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Killing The Muse: The Re-Education Of A Neurotic Society


In the eighteen years that I have been doing my show, Ground Zero, it has never really been difficult to explain my intent, or even to express an apolitical view of things. I was told after my first few shows in 1995 that perhaps there should be a disclaimer saying that the concepts I present are not necessarily my own beliefs, nor do I expect to convince my listeners of same. I said to those critics that I give credit to the listener for the ability to make decisions, to open their minds, and to understand that the art of discussion is a valuable tool in trying to ascertain truth.

There have been far too many moments in talk radio when hosts tell their listeners what to think rather than asking about what they are thinking.

It is unfortunate that at this writing, some areas of the country hear only one hour of my program. Some hear two hours, and there are others that get the whole message with the three hours I am so grateful to have on a national level.

With the broken flow of thoughts there may be a few people who will misunderstand the content or the message of a particular show. Each presentation is there to seed a thought that leads to another and another and if you are paying attention to what is happening in the zeitgeist you will begin to understand the whole picture.

The paranormal world we now live in is by design. It is a program being used to breed uncertainty about your core beliefs. It maligns the curious, it kills inspiration and imagination and it attempts to deprogram those among the populace who believes that there is a conspiracy against their liberty.

Many times on my program I have discussed my experiences during the Dirty War in Argentina, and how you can determine that you are in the middle of a dirty war. I know that the topic has struck the thin nerves of those that are in denial of the lack of harmony with the current administration; however, the more I read about the image and action parameters of our current situation, the argument that we are experiencing a shard psychosis of a satanic conspiracy is compelling.

The first targets in a dirty war are members of the media, such as talk show hosts and newspaper columnists, as well as artists and performers: those most likely to express dissatisfaction with the status quo and have their opinions heard.

Ask yourself if any of these factors are being utilized.

Rush Limbaugh, along with other talk show hosts has, been ridiculed for the use of free speech. Resolutions in California have been made to put pressure on radio networks to monitor the speech used by their talent. News reporters have been killed while reporting the war, and some have died mysteriously like Andrew Breitbart.

The latest casualty in this dirty war is Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Lauryn Hill.

Many people are probably not aware that she was recently sentenced to three months in jail and three months home confinement for refusing to pay $500,000 in back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service.

While tax cases such as these against singers and actors seem to be common, such as in the case against Wesley Snipes, the Hill case has taken on an Orwellian twist that sends a very chilling message especially after Barack Obama’s comments to Ohio graduates about not listening to voices that speak of tyranny in government.

During her trial, Hill was ordered by the judge in Newark, New Jersey to undergo counseling because of her belief in “conspiracy theories” – including that artists are being oppressed by a plot involving the military and media.

Before Lauryn Hill was arrested she wrote a diatribe set to music, called “Neurotic Society.” The rap was a disparaging attack against the music industry and the way the country was being run. She also apparently made the mistake of exposing what has been called the Illuminati conspiracy in the music industry.

Now Lauryn Hill is being required to undergo reeducation therapy because of her so-called belief in “conspiracy theory.”

The term “conspiracy theory” is often used to denigrate and discredit inquiry into the veracity of suspected “crimes and cover-ups of the state in a democracy.” The media and now it seems the law is now using “conspiracy theory” or those who believe in “conspiracy theories” as examples of those who become annoying contrarians to authority.

“Conspiracy theory” is increasingly being used in arguments as an effective way to discredit anyone who encourages the questioning of crimes committed against the people by the government or by public trust authorities. It is an effective method of preventing ongoing investigations from being reported in the corporate media by discouraging broader public scrutiny.

The term is used against those who produce information that disputes, rather than confirms, consensus belief. It is well known that the majority of people choose first to research that which confirms what they already believe, rather than seek contradictory evidence. It is also interesting that most people who listen to talk radio will ignore talk show hosts that talk about information that they disagree with.

The model of the leader speaking the beliefs of the people has been well programmed into the populace, becoming an effective tool in destroying critical thought and rational discussion of such things as freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and the abuse of government authority in a legal procedures such as due process.

This has all come to pass by virtue of the crimes committed against the United States by those labeled “terrorists” and/or by corrupt government officials, which, as unpopular as it sounds, is arguably a reason for the decay of civil liberties in the United States.

There have been many instances in which covert actions committed by authorities, and negligence without accountability, have left facts in dispute and have angered the American people.

This has many questioning what is happening to their country and to the leaders charged to protect them and their interests.

Can anyone answer the question of why no one seemed enraged by, or even interested in, the Benghazi attacks prior to the election, and that even now that there are hearings underway, there is not much interest expressed in the mainstream news?

It is because of the fact that it was easy to discuss a conspiracy theory that the likes of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were evil enough to carry out a “stand down” order during attacks of 9/11. The very thought of being fooled again with Barack Obama at the helm on 9/11/2012 during Benghazi would be far more of a blow to the American psyche.

To suggest that Barack Obama would deliberately ignore or prevent special operation forces from rescuing American diplomats in Benghazi because of worries about the potential political blowback of knowing al Qaeda was involved, suggests that Obama is a murderer or an accessory to murder. It suggests pure evil. It also can be degraded to “conspiracy theory” because of the uncomfortable conclusion.

Political criminality is a harsh thing for people to consider and the media fails to illustrate how it is being carried out. The job has now been deferred to the so-called conspiracy theorists who Barack Obama now says “are the voices to be discredited,” and judges order rappers and artists to be “re-educated“ lest they act as muses spreading the idea of question and doubt to people who are not afraid to open their minds to reality.

There is more than enough evidence in history that shows that elite criminality exposed as a disease. There are the Gulf of Tonkin, Watergate, Iran Contra, Fast and Furious — and yet those who attempt to condemn these crimes and misinformation are ridiculed with the term “conspiracy theorist.”

To condemn speculation about criminal actions in the White House or the Pentagon is ridiculous, and those who do so need to be exposed as enablers and accessories to these criminal plots.

Political criminality respects no political party. It must be said that if anyone is reluctant to speak up or speak out because it will affect their standing with their political party, then they are demonstrating a despicable form of cowardice.

Elitist behaviors, high crimes and treason were very much on the minds of the Founding Fathers when they created a constitution and gave us ways to defend ourselves legally against tyrants.

They insisted that anyone who had the responsibility to govern must swear an oath to protect and defend the constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic.

America was founded by conspirators. Our forefathers were conspiracy theorists. They believed King George was conspiring against the colonies. They found out that they were right and sought a revolution to break away from his tyranny.

Police detectives test unproven ideas. They develop a hypothesis about crimes they investigate. They look at evidence and begin to construct a theory based on pieces of evidence. Then they test their theories in order to make a case and even then that case can be voted down by a jury. A jury’s statement that something is true or false does not prove anything. But no one calls them conspiracy theorists or cranks if they go by their hunches.

Many may disagree with them, but questioning and sifting through available evidence is natural and right. To come to the conclusion that both sides are incorrect is also possible and should be acknowledged. However, in the United States we have been blinded by “might makes right,” “our side is the only side” and “you are either with us or against us.”

These thought mechanisms have kept us from moving forward. It is the case of push-me-pull-you or push-you- pull-me and the solution always seems to be one or the other instead of saying that it is the neither.

What perplexes me is this sick worship of oligarchy that a lot of Americans have espoused. People believe that supporting the power elite and donating dollars to their cause actually fortifies this country, and that those in power care about you and your families.

Americans somehow believe that a public official is far too trustworthy to commit any crime, let alone treason. Or that a group of people whom we have entrusted to run government have not in concert carried out something as horrific as the September 11th, attacks. Those who confuse patriotism with love of political party, or with blind obedience to government, cannot believe, or do not want to believe, in corruption on a massive scale.

It is as if they have willed into their own logic a blind spot to obscure the corruption because they don’t want to take responsibility for supporting the mob boss and his henchman. The blood on the hands of the leader stains the hands of the supporter. To play dumb, to fall under the spell of the crime boss is naïve, hypocritical and contradictory.

Your leaders don’t want you to figure this out because when you do, you will no longer give them the power they crave.

When you begin to take action to remove them from their finest suits, cuff links and ties, and place them in orange jumpsuits with chains and handcuffs, then our country may begin to escape its own tumultuous binds.


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