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4/12: ‘Brain Games’ w/ Jason Silva And Elana Freeland

4/12: 'Brain Games' w/ Jason Silva And Elana FreelandIt’s Friday night at Ground Zero and it’s been a rather strange week of secrets and transmissions. As the world seems on the brink of ‘unavoidable‘ war, the battle at home may have already been lost as our fellow man seems to be having an apocalypse of the soul. Tonight on Ground Zero, we’ll continue our analysis of last night’s electronic harassment as Clyde Lewis is joined by futurist Jason Silva of National Geographic’s “Brain Games” to wrap up this stunning week of ‘Mental Hopscotch‘! (Also featuring Elana Freeland of Paranoia Magazine!)


no name

braingames is not a new show, its been around for at least a year or so …………….. got to run …..


[…] No comments (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); SATURDAY APRIL 13 2013 If you didn’t hear it or listen to it, last night’s Ground Zero radio with Clyde Lewis w… Lewis’ subject matter the night previous was electronic harassment  He received […]

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