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Death Race By Remote Control


I was on my way into the office when I heard about the tragedy during the Boston Marathon. As may already been assumed, my staff and I are horrified at this loss of innocent life, and many of us have friends and family in Boston. Our prayers are for all of the victims of this bombing as well as their families.

When we try to piece together the story outside of the narrative, we do so out of respect for the entity known as the fourth estate. We don’t do this be salacious; or even cruel; we do it because we try to offer you many pieces of information to consider.

The media is trying to make this incident into another September 11th attack. While it is tempting to compare this to the event that killed 3000 people, it is unnecessary. This is a by-the-book Department of Homeland security/F.E.M.A. tabletop exercise. By saying this, I am not implying that they are responsible, I am saying that this attack has been spoken of, written about and detailed in many events that have been carried out as mock drills across the country. The government has been ready for these attacks and have been prepared for years. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases scenarios such as these have also been part of FBI criminal investigations as well.

For many years, from speaking events held in bars to direct-to-download podcasts, I had been reporting that the new terror-by-the-book would consist of a number of simple asymmetric attacks that would include weapons that have been used in the war theater. Specifically, there would be homemade bombs and other devices made from simple hardware that can be purchased and rigged for a small-yield explosion that could kill people in what is called a “fishbowl” situation.

The new terrorists, according to the Department of Homeland Security, have already been identified. They are depicted as homegrown extremists, mostly right-wing and Christian doomsday cultists.

While Islamic extremism has been dialed down some, there is always that threat as well; however, the focus has been primarily the person who more than likely hates the government or has a vendetta with police.

When terrorism comes knocking at your back door, you take notice. When people conspire to create chaos in your neighborhood, you just don’t know who you can trust.

The pattern is being established in order to illustrate the extremism from all sides creating an invisible enemy that can strike at any time.

Not too long ago there was a story about a Christian militia group called the Hutaree. In case you may have forgotten, the Hutaree was in the news because they claimed that their mission was to hunt down and kill the antichrist. According to their website, the group was “preparing to battle the Antichrist because Jesus wanted them to be ready to defend themselves using the sword and stay alive using equipment.

The FBI arrested eight suspects: six members who were from Michigan and two from Ohio. According to their indictment, the Hutaree were allegedly plotting to kill police officers and then kill more people by planting bombs in cars of other police officers attending the funerals. They were hoping it would start Armageddon.

But what they didn’t know was that there was an FBI agent that infiltrated the group and tipped off other agents that this militia was about to go into action. The FBI agent helped the militia select targets and create bombs. Back in April of 2010 there was a similar allegation about a plot to bomb Jewish synagogues. NBC News reported that the whole plot was hatched by a federal agent provocateur. The claims by the defendants in the case were that they were not inclined or even thought of committing a crime until the agent paid them and then badgered them into the plot. So, in truth, there were nine conspirators.

We cannot forget what happened in February of 1993. The FBI contacted willing terrorists to bomb the World Trade Center. The FBI even showed them how to make the bomb and where to put it to actually destroy the buildings. However, the FBI agents switched the inert bombs with a real bombs. The “would-be” terrorists didn’t park the van in the right place and so the bombs didn’t bring down the building as planned. The incident ended up killing six people and seriously injuring over 1,000. It is indisputable that the FBI is actively engaged in carrying out bomb plots in the United States and then halting them at the last minute to “catch the terrorists.”

We do know that the FBI terror attack plots are psy-ops to create an atmosphere of fear and the illusion that we need greater security powers along with their attendant loss of freedoms. These types of psychological operations are important to harden the resolve of those who wish to allow for a police state in this country.

Once again, there is no proof that the FBI carried out today’s bombings. The mainstream narrative has avoided talking about a Boston Globe tweet that read, “Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.” Drills are essential to train personnel, however the timing of such drills and the way they are spun in the narrative need to be examined and scrutinized objectively when they also include events where people are killed and are conveniently made into false flag attacks with a patsy already selected.
Many sources are implying that there were EOD drills being held near the JFK Library. It was also reported that a bomb exploded at the library and later authorities claimed it was an electrical fire unrelated the the Boston Marathon explosions.

According to CNN, University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, who was near the finish line of the Boston Marathon when a series of explosions went off, said he thought it was odd there were bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines.

They kept making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about,” Coach Ali Stevenson told a local television news crew. “It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill.” Stevenson had just finished the marathon.

His wife had been sitting in one of the seating sections where an explosion went off, but thankfully she left her seat and was walking to meet up with him.

I wish to point out that this bombing went from an “incident” to “international terrorism” in less than minutes. I want to stress that the truth is a bit uncomfortable right now, that this is an ongoing event that is live and active and has not been investigated properly, and that, contrary to what has been erroneously reported, there is no suspect. Keep in mind that what is happening now is that they are sweeping the area and are still defusing found unexploded ordinance.

A live event in less than 30 minutes became a terrorist attack and within an hour had a patsy called a Saudi national, even the though the Governor of Massachusetts said there were no suspects or motives.

So far the habit of screaming false flag appears to be a bad one. This too is detrimental to any investigation. If you are told only that one event is a false flag, it is wrong to say that they all are, especially without facts or even empirical evidence which at the moment seems not to be present.

Two bombs went off, there are dead victims and many people are injured. Nobody has yet claimed responsibility, and there are no known suspects. So where is the false flag? Screaming false flag or capturing the moment by declaring all things false flags is becoming a nuisance.

We are now in a very sad situation with regard to any investigations that are being strong armed by erroneous and misleading words that can be cajoled into “immigration issues” and “Islamophobia.” False flag is a catch all and is being misused and should be trademarked by the creator of such terms so those who really want the truth can assume that the investigations into events like this that become dirtied with nonsensical buzz words.

Nothing ever stays clean in a world of mistrust. Our hyper-awareness can’t handle a perfect world. Was it ever a perfect world? Was there ever a time where you could trust the motives of anything or anyone? We are in a time of programmed helplessness. Sure, the world is bad, everything is bad, but what can we do? Everyone is out to get us, and we are told that we are targets because we are free.

The big lie is when we are vexed by increased worries that we are not free. We are not happy, and the big lie we tell ourselves is that something will intervene. We hold an externalized hope that we will be delivered from the dread. In the 50’s we were told to “duck and cover.” Today we are told to “give up,” or that if we are not with the majority, we are alone. When we are alone with our thoughts, we succumb to the paranoia that lurks in the shadows.

There seems to be an onset of paranoia in the United States in the present day that permeates far more thoroughly than in times of the Cold War. In that era we were aware of the Soviet threat. We could name the so-called enemy and we could hide in our shelters with guns and ammo waiting to dive into our stored wheat that we would grind into bread. The world worried that nukes would be used to show who was boss. Even though there was deep rooted paranoia during the Cold War, there was nothing more dreadful than the paranoia in the post 9/11 haze.

Now we have asymmetric terror and nuclear war threats all over the headlines, and whether you like it or not it, affects you. It is also interesting to note how social media affects you as well. In the era of Facebook and Twitter, everyone becomes a publisher, and with that access there is a responsibility as to what we state and what we choose to repeat from others’ statements.

The electronic era is now so easily infiltrated with Cointelpro, mistakes and rumors that need to be treated as such. As we have said that the biggest casualty of truth anywhere in the middle of any war is truth.

The electronic media can be used to build a good case for malfeasance; however there seems to be a back fire with the use of electronic magic. Cell phones, smart phones, and computers can be used to harass and kill.

When we spoke recently of electronic harassment and surveillance, we can also include in that mix the new weapons that are devised to kill from a distance with remote controllers and use electronic signals to hack into devices that can trigger an explosion.

A law enforcement official, citing an intelligence briefing, said cell phone service had been shut down in the Boston area to prevent any potential remote detonations of explosives. It becomes evident that the authorities are well aware that the new weapons and the new bombs can be triggered by a cell phone call and anyone can make that call, not just the perpetrator of the attack but an innocent person who just wants to use an app to find a place to have a drink after the marathon.

Call it paranoia, call it lunacy; it is evident that the paranoia is here and the actions being carried out are paranormal affects of our so-called psychosis.

There are many people who conclude that paranoia is a result of losing faith, or dwindling in faith in religion, politics and human honesty.

All of the above seem to be damaged today. The deep question is: can paranoia really be paranoia if you know that human honesty no longer exists in places where you used to count on accountability? The so-called “experts” tell us that paranoia is a gateway to a schizophrenic fantasy. However, we as a nation have suffered so many traumas, it should be normal for an average American to have some sort of paranoia racing around in his or her head.

This is no fantasy. It is a death race by remote control.


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Linda Barnett

this is the only web site i go to that actually allows for free exchange of ideas. i have been
unable to post anywhere else that in my opinion, north korea is the culprit on this one.
i say this based on chatter i heard, but every time i try to post evidence it gets deleted
or censored by moderators. i guess the powers that be really want us to blame al
qaeda or right wing extremists. we tried to email clyde the link but the file was pulled
very quickly and you guys probably got a dead link. my sister tried to call the show
tonight but the line was always busy. i will give up trying to prove my claims and
hope someone else finds it. it was a hacked video on youtube that had a creepy
accented guy with a deep voice saying, “it’s YOUR turn, to act” (addressing
americans). the video had sounds of scissors cutting and coins being dropped
into a cup to make “money sounds.” the accent could have been chinese/korean,
my best guess. it reminded me of the creepy chatter featured on this radio show
a few days ago. how does someone hack into a news video and overlay it with
a message? sounds like you would need a mixer–?

Carma Strong

Clyde……As always I am pleased to see you still question the mock drills. Wow!!!! are they trying to put us in a 3rd world condition? Or have they already? This CRAP doesn’t scare me….because I believe they want us to be scared. Keep up the good work!!!!!! Carma

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