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Mental Hopscotch


Last night, our show on electronic harassment ended on a chilling note. In the last minutes of the show we received some disturbing phone calls. One was a guy who was talking about his experiences and the story that he had caught a dragonfly that he thought was a drone. In the middle of his stories of being electronically harassed and having near death experiences, he threw in the story of a man that walked into a California Home Depot and quietly, without fanfare, cut his arms off in the tool section of the store.

When he said it at the time it didn’t register to me that the man probably was hearing voices telling him to do it. It never dawned on me that the whole time I was talking about people doing crazy zombie like behaviors that he could have been a victim of this type of testing.

It just goes to show that we are not even used to the idea of being harassed, tracked, and under surveillance. It is happening silently and we are seeing the results of this type of electronic psycho-bombardment.

The other two calls were equally chilling as Brian from Waco, Texas called to say that he and his fiancé were being harassed electronically. During the call I began to notice that whenever he was telling his story the phone conveniently sounded like it was being jammed because all I was hearing was gibberish. I asked him to email the story to me because it was evident that his phone was being jammed and was giving credence to his plight.

However, the final blow was when a caller named Carlos phoned into the show from San Antonio. The call was odd as he greeted me in Spanish. I replied back in Spanish and told him that the call should be in English. He sounded like he was shaken up and wanted to say something about cults. The strange part is that as the phone call was progressing we could hear someone saying just under him some unintelligible words and then we could hear “Only heard part of it” and some scratching. At first it sounded as though there were two people on the line with him. It sounded like typical cell phone interference.

Carlos was rattled, taking anxious breaths and sounding nervous. I assure him that he would be okay.

But then I heard the “boop” sound, indicating that the line had dropped. However, even though the line had dropped and he was gone there was still someone listening in on the carrier. There were still some scratches and static. Then silence.

I realized to my horror that the line had been tapped. The engineers of the show, the board operators and everyone else came into the studio during the break and were shocked.

Somehow the phone system was compromised and there was someone listening in on both Brian and Carlos’ calls.

This has never happened before and we tried to simulate how this could have happened logically and even the chief engineer did not have an explanation only that someone had a great interest in demonstrating on my show that a phone system can be hacked and how someone can be monitored on the carrier line.

At the end of the night I realized again that not everything can be easily put in a box. I also realized that there would be a lot of people that would dismiss everything as hysteria. However, I was there, there were witnesses and even some of the listeners knew that something about the calls were not at all right.

These are the things that just don’t happen in front of the mainstream. I even lamented that the time it happened was close to midnight and not during the national broadcast. I thought that it was a convenient way to send a message without too many people paying attention.

I even went as far as to rationalize that it could have been the result of a solar flare that happened at about the same time. That is only because when you are in this field of reporting nothing is out of the question and in most cases all things are considered until you can nail down a cause.

I am beginning to realize that while the mainstream narrative does its best to create the world and shape your views there is no escape from all of the crazy things that happen in the world. When you rub your eyes after you awaken the world is full of some pretty peculiar things that when brought up can either generate a sigh of relief or some of the most obnoxious behaviors I have ever witnessed.

I learned a lot of from exploring the possibilities of electronic harassment and that is while many of those experiencing it sounded as if they were delusional it doesn’t explain why when all things are considered people do the craziest things.

We are told by the self help gurus that dissatisfaction, paranoia, and anxiety are all good for you if you channel it into something satisfying and constructive.

When I hear that I just find myself recalling the Orwellian idea that we should be satisfied with the world that the elites have created. Today we have somehow adopted a sort of Stockholm syndrome where for some reason we have accepted that war is is the panacea for peace, freedom has been reduced to a permissive, politically correct slavery, fear is healthy, ignorance is strength, and stupidity is praised as the new intelligence.

Then I asked myself, if it is mentally healthy to frame everything into an Orwellian parallel? It can really make you crazy to be in the middle of some strange dystopia and Americans who can’t see it should wake up to the mental hopscotch.

I know how it is and what I see, and you may not be awake to it, but we need to kick out the denial and focus on the idea that there seems to be a conspiracy of silence about the world falling apart. There seems to be a tendency to keep the country calm about radiation leaks contaminating the ocean by avoiding reporting them. It is okay to focus on push button campaign stories in order to avoid any conversation about the new cold war and the potential nuclear threat, detainment camps, draconian bills that are passed by our elected leaders, and a President that is looking more and more like a dictator.

I receive e-mails from time to time from irate people who say that they can no longer listen to my show when I criticize the government for what they do. They tell me that it sounds as if I want to find everything wrong with Barack Obama. Well the minute they bring him up I know what they are thinking, they are thinking I am some right wing conservative that is all sad because Mitt Romney didn’t win the election and, quite frankly, I get irritated with that because we all know that either person would have pushed us even closer to the apocalypse. However, the devil we know is doing a great job of ratcheting up the angst and playing those political mind games and throwing out the proverbial political guilt trips about guns, environment while partying with Justin Timberlake and sending his good friends Jay-Z and Beyonce on lavish trips to Cuba. All the while we are being told that North Korea has us in a Klingon standoff and China plays a good game of good cop bad cop while Japan busily makes body bags for the inevitable.

Meanwhile on the homefront, the debate is still on with regard to guns and mental health. When people were certain that their guns would be taken they immediately rushed to judgment on the mentally ill and the scapegoat of SSRI’s and other psychotropic drugs. Every investigator wants to find that detail in order to exploit it in a salacious way. However, it isn’t stopping there. While many people want to go on the witch hunt and find the person that is mentally ill and demonize them, they better be careful because the definition of just who is crazy and who isn’t has just been widened.

I was reading an article that was sent to me by a friend who told me that I should be alarmed with the dialogue in it about a young man whose sister was worried about his mental state because of beliefs in certain things that for others seem normal.

The story is about a sister’s relationship with a brother who has “mental illness” and a related movie she is making about the issues. Although it does appear her brother did have some personal issues, The article explains that certain unhealthy beliefs that a person talks about may be indicators of mental illness.

According to the article, the brother was insisting on “conspiracy theories about the New World Order, the Illuminati and the Rothschild family“. He wanted his parents to close their retirement accounts and invest in gold. He claimed to be in love with a woman on the internet who called herself an “indigo peace child“, a woman who also talked about her father being abducted by aliens. He started researching chemtrails.

These things are all viewed as clearly “delusional” in the article, every one of them a serious topic on any number of alternative media shows.

The disturbing trend in the mainstream narrative is that they do prominently place their derision against anyone who questions the reality placed before them. They are quick to dismiss areas of research that have been studied by highly intelligent, non-delusional people and are immediately highlighted as absolutely crazy.

There is no debate in the media if you believe in any conspiracy theory you are crazy and delusional.

This brings me back to the show I did on electronic harassment. It never ceases to amaze me how people can be so snide with regard to new ideas and possible reasons for why the world is the way it is.

One person wrote me and told me how sick it was of me to exploit the mentally ill on my program. I was infuriated with the statement, because in my heart I worried if the people that were calling were having a psychotic break. However, the more I listened and when I had the opportunity to talk to Dr. John Hall, I was beginning to wonder if maybe there was some sort of electronic testing of the brain going on and that Americans are the guinea pigs.

I mean, people see chemtrails and believe they are being poisoned. That is the easy part and people can obsess over the entire prospect. They can see a trail, take pictures of it and even take samples of the air.

How can one see a radio or microwave? If a person says they are hearing voices and those voices are being transmitted into the skull, how would you know if the person is lying or delusional?

You wouldn’t.

However you could always research the patents on things like LRAD technology and how the military has weapons that can beam a message directly into the brains of the enemy.

They had to have tested it on someone. They have always testes unwilling subjects. With one frequency change the brain can do so many different things. It can change moods, it can create anger, peace and it even can induce violent and dangerous behaviors.

As we were talking with “Jeremiah” about how the “voices” told him to kill his father, my heart sank. I wondered what was in his brain at the time the knife was plunging four times into his father’s chest. I wondered if there were tears or rage or just some zombie like stare and an action that has no explanation.

Then I came home to a voice mail from a friend that told me that a man walked into a Home Depot in California, went to an area where there were dry wall saws and proceeded to saw his arms off to the bone.

Laying in a pool of blood the man had a shallow heartbeat and was saved by an off duty paramedic. The scene was described as something out of a zombie film. No one suspected that the man had anything wrong with him. He just walked calmly to the saws and began sawing his arms off.

The man didn’t scream, and according to witnesses went unnoticed. He said nothing to paramedics. He now is in intensive care.

I am at a loss. After hearing about these so called electronic guinea pigs anything is possible anymore.

The truth is that the military has now developed Long Range Acoustics or LRAD systems that they can use to emit sound that completely misses the ears and goes directly into your head. The LRAD beam was originally used to emit a loud sound to apprehend disable someone. Now it is being used to send spoken messages up to 300 meters.

Oddly enough, the LRAD system has been nicknamed the ‘voice of God’.

Still don’t believe that the technology is real?

Perhaps you can investigate a Washington Post story where Al-Qaida operative Abu Zabaida was taken into custody and was waterboarded for information. No matter how much they tortured him he would not divulge information about terror activities. The next day he had a change of heart. Zubaida walked in and told his interrogator that Allah came to him in a dream and spoke to him directly, telling him to cooperate with officials. Was it really Allah? Or could it have been an LRAD induced electronic hallucination?

Jon Ronson is a powerful writer, investigative journalist and documentary film maker from the U.K. He has recently uncovered various experimental projects being carried out by the U.S. military. His book “The Men Who Stare at Goats” uncovered strange psychological operations being carried out by the U.S. government including the use of psychic warfare to assassinate an enemy.

In 2007, Ronson reported on real “non-lethal” technologies developed by the military like “the gay bomb,” a bomb that releases an aphrodisiac pheromone designed to make enemy forces so attracted to one another that the US could just march in and take over. He also discovered plans to use low-frequency infrasound weapons which easily penetrates most buildings and vehicles and creates nausea, loss of bowel control, disorientation, vomiting, potential internal organ damage and death.

I wonder about people who on one hand will tell me that the government has technology to fake an alien landing and on the other tell me that anyone who hears voices transmitted in their brains cannot be victims of the same technology that could be used to do fake that same alien invasion.

Don’t you find it at all interesting that Adam Lanza, the alleged shooter at Sandy Hook, woke up one day and decided to shoot up a school and kill children at about the same time that Barack Obama told the U.N. that he would sign the small arms treaty?

As far back as November, after President Obama was reelected for a second term, his administration reinforced its support for the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty also known as the “Small Arms Treaty“. This alarmed the citizens who believed that the move would infringe upon constitutional rights.

He knew it would be a hard sell to the American people. Then a miracle happens, a shooting so horrific that he could get the support from the people that guns needed to be taken.

All they needed was someone to program, someone who could hear the voices to kill. Is that so far-fetched? The timing is amazing. It’s almost like it was planned.

Be careful, you don’t want to be one of those mentally ill conspiracy theorists now would you?


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Linda Barnett

the guy who tried to saw his arms off reminds me of the jesse ventura episode
when they hypnotized a guy to drag his foot. it worked, but the guy totally
denied he had been dragging his foot, until shown the video. it could be that
the guy never felt any pain?

how convenient that the authorities say that anyone responding to stimuli
that THEY are creating is “crazy.” to what end? i guess big pharma will
make money, and there’s another person not eligible to own firearms,
according to the new wacky rules being invented. slight problem here.
it is unconstitutional to deny a person rights due to mental illness.
unless a person has a history of violence, there are no grounds for
denying them firearms.

eg., the new ny state laws violate the 2d, 4th, 5th, 14th amendments.
normally, this would never pass muster in any judicial review, but
of course, “normal” has gone out the window!

people are in denial that the america they love is now totally corrupt.
if they accepted it, they would have to DO something. so they rather
kill the messenger (those who bring up problems, radio hosts, etc…).
this is a huge problem in ny state–pull the covers over your head, and
believe the monster will go away.

no, it won’t.


agreed. huge problem everywhere; so many nowadays, when I’m out doing errands or whatever, they hurry along, sometimes looking down or straight ahead and if you happen to catch their eye and give them a friendly smile, they almost look shocked that somebody would actually do that. unless they are in a group, they act this way and I live in the midwest. in conversation sometimes, members of my own family will say that they don’t want to talk about certain subjects; “too depressing” or they think that I “listen to too much fox news” which, by the way, I don’t get because i don’t subscribe to any cable and rarely watch tv anyhow. I have found that the people who will discuss touchy subjects seem to be those who have gone through a lot of tough experiences in life, or going through another difficult time such as job loss or cutback, having a tougher time than before of making ends meet etc. maybe it’s been going on longer than say the last 4 or 7 years but I really began to notice changes in about 2005 or so. so many, too, seem to be on some kind of anxiety drug or other; that used to be a rarity. just some observations but have worked with the public for much of my 60-plus years on this planet and you tend to pick up on people’s moods, I guess.

Linda Barnett

the 40-50 age group has literally watched america go down the toilet.
we have something to compare it to, which creates a great sense of loss.


one more quick thought: don’t rule anything out and don’t just assume…just be aware of what is going on around you, wherever you are. these are strange days.

Linda Barnett

agreed, the people i see while walking, cycling, act very automatic. many times
i have almost been run down on a pedestrian crosswalk with a white signal on,
by people who sit behind the wheel like robots. i think a lot of this behavior is
due to overuse of prescription meds and GMO’S (poor diet).

people need to reach out verbally and online when they have issues (not
stuff they can use to label you crazy) because we will then realize that
millions are in the same boat. psyops mind control programming aims
to alienate the individual, so we need to go in just the opposite
direction the NWO wants to push us. if they try to control the web,
it will be to alienate us from each other.

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