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Th3at3r Of The O113v3rse


Numbers and alignments have always been something that I have dabbled in only because of what you find in the sequential coincidences that become meaningful synchronicities. I know that many people see numbers and alignments as new age fantasies and, in a lot of cases, I do agree because I tend to shy away from the new age mysticism in favor of things that are more hardcore and unbelievable.

What I mean is that as a talk show host and as a regular person, I have an interest in such matters and I often wonder why certain months of the year bring with them all sorts of high strangeness.

The other night, I was on the air and I was reading a story about the humility of the new pope. In the story, the author could not help himself but to resort to numbers and the significance of the number 13 in the big scheme. The author covered much of what we did when the Pope was elected and how there were many 13 synchronicities with the new pope. I found it more interesting than the prospect of the pope being the prophesied Petrus Romanus.

Now it is all academic and yet the date of 3/13/13 was still causing me some mental trouble because I was counting the days between that date and the date of Easter 3/31/13. What I came up with was 18 days which I determined was, of course, 6+6+6 and then the reduced number of 18 became 8+1=9 the number known as the end number, or according to Satanic Pope Anton Lavey of the Church of Satan, a satanic number to be reckoned with.

It is also interesting to note that the Romans would measure days in Kalends, Ides and Nones. None’s, of course, were ending days or day numbered 9 or 13. In some months it was 7 and 15.

The word “None” comes from the Latin “nona”, meaning ninth or the ninth hour. The hour Jesus Christ died on the cross. Incidentally, the time of his death was 3 P.M. His age at the time of death was 33.

3+3+3= 9- 333 is half of 666 the number of the beast or Devil.

Some see the Crucifixion as part of a satanic plot to kill Christ and to bring his reign to an end. However, according to the Bible, his body was renewed and gave us the promise of resurrection or restoration of that which is destroyed.

“None” once again means an end. “None” meaning absence. “None” being the end.

According to an ancient Greek and Roman custom, the day was, like the night, divided into four parts, each consisting of three hours. As the last hour of each division gave its name to the respective quarter of the day, the third division from 12 to about 3 was called the “None, nonus, nona, or ninth.”

This division of the day was also practiced among the Jews, from whom the Church borrowed it.

The Apostles were taught to pray three times a day times three.

Terce, Sext and None.

Three, Six and Nine.

The Acts of the Apostles speak of this practice using these quotes:

Now Peter and John went up into the temple at the ninth hour of prayer.” … “And Cornelius said: Four days ago, unto this hour, I was praying in my house, at the ninth hour, and behold a man stood before me

The writers of the Middle Ages found other mystical explanations of the Hour of None. Some people believed that at the Sun’s setting on the day of None a man’s spirit tends to lower and is more open to temptation. It is believed demons try to recruit him into their fold. Anciently, the days and hours of None were used in prayerful thankfulness to God for the blood sacrifice and atonement of Jesus Christ.

I sat on the idea of the number nine and its Satanic significance and forgot that what I was seeing with what appeared to be the date 3/13/13 in the obverse. 3/31/13 looked to me like a date seen through a mirror and that it signified a mirroring affect or an obverse alignment that had some significance.

I had called a friend of mine that had more knowledge about the subject of reversed dates or obverse dates and I said that I was troubled by the number mirroring and she had explained to me that all she could think of was the number 13 as the Death card in the Tarot deck. She said to me that the Death card did not mean death and that if the card is drawn inverted that it signified destruction and then the promise of renewal.

I was then saying that there is some heavy significance since Easter, of course, is the day that we recognize this with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. She told me that this then should be a sign of comfort and I agreed.

After a while I was still obsessing over the numeric weirdness of the date coming and saw it as a portent for some reason, a date that will also be significant for people. As I studied further, I saw that the date is actually the date of the old New Year’s Eve.

Ancient cultures, including those of the Romans and Hindus, celebrated New Year’s Day on or around April 1. It closely follows the vernal equinox. In medieval times, much of Europe celebrated March 25, the Feast of Annunciation, as the beginning of the New Year.

After the Changing of the Calendars it was decreed to celebrate the New Year January 1st. Those who refused to honor January 1 as the beginning of the New Year and instead continued to use the April 1 demarcation became known as April Fools for their obstinacy and resistance to change. As the lore goes, April 1 was dubbed April Fools Day for those who clung to their old ways.

However, there seemed to be some sort of method to the foolishness as other cultures saw the end date of March into April as a time of strange alignment in the heavens. There was always a fear that alignments of certain celestial bodies would create cataclysm, war and bloodshed. There were ceremonies that were held by the shaman and people were told to extinguish their fires or a great beast would come down from the sky and kill them.

Does anyone find this story familiar? This story sounds very similar to the Passover story and the angel of death passing over Egypt and the eventual deliverance of the Hebrews.

In ancient Egypt, during the time of the great Exodus of the Hebrews, the inhabitants would rely heavily on the Zodiac. The constellation Aries was considered to be its guiding force. Aries was represented by the Lamb or the Ram. Egyptians believed that all first-born were guided by Aries because it is the firstborn of the constellations, it is also the first and foremost sign of the Zodiac.

It has been tradition that, in the time of Nisan and Aries, that the God of Israel would show his power by commanding the Israelites to kill the earthly sign of Egypt’s god, the lamb or ram. During the Passover, God ordered that all first born be killed as well in the time of Aries. The first born would be killed who were under the influence of Aries– all who were under the influence of the Ram.

We read in the Book of Exodus that in month of Nisan when the full moon of Aries was about to appear in the heavens the righteous would be warned and the infidels would be given the warning that death would be at their doorstep.

The blood sacrifice would occur. The first born would die.

The apex of Aries power begins upon the full moon and the signal of an alignment or the position of a planet or star. There was also great importance placed on the movement of comets. There are some who speculate that the Destroying angel was a comet and in its wake a whirlwind came and claimed the first born.

Those who had the blood or the ram on their doors survived. The ram, of course, is the symbol for Aries.

In the book of Genesis, we have been told the story of Abraham. Abraham was going to murder his only son. He was going to offer him to God as a ritual sacrifice. While we have been taught that this is a test of faith it would be considered a horror story today.

God told Abraham to offer up Isaac as a sacrifice. In obedience Abraham took his son laid him upon the altar ready to be murdered for God. God comes down and tells Abraham not to harm Isaac. Abraham looks over and sees a Ram stuck in a thicket. He then takes the Ram and kills it and sprinkles its blood upon the altar.

After the stories of Abraham and Moses there are many other places in the Bible where the righteous are told by the Gods to sacrifice the Ram in order to purify the earth of evil.

In the book of Leviticus it say that if a man in ignorance sinned against the law, atonement could be made through the sacrifice of a ram “without blemish“. Does this mean that the leaders of the world believe that the earth must go through the sacrificial rite in order to purify it and protect it from destruction by the Gods?

Does the sacrificial rite of passage need to take place at the time of Aries?

History seems to show that this might be the case:

Jesus Christ was tried and sentenced to death by crucifixion. The date of his death was in the month of NISAN 33 AD. He died at 3 PM or the 9th hour from sunrise. He was also called the Lamb of God unblemished and first born of God.

Throughout history, the rubicon of Aries has been crossed and the result has been the shedding of blood.

It was on April 13th, 1861 that the American Civil war began. The death toll at wars end was an estimated 620,000.

On April 14th, 1865, John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln in Ford’s Theater. The murder of the president led to the decree of martial law. This created more paranoia and more hate in the country.

America declared war on Germany and the Central Powers on April 6,1917. It was the beginning of World War I. By wars end, 50,000 American soldiers had been killed.

On April 1st, 1924, Adolf Hitler was convicted of high treason and sentenced to five years in Landsberg Prison for the attempted coup against the German government. All of his actions led to his rise as Chancellor. His actions brought about one of the bloodiest of conflicts. World War II had estimated casualties totaling 57,000,000.

This included the deaths of Jews that were shipped by the trainloads to concentration camps beginning on March 26th, 1942.

Whenever you see a major event where many lives are lost you may want to check the dates.

From the attack on the Mount Carmel compound in Waco, Texas, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Columbine School massacre to the 39 cult Members of Heaven’s gate at Rancho Santa Fe – we see a pattern. A pattern where human sacrifice and bloodshed has continued for millennia.

The stories from mythology and the biblical texts also show a pattern. Take, for example, Greek mythology.

In the Greek myth of Phrixus, the ram appears again. The ram appears just as Phrixus is offered up as a human sacrifice. Athamas had sought to ward off a famine by offering up his son Phrixus. Ino, his second wife, had cleverly convinced the king that unless he would offer up the beloved children of his first wife to Zeus, the famine would be certain and inevitable.

To help ensure that Athamas would fall for her scheme, she then later persuaded some of the peasant woman to parch the wheat of the field, so that in all appearances, it might appear to the king that the crops were failing miserably.

Finally, to further guarantee success, Ino bribed certain messengers, instructing them to pretend to be messengers sent directly by the Oracle at Delphi, pretending to have a special message directly from Apollo himself for the king.

Through a handful of false witnesses, the king became absolutely convinced that his beloved son Phrixus must be sacrificed in an attempt to appease Zeus.

As Athamas was about to sacrifice his son to Zeus, Hercules appeared and took the knife from Athamas hand, thereby attempting to save the life of Phrixus.

During all this confusion, Hermes also sent forth Aries from heaven. This action allowed both Phrixus and his sister Helle to climb upon the back of the ram in an attempt to make their escape. As the ram had ascended into the heavens, his sister Helle lost her grip and sadly plunged to her death.

After he escaped, Phrixus sacrificed this ram in gratitude to Zeus. The Golden Fleece of this great ram was afterwards presented to the king who responded by giving Phrixus his daughter to marry.

Funny how stories keep repeating.

Interesting how sacrificial rites are performed on small scales and grander scales.

Dark fathers sacrificing sons.

Our forefathers began the cult of human sacrifice and somehow were fearful of the Gods. The old tales, mythologies and biblical chronicles are an account of homicide, genocide and war. The ancients believed that a sacrifice to the Gods would keep the earth from a major cataclysm.

And so it continues today.

As the Easter weekend approaches and the date of 3/31/13 approaches, you may not know that the traditions of the “sacrifice” to the aligning stars and planets were also recorded by the central and South American civilizations.

In the Yucatan, there were alignments or Ahau’s that were totaled to 13 much like the Mayan 13 Baktun or cycles. In each cycle was a significant prophecy and upon the 13th there was a warning or possibly a catastrophe which was given to teach a lesson.

This, of course, is very similar to the Saturnalian “return” where every New Year there was a celebration to Father Saturn for not killing his children in that year.

I was referred to this coincidence because of the date of 3/31/13 being a long count end to the 13th Ahau or alignment with what has been called the Wayeb calendar. 3/31/13 is known as the 13t Ahau 3 Wayeb. A congruent end to the calendar before the astrological New Year and end of the world observance. Fire ceremonies are held on April 1st as a celebration of life.

The last time 13-Ahau fell during Wayeb was 51 years ago on 4/23/1962, coincidentally the same year where the United States had a 13 day nuclear missile standoff with Cuba the following October.


Now, North Korean state media has been stating that the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, had ordered his missile units to be ready to strike the United States and South Korea. Without question, this nuclear standoff is sparking memories of a Cuban missile-type crisis, a nuclear conflict in no one’s interest.

At this point, Pyongyang’s nuclear capability can no longer be doubted. With three nuclear tests under its belt, Pyongyang should have more confidence in its capability to combine its warheads with medium-range missiles capable of reaching all of South Korea and Japan. While North Korea currently lacks the ability to deploy a warhead on an intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach the US intelligence reports were saying that pictures released by the supreme command showed that targets in the United States include Washington D.C., Los Angeles, California and Austin, Texas.

It is at this point where we ask: Is this all theater?

In fact, the media reports that Austin is selected target because the North Koreans want to target the home state of George W. Bush.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama has been sending B-2 bombers in a dramatic show of intimidation, but it is transparently understood to be a direct threat to North Korea. It seems it is only increasing the tensions and instability there.

Making connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena affects the way we experience life. Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity to explain the simultaneous occurrence of two meaningful but not casually connected events, which have the same or similar meaning.

If we arrange the target date 3-31-13, we are presented with 13-3-31. This can be referred to as the 333 portal in the middle of the pillars of an 11 which form a numerical stargate. The numbers 333 are ascribed to ascended masters in numerology and also manifest in natural cycles with reference to celestial events and alignments. For example, Comet Tempel-Tuttle the progenitor of the Leonids meteor shower has 33.3-year orbit. We will pass through its tail about the same time Comet ISON will be seen above us in the skies later in 2013.

Another synchronicity involves the Georgia Guidestones that were erected 33 years ago on March 22nd, 1980.

It is interesting to note that the stones are located 173 miles outside of Hinesville (1+7+3=11) Georgia where the zip code is 31313 or 31/3/13. Do the math– 3+1+3+1+3 ….13.

Welcome to the theater of the obverse – or the absurd – whichever you wish to believe.


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