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Jamming The Kill Switch


Before the tragic events in Boston grabbed our attention, I was investigating the claims of experimental microwave tests on humans and whether or not signals could be used to electronically harass and jam signals going to the brain. I was curious if electronic waves and the bombardment of the electronic cloud could be used as a weapon against human beings.

This is a work in progress and, while we have not yet come to any conclusions, we have most certainly have some very interesting circumstantial evidence that there is an invisible weapon where frequencies can be jammed, manipulated and used to transmit information or disinformation.

This will be used and is being used as a powerful tool for spying, torturing and procuring the surveillance state, both for the benefit and detriment of human kind.

The topic of mind control, gang-stalking and psycho-surveillance are merely points to ponder and are still relegated to conspiracy theory even though evidence has shown that devices can be used to trigger emotional responses, rudimentary bombs and major investigations into where you live, who you associate with and whether or not you should not be above suspicion.

The Boston Marathon bombing is now being called the event that will shape a new definition of terrorism. While that is arguable I would say that the event has revealed that the idea of jamming or transmitting signals to trigger an event is now going to be the new trend. Weapons triggered from a distance, and sleeper assassins awakened through the use of ultra low frequency mind control.

When one scans through the daily news it may not occur to most people that there are always tidbit s that are embedded within stories that reveal some very interesting things about what kind of power law enforcement has and what they have at their disposal to try and find suspects in major crime events like the bombing of the Boston marathon.

I was reported after many erroneous reports that the trail to finding the suspects had gone cold. However, later it was said that they had yet another suspect. This again was denied and a press conference meant to give details on the case was postponed because of a bomb threat.

As I was watching the coverage there was a lot of emphasis being placed on what was being done in order to identify a possible bomber.

There of course was the report if camera surveillance and what was seen and reviewed by authorities and then there was another tool they were using. They were asking for all telephone exchanges made by cell phones prior to the explosion in hopes that they could find out what number if any was used to detonate the bomb, and who was using cell phones to communicate the positions of possible suspects.

Sources were saying that Police believe that the bomb was possibly set off by a mobile phone. Footage of a possible suspect indicates that the bomber was on the phone when he dropped the second backpack. Authorities were able to access Mobile phone records which have led to a possible identification.

This reminded me about how for many years we have speculated that the cell phone you are using could be a tracking device, and now thanks to “high-tech terror” your phone could be used to set off a bomb.

The bombing in Boston has now been an example of how what isn’t being directly revealed or what is being denied is circumstantial evidence that proves that there are ways authorities can either jam cell phone communications or shut them down entirely. This has been called a kill switch and has been debated as to its validity.

It was reported that after the Boston bombings that officials ordered a cell phone network shutdown. There were many reports that after the bombing cell phones could not be used.

In a quick effort at damage control and back peddling , major cell phone networks quickly denied that this was happening. In fact while the media ran with the story of a wide spread communications shut down, they later claimed that the phone networks notified them that there was no indication that signals were shut down.

This raised the question as to how some cell phones were not operating properly in the area.

Depending on what you believe from the media and we all seem to be taking or leaving a lot of information there is a federal rule that exists that would allow for government officials to pull the plug on Internet, telephone and cable transmissions. While the Department of Homeland Security has in the past denied the existence of Standard Operating Procedure 303, the Electronic Privacy Information Center or EPIC challenged the secrecy of such documents in 2012 by filing a Freedom of Information Act request.

What EPIC found via its lawsuit was that a 2007 report stated that the network shutdown policy was adopted in March of 2006. According to that report, the National Coordinating Center, a part of the Department of Homeland security, was to be the main player in “any actions leading up to and following the termination of private wireless network connections, both within a localized area, such as a tunnel or bridge, and within an entire metropolitan area.

There has been particular focus on government possession of any sort of ‘kill switch’ over cell networks and Internet service since the embattled government of Hosni Mubarak shut down both in Egypt at the height of protests in 2011.

In Britain, Prime Minister David Cameron recently threatened to block access to social networking sites – including Facebook and Twitter – and Blackberry Messenger that were being used to organize riots.

During the Sandy Hook tragedy, the state police addressed information on the Internet and on social networks as being “conspiracy theory” and anyone spreading any rumor or information that was not part of their investigation would be tried in federal court.

It has also been reported that governments like North Korea have been known to jam GPS communication signals opening up the conversation about cyber war tactics aimed at shutting down communications of all kinds using jamming tools that could put many people in danger.

San Francisco’s transit authority made the decision to shut off cell phone networks within its metro service in anticipation of protests in 2011, critics were quick to point out the draconian implications.

Somewhat ironically, following the BART incident the Federal Communications Commission launched an investigation into the cell network shutdown that resulted in the government’s so-called SOP 303 rule for that sort of activity. In their response to a Federal Communications Commission query, wireless carriers such as AT&T stated that there was, in fact, no need for an inquiry, as government policy on shutting down private cell networks was already established.

Federal and State authorities, the Federal communications commission, wireless providers and other private stakeholders, have previously considered these issues in a cooperative process that resulted in the National Communications System’s Standard Operating Procedure 303,” AT&T responded. “SOP 303 resolves the questions posed by the Commission in the Notice and eliminates the need for the Commission to reconsider those issues in this docket.

In plain English, what AT&T responded with in the case of the San Francisco cell network shutdown is that a little-known rule, which the DHS initially denied even existed, was already in effect – and that wireless carriers simply obliged with city government in its request.

In its initial FOIA filing, EPIC requested further information as well as justification for the secrecy behind SOP 303, which is officially understood as “a shutdown and restoration process for use by commercial and private wireless networks during national crises.

At question is just what might constitute a national crisis, and by which government stakeholders. The Department of homeland security has yet to fully respond to EPIC, though it has already abandoned the idea that no such rule regarding government enactment of a cell network ‘off switch’ exists.

This means that the US government has procedures set in place to shut off private cell phone access, wireless, Internet and cable across an entire metropolitan region, though it is not publicly understood by what criteria, or what precise process such a rule was anointed to homeland security.

There have been case histories of power frequency overrides that can be used to shut down signals and even hijack broadcasts. These tactics are at least 30 years old and were first heard about when a signal hijacker known as Captain Midnight sent a four minute signal over the HBO broadcast of “The Falcon and The Snowman” that aired in April of 1986. The message he sent was over color bars. It was a printed message that said “Good Evening HBO from Captain Midnight $12.95 a month? No way! Showtime movie channel beware.

This was the beginning of a few well known incidents that have been recorded and labeled as signal intrusions. Many of them have been chilling and created panic as normal TV broadcasts become hijacked in a form of signal terrorism. Many will call this type of activity hacking, however it is more sophisticated than that. In the case of the Max headroom signal intrusion of 1987 two Chicago television stations were hijacked for a brief period during the Thanksgiving holiday.

The first occurrence of the signal intrusion took place during WGN-TV channel 9’s live telecast of its prime time newscast, The Nine O’Clock News. During Chicago Bears highlights in the sports report, the station’s signal was interrupted for about half a minute by a video of a person wearing a Max Headroom mask, standing in front of a swaying sheet of corrugated metal, which imitated the background effect in the Max Headroom TV and movie appearances. There was no audio, only a buzzing noise. The hijack was stopped after engineers at WGN switched the frequency of their studio link to the John Hancock Center transmitter.

Later that night, around 11:15 p.m., during a broadcast of the Doctor Who serial ‘Horror of Fang Rock’, PBS station WTTW channel 11’s signal was hijacked using the same video that was broadcast during the WGN-TV hijack, this time with distorted audio. The person in the Max Headroom mask appeared, as before, this time with a political message. He ended the broadcast with some exposed body parts and howling “Oh no, they’re coming to get me!” The transmission then blacked out and cut off, and the hijack was over after about 90 seconds.

WTTW, which maintains its transmitter atop the Sears Tower, found that its engineers were unable to stop the hijacker. According to station spokesman Anders Yocom, technicians monitoring the transmission “attempted to take corrective measures“, but couldn’t.

Making the rounds on the Internet is the discovery of a possible signal intrusion that happened in 1985. The report first appeared on the Above Top Secret website, Red Ice Creations and Who Forted a site dedicated to Fortean phenomena.

The controversial signal was broadcast over regular programming heard on WKCR 89.9 New York. While many people are of the opinion that the broadcast is some sort of paranormal event, the claim is that it was simply a signal intrusion recorded on cassette boom box player with the person asking if anyone remembers the incident and if so could they please explain it.

Needless to say, the broadcast is chilling and has caused a bit of stir on the Internet as skeptics are trying to debunk a so called paranormal intrusion, rather than trying to understand if it was intentional or a temporary hijacking of the station’s signal.

A similar paranormal Fortean allegation is of course the granddaddy of all intrusions which happened in 1977 where an alleged alien broadcast intruded a number of television stations in the United Kingdom.

Vrillon, a purported representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, was the name used by an unidentified voice who broadcast on the Hannington transmitter of Southern Television in the United Kingdom for six minutes at 5:10 PM on Saturday November 26, 1977. The voice, which was disguised and accompanied by a deep buzzing, broke into a broadcast by Independent Television News to warn viewers of “the destiny of your race” and “so that you may communicate to your fellow beings the course you must take to avoid a disaster which threatens your world and the beings on other worlds around you”.

As the broadcast did not affect the video signal, it was difficult to detect its source, and the transmission disappeared at the end of what sounded like a prepared statement. Most observers have concluded that the broadcast was a hoax, achieved by directing a powerful signal at the Hannington UHF transmitter.

However, if it was a hoax it was a very well thought out and difficult hoax to conduct. It was reported that if there was any signal hijacking the transmitters would go on fail safe shutdown, however engineers were not aware that the signal had been compromised and believe it or not the incident has been claimed as either a paranormal event or an elaborate hoax and not a pirated signal incident.

Engineers say that it was a “rogue transmission” as the signal faded back, various random sound clips are heard which were picked up from scrambled channels, such as the Looney Tunes cartoon theme song and the Art Davis cartoon “The Goofy Gophers”. In addition, other music can be heard along with what sounds like an explosion and various weird noises.

Recently, North Korea has been jamming communication signals and has been known to broadcast propaganda threatening war against South Korea. Most of those propaganda videos have been intercepted and broadcast on You Tube. Many of these videos show a victorious North Korea over its enemies including the United states that is depicted as being in flames as major cities like new York are seen in Video games reduced to rubble after a nuclear attack.

North Korea’s GPS jamming has been an issue for well over two years now, with the last major incident coming in late April/early May 2012, when the jamming signals were traced back, ironically enough, to Kaesŏng.

At that time, Seoul lodged an official complaint to the UN after hundreds of aircraft and shipping vessels had their navigation systems disrupted.

South Korea has been increasingly fearful that such sporadic incidents could be the prelude to a major attack.

GPS signals are not thought to be particularly difficult to jam – all it takes is a stronger signal broadcast on the same frequency which is exactly how the signal intrusions were done years ago in both the Captain Midnight and Max Headroom broadcasts – and North Korea has already shown its intent to disrupt in cyber space.

North Korea was behind a large scale cyber attack which crippled operations at three banks and several TV stations last month in the South.

It is important to remember that what we don’t see could be the very thing that can be turned against us. Radio Waves, microwaves, satellite transmissions, GPS and cell phones are vulnerable to being hijacked and used as weapons. They are also crucial in surveillance gathering.

It is a huge irony that during the investigation of the Boston Marathon bombings, CISPA was being voted on by the Senate. The bill establishes an information-sharing regime under which private sector entities will be encouraged to ,share information with the government about efforts to gain unauthorized access to their computer systems.

Conversely, the government may, but is not required to, share cyber security information under appropriate security rules with private sector entities. The bill encourages the private sector entities to share cyber threat information with the government by limiting the government’s use of the information to cyber security-related purposes and protecting them from liability.

This, of course, once again indicates that the government wants access to the electronic signatures that we make on day to day bases. Soon intrusions will not be limited to weird signals and pranks. They will be used as evidence against you if they so desire in order to prosecute everything from online piracy to fraud.

They are already abusing their power anyway, and they are intruding upon the privacy of Americans and are doing it in the name of protecting you against terrorism.

Now, the lawlessness will become law and soon they will have all the information they need anything from firearms sales records, tax return records, medical records even the type of library books you checkout.

Couple that with cell phones usage, smart phone tricks, Facebook use and e-mail usage and you will have one of the biggest panopticons in the world.


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Richard Warner

Consider the “intangible control”, which is the next-generation of “Kinect” technology. It will enable a natural way of navigating Big Data on the world…including “ghost stalking” of people. They have the data, and now they need a natural human interface to it.

See: “Scout Report Volume 1: The Rise of the Black Wolf,” pp. 160-166.


so…do we live with the cyber spying and just go on about our lives, or do we convert ourselves back to the 4th century by turning everything electronic off that we use because we’re paranoid that we may get rounded up because we forgot the all-important Rule of PC?


An L.R.A.D. can be used as a lethal weapon if the limiter switch is bypassed or modified.Such devices operate by vibrating the cranial and inner ear bones and can be ramped up in power ..causing massive cerebral hemorrhaging and excrutiating pain…

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