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4/1: Fools Rush In

4/1: Fools Rush InIt may seem like make believe, but our perceptions truly are shaped by mass media. This is no April Fool’s Day joke: Our current predicaments – geopolitical, financial and even nutritional – are being created by the same multinational corporations that then sell it back to us as though it’s mere popcorn entertainment! Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis shouts from the mountaintops that ‘Olympus Has Fallen And It Won’t Wake Up‘!


Sean Siegrist

Clyde, what a breath of fresh air you are. I ran across your program when Peter Velenda was the guest and have been a nightly listener ever since. I truly appreciate the honesty and forhtrighness with which you present the disparate topics. Also, the fact that you actually listen to callers and guests; further that you have no political agenda. Anyway, you have a lifelong fan out here in Las Vegas. Keep it up, Brother. Sean…

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