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Enemy Mind


I had a lot to think about last night as I was traveling home. The rain was pouring down and it was a chilly night. The cold was not just from the air and the rain, but from the reception from some of my audience of what I discovered and revealed on my show, about what I felt was overlooked in the bombings of the Boston Marathon.

I don’t know if it is appropriate to rehash through all of what we talked about last night, but what stood out to me as great offense is how willing most people are to believe and take as fact the prejudice of a few people that on a whim are willing to quote as fact speculations that may or may not be true about the cause or the culprit of this vicious and deadly attacks.

I was insulted when I was told that several talk show hosts, namely Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Savage, were all correct about pinning a Saudi national as the suspect in the bombings. I declared that there was no evidence that this was the case. I was even asked if I was ready to apologize to my audience for lying to them and misleading them, when everything I said was contrary to the prevailing theories provided by the talk show hosts who are my competitors.

I stood by my investigation and I am happy to say that I have prevailed. The conservative Foreign Policy website, founded by Samuel P. Huntington, reported today that the foreign national who was a person of interest was a witness, not a suspect. This is contrary to the statements of all of the other talk show hosts who parroted a story in the New York Post, a Rupert Murdoch property, that was merely speculation and not fact.

Josh Rogin, a reporter for Foreign Policy, stated for the record that the Saudi national injured during the bomb attacks at the Boston Marathon on Monday has been cleared and is no longer even a person of interest, according to intelligence officials who spoke to lawmakers in a news conference the day after the bombing.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper briefed members of the Senate Intelligence Committee behind closed doors in a pre-scheduled hearing that was supposed to focus on the budget, but Clapper began with an update of the bombings. Ranking Republican Saxby Chambliss from Georgia emerged from the briefing and said he was told the 22-year old Saudi student, who was injured during the bombings and remains in the care of a local hospital, was no longer a focus of investigators.

According to Rogin, Chambliss stated that, “He was never categorized as a suspect; he was a person of interest. My understanding is that he totally cooperated and that he is no longer a person of interest.

Asked if there were any other persons of interest at this time, Chambliss said, “Not that I know of.

I appeared on the “Bob ‘Sully’ Sullivan” show on KOGO 600 AM and once again reiterated my position. I was told by Sully that he had also questioned the sudden jump from what appeared to be an event that looked like organized crime at the Boston Marathon to an international terror event with no proof that the suspect was a Saudi national.

I told him that this is an indication of media that on one hand criticize conspiracy theorists, sets aside phone lines for them so as to ridicule them, and on the other hand speculate and makes up stories to push their various agendas.

I wanted to express that this is a sign of induced mass psychosis, intended to produce in us a collective evil mind that overlooks glaring evidence that the enemy is no longer external, but internal.

The virus that creates and plants the seed of that evil mind can be tracked to prejudice. We all seem to need to hate some person or group, an “other”, or believe that we are hated by an “other,” to keep our victim-hood alive and thriving. It gives us a justification for war, murder, rape, and other false empowerments under the guise of a just and worthy cause, that of eliminating the agreed-upon adversary.

Today, as I listened to other talk show hosts, I detected a underlying, boiling anger that hinted at the reasons for the derision. It wasn’t necessarily a name or an individual, but a religious and political group, being targeted and blamed for their past misdeeds, sins and crimes against humanity.

I was thinking that perhaps the time has come to do an entire show where I open the lines and ask “who do we hate?” Then, with the subtotal of all we wish to see eliminated in the world, we might try to pin a motive on each group or individual. That would give some satisfaction to those who can’t see what events like the bombing of the Boston Marathon do to us.

Kindling the prejudice meme, and allowing the enemy mind to grow, is an indication of people who wish to kill God, each in their own little way. I know that the idea won’t sit well with those who believe that their righteous indignation provides an excuse to spill blood, for a form of “justice” that includes more death. However, I choose to explore the unpopular perspective of how situations like this distract us from the real obstacle in our lives: those who have no problem in using our nightmares in their political posturing.

These past weeks I have seen illustrated the metaphor of Nero fiddling while Rome is burning. It was Nero who threw the Christians to the lions in order to reshape Rome into an image that was similar to a New World Order.

Throughout last week we were treated to threats from North Korea, nuclear threats that were fortified in the mainstream narrative as probable and dangerous. And even today there were renewed threats from Kim Jong-Un.

All the while, President Obama was pushing his gun control initiatives and partying with Justin Timberlake. Just days after his soiree, he can stand on the smoking rubble of Boston and condemn the senseless act of bloodshed that has happened.

Some of us expected disaster to happen here, but the disaster was not what we had pictured. This is what makes it so awkward. The other surprise is the reaction and the speculation by commentators who deplore conspiracy theories, yet spin such theories themselves in order to fulfill their agendas. They are doing it in order to satisfy those who want a scapegoat, claiming that the administration is “foot dragging” and holding off on naming the demon they desire, instead of the real demon that has always overseen these acts of terror.

In tragedies such as this, we see the authorities indulge in the division it causes and in a hardening of resolve for the relentless pursuit of despotism — a despotism that will be unwittingly welcomed by those who think that we are immune to becoming the very beasts of history that we always tell ourselves we will never be.

Despotism is now being used as a way to secure the homeland. Terrorism once again has failed to benefit either the victims or the spectator citizens. The ones who end up getting their trophies in the winner’s circle are government officials, elite bankers, and others who think they own us.

We lose again. We are busy discussing “who done it?” when we should be discussing “who always does it?” and “who benefits from it?”

It seems to be anathema to say that all of these horrifying attacks are staged events. But they are. The stage is set, the players are unaware, the cameras are rolling and the bombs go boom. It is meant to send a message. The art is in the action after the reaction, in the movements of the observers, and in those at whom they are willing to hate and point an accusing finger. The sad truth is that whomever we think the real culprit is, is never who it really is. We condemn the flunkies and the patsies. No one knows who masterminds these things.

We are only “involved” surreptitiously through a series of camera angles, a few carefully chosen and edited iPhone snapshots of blood and severed limbs in the streets and don’t forget the ‘crisis witnesses’ who are able to remain calm until the cameras roll.

That is what creates our decisions now. If the court of public opinion is seeded with an agenda, the agenda will rule. Whatever the solution is, it will be a solution provided by the very authorities who had foreknowledge of the catalyzing event.

The quick response from the authorities is that the event will always be blamed on an expedient political enemy.

That is why you will blame an attack upon whomever you stand against politically. This may or may not have any bearing on the reality of who the real killers or terrorists are.

If you look back in history, all leaders use violence or crisis as a means to consolidate and fortify their power. Unfortunately, when it comes time to stick by our guns and remain consistent, we will forget that power hungry governments have been known to turn weapons on their own people if it means they can tell the remaining survivors that the enemy is external and not internal.

In our remorse we are cajoled into anger and coerced into a stance of war. We are then told the proverbial “they hate us” which is enough to get the war drums beating.

We have had a virtual cloud of paranoia that has settled over the United States since World War II. It seems to have grown since that time. Secrecy and deceit have left an indelible mark on the psyche of the country. We must continually tell ourselves that things will improve and then we secretly speak to our own consciousness that there is a devil responsible for all of our troubles. We say to ourselves that it could be the Jews or Immigrants or gay people. We can do all sorts of things that give us a false sense of security that the vampires will be kept at bay.

Military experiments with mind control have given us well-known monsters who have maimed and killed and some of them still are among us ready to strike at any time.

No matter how much we are lied to by our government, no matter how many times we see that they have no regard for life, such as in the instance of the attacks of Benghazi, we immediately believe that any attack that happens is an external threat, and never suspect that the enemy is within and that the enemy mind is a creation of the constant barrage of paranoia, lies and half-truths that the average person has to endure on a daily basis without the luxury of cracking, or lashing out.

We will let others do the lashing out for us, and then feign our surprise when it happens and real people suffer. We then join all of the other “heroes” that speak from safe locales declaring that the enemy is external when all things point to the flashing point being created from within.

Are we to immediately assume that everyone is happy with the way things are and that there is never a reason for any American to carry out an act of aggression that sends the message that everything burns?

Are we to pretend in times like these that there are no sleeper agents willing to do the deed, or organized crime mobs, or gangs, or even groups like Gladio or others carrying out these acts of terror? Are we mistaken in assuming that these attacks are never generated in intelligence briefings or secretly enacted in order to duplicate or copy a tabletop exercise provided by FEMA or Homeland Security?

So are we to believe all of the other talk show hosts out there who, like their government counterparts, will say whatever and gather whatever they need to push their agenda in the middle of a crisis – regardless of its accuracy or morality?

It would be hypocritical to lie and say that I have never done this myself. However, governments always make grand overtures in crises, all crises, even the events to which they have no direct connection.

The Boston Marathon is a glaring example of apparent organized crime activity that has now been raised in our perception to a major international terrorist attack.

Boston authorities and witnesses on the scene admit that bomb sniffing dogs and roof spotters were employed before the race even began, as a safety precaution. Yet, people spread all over the internet shots of what appear to be the “man on the grassy knoll” or “the man on the roof.” This is another distraction from the target, from the reality of how a criminal act has become an overwrought phenomenon that is being compared to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

No one is asking how bomb sniffing dogs were unable to find bombs, how CCTV cameras were unable to finger suspects and how all we have is speculation that fuels the already assumed terrorism that is associated with Saudi nationals and Islam.

I am frustrated because nobody is asking the hard questions. They are only making accusations and creating scapegoats that steer the idea of a false flag attack right into the ground to be buried and forgotten the minute the president stands before the people giving a hollow and mandatory condemnation of the events.

If false flag is what it can be called, it can also be called a “statist set up for despotism and constitutional dismissal.

But who will say this when a convenient scapegoat has been identified by the right wing in hopes that they will have a reason to, eventually, imitate the conspiracy theorists and claim that a false flag set up was conducted to blame the Tea Party, or constitutionalists, or, as Joe Biden implied, “pro-gun, anti-income tax, anti-government domestic terrorists”?

I was asked in an email if I would be willing to admit I was wrong if it is found that a Saudi national did the attacks. I didn’t answer, but now I can confidently say that I was not wrong. I was correct.

My argument still stands, and my resolve remains that no matter who is blamed it will be politically expedient for all involved to lay the blame on a scapegoat instead of the element that has always oppressed us from the beginning. That element that lies to us to create war, the element that generates venom for a diabolical “other,” the element that is always present in crisis expecting your blind obedience.

That is your government.

As I have related to my audience: during any crisis, you should always ask who benefits the most from the event, not the first scapegoats they parade in front of you. I refuse to change my views on this matter because of minions from the left and right who are targeting me and spreading lies about me because I do not agree with some of my colleagues in this country.

Those who are pointing the fingers at scapegoats forget that they are targeted as potential terrorists now that a criminal event has become a terrorist action. No terror organizations have taken responsibility; no extremists are spreading words of hate, except those jabbering, entertaining extremists who have a responsibility to know better and not jump to any rash conclusions.

Those who are aware know that this event was coming. They know who the targets were projected to be, and they know what the outcome of such an attack will be and yet we are still ready to take part in the false flag blaming?

This speaks volumes about what those who claim to be seeking the truth really think is the truth. The truth to them is only what gives them a reason to embrace their bigotry and prejudice.

Our vulnerability is in our gullibility and how combined with hate will produce the presumed guilt of the patsy. The patsy is the gift from the government, the sacrificial lamb for the people. It magnifies vulnerability in the collective psyche of the people and marginalizes the political enemies of the sheep that follow the left/right paradigm.

It does nothing to stop governments from infringing on the rights of the people. It breeds a cultural trance that activates the enemy mind.


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Linda Barnett

we have to be willing to change our positions as our personal research
reveals more info to us–i am always willing to change my views, but
my views i post are based on my research, not groupthink or msm.
we also need to give talk show hosts the freedom to speculate and
theorize. since the government gives us nothing but b.s., we need
to rely on our own brains, and none of us really KNOW, unless we
have some insider scoop–and i sure don’t. i am kind of sick of
people telling off clyde and wasting half the show by getting him
all upset–this is not supposed to be a cult, so calm down, people,
you can disagree with clyde or anyone here without throwing a
hissy fit. do not hang on every word that clyde utters, go out and
form groups, protest, get a life, change this mess–if you hang on
every word and he says something you don’t like, omg, you will
have a little meltdown!? crikies.

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