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4/15: Off To The Races w/ Jack Blood

4/15: Off To The Races w/ Jack BloodThe real action is in the reaction.” Unfortunately, we told you that this week would be marked with homegrown errorism. This week is historically marked with ‘catalyzing and catastrophic‘ events: Waco, OKC, Columbine, Virginia Tech and on and on. Oh, it’s also Patriot’s Day and, wouldn’t you know it, there were simultaneous bomb drills being run by the homeland stasi… Tonight, Ground Zero gives you the real developing story as Clyde Lewis is joined by Jack Blood of Deadline Live on ‘Death Race By Remote Control‘!



What are you “Rush Lewis?” LOL! What a worthless garbage program! You listen to the people calling in and you can count their teeth on one hand. The worst show ever with crap “facts” tied together with more crap relationships all arriving at crap conclusions. Your talking about the deaths of the children in Connecticut was the lowest of low of any program I have ever heard, ever. You are just a no values bottom feeder. Have a nice day you POS!


i’m sorry i didn’t get the whole show, what was passed on the 15th, something to do with trading? Also I’ve never heard that there was a building 7 that went down after 911, what was in that building?


Linda Barnett

here are two links, i looked it up–

bill signed by obama scaled back on financial oversight–

what was in bldg 7—wowee!!!! this is NUTS.

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