and then, without letting us in on the process, begin to say what they actually feel.

That “without” is what gives it the deserved criticism of manipulation and conspiracy. This is especially true when it comes to Obama assessing his image and popularity as he pivots to what is essentially a policy of war with Iran, something he seemed to have nothing to do with previously.

A great many in the MSM do actually talk, compare notes and actively plan to help push policy one way or the other.

So, if you feel we are being prepared, I agree. But I do think that some of this is legitimate unconscious feeling bubbling up, realizing that Iran’s leadership is hostile in a way that no Western policy of carrot/stick will fix.

A little disjointed, but I hope it makes some sense.


san onofre power plant false flag conspiracy?

watch the will i am brittney spears video scream and shout “watch?v=kYtGl1dX5qI” look at 3:54, it’s got the two disco ball things on fire and brittany showing her 2 boobs, the san onofre power plant looks like 2 boobs, what do you think? there’s more evidence people have put out but this is the basics of it
it’s also got beheadings in the video, will i am wearing a crown like the “king” as the antichrist ? the official story if anything happens

possibly to be blamed on iran or someone else to start ww3, please explore on your show


also watch the call of duty black ops 2 trailer, it says when the things that were used to keep us safe were turned against us, that’s when we figured it out, showing drones

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